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Quantum Human Design is a new and transformed Human Design language that is more expansive, empowering, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding. It’s been deliberately engineered and upgraded the HD vocabulary to a powerful, positive, higher vibrational frequency of energy to help you fully activate your potential. In this week’s episode, we have Amber Clements who adores human design and how it helps us understand and improve ourselves.


  1. How do you make the most of the reflectors in your life? How do you support, love and encourage them? [02:04]
  2. What’s the reflector experience like? Particularly, the beauty and openness of a reflector. [03:32]
  3. Real-life experiences as a reflector and making firm decisions along the way. [07:00]
  4. Going through life transitions and making adjustments. [09:00]
  5. Finding your rock and consistency in relationships. [11:00]
  6. What to tell your 16-year-old reflector self. [12:00]


Amber Clements first discovered HD at a pivotal point in her life. She was at the peak of her professional career, managing a large team and working on a multi-million-dollar government project that was intended to shift the way to help at-risk children. She was passionate about the project, the challenge was mighty and the team were fantastic but something was missing. She identified this as corporate stuck-ness!

The structure, systems and rules of government were getting in the way of any true revolution. Too much energy and time was vested in bureaucratic red tape and layers of management. Sufficient time wasn’t allocated where it was needed most – with the people this change affected. Amber quickly realized that despite her best efforts, she was never going to make a real difference working within these rigid structures which actually constrict change rather than allow it.

It was at this point that she learned about human design through the Quantum Alignment System and it changed her world. The human design blueprint allows us to see the true potential, strengths and weaknesses in each of us as individuals. If we are to truly create change we must first start by transforming individually. This is where we must begin our journey towards genuine global revolution.

Amber played the field her whole life with career, travel, lifestyle and relationships without even knowing it was because of her design. She travelled for work as an entertainer, been a high school teacher, even led tour groups around South East Asia. As a reflector, she learned so much about other people through each of these experiences. Discovering my human design was a defining moment for her. She discovered a powerful tool that really helps people live more authentically giving them the greatest chance at achieving personal transformation.

Amber now live to share this incredible awakening tool with you and help you on your journey to understand the beauty of your own design and how you too can harness this gift and live a more meaningful and purposeful life.



Hi everybody. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the Understanding Human Design podcast. I’m super excited here today to be talking with Amber Clements. Amber is probably going to hide her head when I talk about this. But Amber Clements is a human design level three practitioner who was my student and who I had the pleasure of meeting in person last year at our Human Design conference. Amber, you want to share with us your wisdom about being reflector, all the wisdom and insight you have about life and the world? The thing that blew me away the most about you, all of the stories you have about your incredibly diverse background, including the fact that you spent several years, basically being an onstage, Annie Oakley and writing coerces in a cowboy room?

I think you guys are going to be in for such a trip because Amber is such a delightful, vibrant, joyful human being. She just brought so much light to our conference last year and has been doing human design for about two and a half years. She lives on the gold coast of Australia and sonically Queensland, which sounds lovely. She just finished, and this is so important because I think our knowledge base about reflectors is just really lacking. So, I’m so excited for that. She just finished writing a book about reflectors that will be ready for you by the time we go to conference. So, if you love a reflector, if you’re curious about the unicorns of human design, we want to learn, what is the reflector? How do you make the most of the reflectors in your life? How do you support them? How do you love them? How do you encourage them? What’s the reflector experience like?

Amber is going to help you understand that today. I have so many questions for you, Amber. I don’t usually make a list. I made a long list today, not enough to forget any of these. Your experience or your chart as a reflector is so different than every weather, everybody else’s chart, it’s completely open. I think when we talk about human design and we talk about openness, there’s something kind of built into the way that we talk about it that kind of implies that openness is sort of weak, fragile, and very sensitive. The reflector gets bombarded by all of this stuff in life, has to gather themselves, and be very careful about how they’re being in the world. I won’t say I have a reflector stepdaughter, and I haven’t met very many reflectors in person. I think you’re the third one I’ve actually met in person. I’m always blown away because I find that being in the presence of a reflector is huge. That reflectors are not shy and retiring. They are giant amplified life force. So, I want to know from you, what insights can you share with us about the openness of the reflector and how does that feel? Can you explain that to us?

Oh, absolutely. Look, that’s a really good question. We’re so open, aren’t we? Completely conditioned in a shell sort of hidden away, kind of rocking backward and forward from all of the conditioning that we can possibly pick up on. What’s wonderful about being reflector is that we have this sort of Teflon or the ability to sand through all of our openness. But when we follow our strategy, we don’t allow the conditioning to penetrate us. We can actually let it fall through us like a sieve or a screen if you like, and let it go. We sample the energy of those open centers, but we don’t necessarily take them on board and become them or let them become us if we really lived through and step into our design.

One of the wonderful things about being a reflector from my experience is that I feel like often I go to an experience, I sample something, I feel it, but at the same time, I’m almost a witness to it. I’m almost outside of myself, kind of looking in and noticing what’s actually happened or what I felt and what I’ve sensed at the same time. For me, with the openness, we’ve got the wonderful ability to pump really wise because we can actually take in and understand things, but not let them pull us down in the way that it might for other open or other types who have openness in some of their centers.

When I give readings to people and I introduce them to strategy, so many people, especially the generators, the projectors and the manifesting generators, they really resist the idea of strategy in the beginning. They say, I don’t have to wait. You must have the check wrong. Definitely a manifestor, right? In the few readings that I’ve done for reflectors, when I tell them the strategy, I find that reflectors really crave the strategy, the 28-day cycle, but they don’t really feel like it’s possible to live the 28-day cycle in the current world. Do you relate to that?

Oh, absolutely. What I call the era of now, when we need answers now and we need to make decisions, now it’s really tough. I find that for the big decisions, for the ones that, am I going to take on this new job? Should I study something new? Should I move overseas and live somewhere else? Those really big and important things in life. I think we have to do what we can to give ourselves the opportunity to actually allow ourselves to have that period of time. And so, whatever that might mean, it’s really important that we allow ourselves that, and we say to people, if we can, I’ll get back to you on that. Or can I tentatively say yes to that, but give myself the month to really might see that really feel was right for me, when we come. When we don’t have that opportunity and I’ve had plenty of situations, I remember having a massively wonderful opportunity when I was flying to Mexico for a job. I had to make a decision in a week. It was a job that would take me around the world for the next year. I loved travel. I was very passionate about the role, but I’m also sure that fit right because we don’t have any inner authority. We don’t have that lovely kind of gut instinct that says, yes or no, and we don’t have other ways of really understanding in our soul feeling in ourselves if something’s right for us in that moment. I really needed to give myself as much time as possible. So, I had a week and, in that week, I had to find my own ways to really help me feel through the decisions. It’s useful. I have a couple of great people in my life who I like to talk to her a little bit, like a sounding board who I respect and listen to. They hear me and they allow me just to speak my truth. As I’m speaking through some of those issues and decisions, sometimes things start to get a little bit more certain for me. Other processes I do because I’m a one-three profile and I like to investigate; I will often study and research something. I might research something in a lot of detail. From my research, I need to go with option a, but then instinctively somewhere within me in that process is not going to go with B. We have our own process based on a number of elements that are within our chart, how profile helps, and certainly at some of the gates, but we need to give ourselves the opportunity to sort of process. We can’t just say yes, that feels right for me in moment. When we do, we risk making a decision that isn’t right for us. So yeah, it is difficult. It is tricky. There are some techniques and tricks that we can use, but essentially, if we could give ourselves that period of time for those big decisions, it really does help find and feel out what’s right for us.

I found that with my stepdaughter, who is now 30, but when she was younger, it was part of our family mythology. We always knew that making transitions and was never really her strong suit that she needed time to adjust to big changes. No matter what changed even now, no matter what change comes down the chute for her. She has to change pretty quickly because she’s an actor. A couple of her friends, at least since like kindergarten and first grade, like she’s been with these friends for her entire life. And that her consistency comes more from, I think her relationships than some of the term environment. Do you find that that’s true for you as well?

Absolutely. I was very lucky that I had a wonderful manifesting mother who was very good at letting me talk, she listened, and we had a really great relationship. And to this day, anything that comes up, I feel the failures too. She’s one of my very good sounding boards. I always liked to call her up, listen to her, don’t necessarily take him what her advice. She might suggest that I do something that’s not necessarily about that. It’s really about having safe space for me to really talk to her and communicate and sound out some of my ideas. I have a couple of other friends as well, but it’s useful in that way. One of the interesting things is, in all of my experiences and all of my moving around, I didn’t always have great relationships with partner, and I’ve only recently in the last year been married and finally met somebody.

That is what I would call my rock who’s really my consistent place. He’s very different than me, but he really allows me to be the full essence of what I want to be in, can be as a reflector and having that base for the first time really properly, I believe is what has allowed me to grow and to step into my role as reflect even more. When we don’t have that consistency in relationships, we don’t have some people or at least one person that we can turn to and we can talk to. We’ve got so many other things that are inconsistent. We’ve got nothing. We don’t have the best stable platform to stand on or to work from. So, I absolutely agree with you, they own that one.

So, if you were going to go back in time and knowing what you know now about yourself as a reflector, and you were saying, going to talk to your, let’s say your 16-year-old reflect yourself, what would you tell her?

I was in the midst of my experience in life at that point. I was trying and sampling a lot. I was also acting and I remember saying to my mother, I want to be an actress because I want to be everything. That way, I can try out all the different roles. That was really interesting at the time. I think what I would’ve said to myself or would have given myself some advice is to maybe, take a little bit more time with the relationships in my life that were stable, because with all of the changing and the moving around, I didn’t see and I didn’t understand the importance of having those strong, solid relationships. I was bouncing around a little bit too much, and there are some great people in my life that I probably hurt, or I kind of just let slip away because I was so busy trying, sampling, trying to work myself out and understand. I think if I had those grounded in place a little earlier on, I might’ve been able to find myself and my direction earlier, and not feel so chaotic and have so many traumatic experiences, if you like that, that I was bouncing between trying to understand myself.

That sounds beautiful. As we come to the end of this conversation, what is one thing that you wish people got about you as a reflector or about reflectors in general?

I guess when you work, when we’re with other people, we sampled them and we often reflect them back. So, we become their mirror. If somebody is feeling wonderful, joyful, and happy, we typically will pick that up and feel it will reflect that back. When somebody has an unhealthy frame of mind themselves, we can also pick that up and reflect that back. And so, sometimes in my life, certainly, and the reflectors that I’ve met and had the opportunity to experience is that when we have relationships with other people or even just moments, it might be colleagues or what have you, seeing within us something they don’t like, or having bad reactions to us, or find your negativity often, that is a reflection of how they’re their own state of mind and their own feelings at that moment in time.

I wish that sometimes the people would be able to understand that and actually see that and not push us away because they think that the problems in the issue are with us rather than within themselves. If they could perhaps see the wisdom in the fact that we are a reflection and understand that not be pointing fingers and say, well, it’s not us, it’s you, but it just gives them the opportunity to see their own reflection sometimes and become a little bit more awakened. Does that make sense?

Oh, totally. I think if everybody could understand that peace in their relationship with the reflectors, I think it also allows them to be present to the. For sure.

If people want to connect with you, your website is and you are doing human design readings. I’m going to say that again, just because it’s a little bit different than just a regular People can find access to your book and other information and programs that you have to offer. And you will be speaking at our conference, holding a Q&A for reflectors. We are so excited to have you. I can’t wait to share you with everyone. Thank you so much for taking a time in your morning. It’s early morning there to share this information with us and to you. You gave me a lot of deep insights to think about. I appreciate it. I often want to just sit with you for like a whole day and say, okay, tell me everything. I want to know everything about the reflector. Because it’s just so mysterious to me.


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