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Understanding your Human Design, will help you discover the story of who you really are, your purpose in life, and how you can really live that life in every element of your daily existence.

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Brand new to Human Design? Don’t worry! We have regular newbie calls so you can learn the basics! Here’s what you’ll get when you join our Understanding Human Design community:

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This wonderful place makes it doable. Whatever “it” is. All of the pieces, this fabulous, frustrating world, are brought together here in a beautifully cohesive way. It is more support and guidance than I could have ever imagined!


“Connecting with like minded people from around the world has been amazing. I really feel the invisible thread of support and love,  I have developed more confidence and self-belief that I can create in alignment with my souls gifts.”


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5 Human Design Types

There are 5 different Human Design types; Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members to assist.

Manifestors are here to start the ball rolling through their internal creative initiation, and ability to bring into being what they envision.

Generators have a defined sacral that is the center for workforce and life force energy, it is a source of sustainable energy.

Manifesting Generators provide sustainable workforce energy, and they really are the true builders in the world.

Projectors are here to deeply understand others. Projectors can be powerful resources if they are recognized and used properly.

The reflector is a wise observer, and the reflector magnifies and reflects all that is around them and mirrors it back for others.

Courses Available IMMEDIATELY

  • Human Design and Sexuality
  • Getting Started or Growing Your
  • Business by Human Design
  • Bounce Back From Burnout
  • Transform Your Relationships
  • Money by Design 2019
women in human design community

Human Design Learning Hub

We have courses for each type that will help you understand exactly how your specific design helps you in your day to day life, business and relationships. Different courses and training for every level of Human Design student. Here are a few of our favorite ones:


    • Start with the basics and learn your Design.
    • Understand your Type and Strategy.
    • Redefine decision making in a way that is right for you!
    • Go a bit deeper into understanding exactly how your specific design helps you in your day to day life, business and relationships.
    • Explore how you interact with the world, your significant others, and family.
    • Understand your timing, decision making process, and ways to build your life in accordance with your type!
    • Detailed courses uploaded monthly on various subjects related to Human Design.

Member Testimonials

“I loved these two webinars! The fears and the other side (or positive aspects of each gate) of fear thru the Spleen gates … so very helpful. And the knowledge that the wisdom of the Solar Plexus is taking us away from that lower expression of fear. I have an undefined Spleen with defined gates. This really helped me understand myself. Thank you”


“I love the insights, about my two types of creativity. This makes total sense and thank you for sharing the reminders on how to tap into my fundamental creativity.

Because of receiving your wisdom into my life, I’m so much more attuned to respecting those nudges of intuition, the ah-ha moments, and the flashes of insight. Yet again, you’ve made my world a richer, kinder place.”


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Something for everyone. Topics and Q & A about Type, Strategy, Gates, Channels, courses, and the weekly, monthly and yearly calendar!  Join our live calls, and if you can’t make it live you’ll have access to all the replays.

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