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Quantum Human Design is a new and transformed Human Design language that is more expansive, empowering, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding. It’s been deliberately engineered and upgraded the HD vocabulary to a powerful, positive, higher vibrational frequency of energy to help you fully activate your potential. In this week’s episode, we have Tammy Mack, Quantum Human Design Specialist – Level 3.


  1. The difference between mentoring and coaching. [01:23]
  2. The benefits of working with somebody who has human design in their toolkit. [04:27]
  3. How understanding human design helped Tammy Mack become a better mentor. [06:54]


Tammy Mack fell deeply in love with human design a year ago and went all in. It really felt like coming home, as she had studied all the esoteric practices separately in the last 20 years and understood the patterns that fused them together in a this beautiful fluid system.

She suffered from burnout repeatedly in the last 10 years, and understanding energy type changed her life. She now see the blessings from the blocks she created to keep herself from fully receiving abundance in her own life. Her purpose is to help you see yours as well and support you in your healing and expansion through your genius.



Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the Understanding Human Design podcast. I am here today with quantum human design specialists, level three specialist, Tammy Mack, and we’re going to be talking about human design and the importance of mentorship as a path to growing into the fulfillment of a true and authentic life. Welcome, Tammy Mack. It’s nice to have you here.

Thank you for having me, Karen. I want to just dive straight in because you do something that’s a little bit different than coaching. And I think a lot of people that talk about human design or a lot of the people that we have on the understanding human sign puck me, myself, you know, I have been a life coach for almost 35 years, which is, I don’t want to count that. And coaching is of course been the big career buzzword for the last 10 years, at least. But you don’t do coaching. You do mentoring. Talk to me about what’s the difference between mentoring and coaching.

For me, mentoring is having that continued support. I really found that I grew so much more when I had a mentor because a mentor gave me that support that I needed in the moment. When we’re being coached generally with group coaching, it’s not very specific where I find with mentoring sometimes. My clients’ needs are different. Sometimes, they need a foundational reading. Sometimes, they need some energy work and sometimes they just need to talk and for somebody to be listening to them. And so, that’s where mentoring really came into my life when I hired some really powerful mentors that gave me what I needed in the moment instead of a structured program.

That’s fascinating. I have to get really nitty gritty on this for a second. How do you set that up logistically? Like, do people have your phone number and they just call you whenever or what kind of a relationship timing wise and connection wise is that? How is that maybe different from coaching?

Yes, absolutely. In my coaching programs, generally, I keep them short term as in three months. I think that a lot of growth and expansion could happen in three months, but we’re also evolving so fast now that a lot can change in three months, or we may not need the same mentoring or the same person for a yearlong program anymore. I’ve definitely found that as well. So, what I like to do is I like to structure my programs where you get to 90 minutes sessions a month with me. And then I also love collaboration. Collaboration is so important to me and having a list of different therapists and friends and, and people that have their own geniuses, um, to offer to my clients as well. We have the two sessions, but I also have an open channel as well for quick questions for listening and whatever else is needed. I like to set the program into a structure of the first month personal and PR and personal development. Second, about relationships and our conditioning field and her blogs. And the third, about our service. Once we know ourselves, we’re open a little bit more serving from our hearts.

Beautiful. I have to just throw this in here. You know, when I first started off in the work that I do actually started off as a life coach first, that was my original training. And then, I kind of stumbled into, through serendipity human design about 22 years ago this month. And when I started adding human design to my coaching practice, what I saw was that it just shaved an enormous amount of time off of my coaching relationships. Talk to me about how human design has maybe impacted the way in which you work with people. And what do you think are some of the big bonuses that somebody gets from working with someone who has human design in their toolkit?

Absolutely. And human design is a fabulous tool kit to have this. It’s a great tool to have, um, in my 20 years of energy work and, and learning energy. Um, I actually studied a lot of the human design separately. And so, when I found human design and it came and it was a such a beautiful system, it really felt like coming home. It felt like an integration. I really appreciated that. The one thing that I love about human design is alignment and, and the strengths that you feel when you are aligned the synchronicities and the coincidences that just open up your world when you’re in alignment with your truth and moving from a space of alignment, as opposed to scattered.

Beautiful. Maybe you’ve had this experience too, that, you know, when you understand the chart and you especially understand those places that are more vulnerable to conditioning, such as open centers in the chart, that it really does give you kind of a laser viewpoint on where your client might be stuck, where they may have particular issues around conditioning. And it really kind of gives you, I think, um, it’s a fast track way to get to the heart of why somebody is either in pain or really not fulfilling the full potential of their service as you say, or living in the full potential of their alignment.

Absolutely. I find a lot of the times my client thinks it’s one thing and it may actually be another thing. And that’s another thing that I really like human design for is that it’s so expansive and it really does hit home on so many different archetypes in our body and understanding them all brings us so much more growth for sure.

So beautiful. In your own personal practice, cause you’re an orchestrator, you’re a projector type and, you know, projector types, especially in terms of doing business and doing the work that you do really require a different pacing around work energy and a different way of actually doing business. If you will talk to me a little bit about how understanding your human design has helped you become a better mentor and a better business woman.

Absolutely. You know, it really gave me this really interesting perspective of, I used to think that I was flighty because I, you know, when I was going to high school, for instance, um, there was so many different types of people. And in one day I could be wearing wranglers and listening to country music. The next day I could be wearing my pants backwards and, you know, listening to crisscross and being a hip-hop person. And then, I could be listened to alternative music the next day. I’ve been like that all my life where I’ve just had so many different interests. I started to think that I was flighty. Like I couldn’t hold my focus. When I found human design and I realized how open my chart is, my chart has apps is completely open other than my will and my spleen. It gave me that sense of being able to relax into this is who I am. This is actually a gift. I’m not flighty. I’m just experiencing life in such an abundant way. And that’s really powerful.

That’s beautiful. I would never think of you as flighty. That’s like the last word I would have thought of for you. So, you talked about how much you love collaboration and you’re actually involved in a really, I mean, a collaboration that I’m super impressed and super excited by, where you’ve joined together with other human design specialists and created what you’re calling the portal. Tell us a little bit about the portal.

You know, the portal started with an idea called aligned intentions and a lot, you know, being very open, you know, I get lots and lots and lots of downloads, lots of downloads. The one download I got was called aligned intentions. At the time, I didn’t really know what that was. I forward aligned intentions and everything. And what I found was it was actually a platform and it was a platform for conscious collaborations. When I was able to use my resources and be open to the right people coming into my life, we were able to consciously collaborate on a program called the portal. It was super exciting how that happened because I used, um, my energy type as an orchestrator, as a projector, it’s being recognized and being invited. And so, I use my resources, as I know somebody, you know, Kristen’s a fork liner. I told her my idea and she is a network, she’s so beautiful in what she does. She was able to pull people towards me, that saw my vision as well. We were able to align in a vision and create a program called portal.

Beautiful. So, you guys have this portal, that’s technically open all the time, but you have sort of an upcoming deadline, January 19th. And in this portal, you are collaborating with other human design specialists to mentor people as they step into alignment with their intentions. I’m guessing. Yeah.

Yes. So, it’s a three-month program and the first month is, is all about learning your human design and learning your gene keys and learning who you are through your incarnation cross, um, through your energy type, your strategy, your authority. So, the first month is all centered on learning who you truly are. Then, the second month is all about our condition fields and our blocks that we create in order to make us feel safe. But then, we’re not allowing everything in that’s, that’s truly that we’re truly capable of allowing it. And so, really understanding our relationships with others and our relationship to ourselves and our blocks in our second month, the third month, we’re opening up to learning what it is and your gift and your genius to serve through your heart-based business. We go into more of the business side of things and, and how to open up into that.

If you go to Tammy Mack’s website, you’ll find information about the portal and all the powerful people you’ve pulled together in this great collaboration to really support people in discovering how to put their authentic self into self-expression through their place of service, their business, which, you know, I just have to say, and acknowledge you and commend you for recognizing the importance of keeping people aligned with their authentic expression as their place of service through their business. I have always taught that businesses and about making money. It’s our place of service. It’s the place where we have the opportunity to exponentially expand or place of service in the world. I think this work of helping people really tap into and dial into not only their authentic self, but their unique place of service and giving them win wind, if you will, under their wing so that they can really be lifted up into the fulfillment of that purpose is I think some of the most vital work that needs to happen on the planet right now. So, thank you so much for doing that.

Yes. You know, and being seen, and, and that I’m going to bring this back to mentoring, mentoring you’re truly seen. And when you’re truly seen, you can shine your light. And so, having a mentor to support you, who truly sees you and is able to support you in whatever it is, whatever goal that you have is so powerful.

Absolutely. Well, Tammy Mack, thank you for joining us today. I am excited about all your collaborations and more, and I look forward to hearing more about all the brilliance you’re sharing with the world.

Thank you so much, Karen.


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