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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews 3/5 Initiator (Manifestor), Certified Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Sandra Lee.

When you feel pain, overwhelm and trauma, you are stuck. For 29 years, Sandra has been helping her clients’ stuck energy to flow. She frees you up to be happy, healthy and successful – using tuning forks and sound. Sandra loves doing Human Design and Bioeld Tuning together, so you can Thrive.

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There has never been anyone like you before. There will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, bestselling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcasts. So I am so excited today to be here with one of my long-term students, Sandra Lee, who’s going to be talking about something that I find absolutely intriguing and absolutely fascinating. She uses biofield tuning with your human design. Now I’m just showing use the words say she’s showing you and part of why I’m so excited to share this as she started. I, when did you start doing this with people officially Sandra? Well,

Turning a little more than a year ago.

Yeah. So, so about a year ago, I kept seeing all these posts on Facebook about, oh my God, I’ve been reset to zero and I can start over fresh. I’ve completely had my whole chart instantly deconditioned. I can finally be who I am because of Sandra. And I was like, what is she doing? And, and so as people started talking about tuning forks and biofield tuning and you know, the, I can’t tell you, I, I mean, I see a lot of people do a lot of different things with human design and it’s all really fascinating and intriguing and powerful. And of course I think human design makes every modality, you know, interesting and effective and adds new dimension to it. But I’ve never heard of doing biofield tuning. First of all, I haven’t heard that and then using it with human design. So tell me about what, what do you do and how are you doing this?

So I started my bicycle touring practice when shutdown started, like timing was perfect. Okay. And pretty quickly I started getting good results with people because I’ve been doing massage therapy and energy work for like 29 years. So I’m part way into starting [inaudible] tuning. I started seeing the human design chart overlaid on the biofield. Very cool. So the biofield is like your aura. So you have the body and then you have a tourist shape of energy fields around you. And in biofield tuning, we’re using tuning forks in the energy field to help clear blocks, release trauma, get me flowing and aligned so that I can be doing what I’m here to do in the world. Right. And so I started seeing the human design chart laid over the energy field and you know, that a common area where people struggle is with this whole motorized throat piece and being able to be heard.

Right. And so I started seeing the throat center, meaning the human designed throat center over the throat chakra and working a lot with the connection between the identity center, the heart chakra, the will center, right? Those all correspond to the throat. And people’s ability to express who they are through both. I think in him designed both words and actions as being throat center expressions, right? So, so many people in the world feel like they’re not able to be seen and heard they’re not able to do what they want to do. So I really started seeing both human design and the human design chart and the biofield tuning map and the shocker centers all as being ways of like visualizing, conceptualizing the things that we have as human beings, as issues. And they tend to be common throughout all of human experience and storing in the same places in the energy field. So the human design chart and the biofield tuning chart and the shocker centers are just different ways of describing that same set of things. So I went to working with all of those together while I’m using the sound.

So, all right. So you’re using sounds, so I’m going to guess then you’re translating or sound itself is a vibrational frequency and it’s a tuning then the spaces in the energy field where the trauma is stored. Is that a good, good way of thinking?

Yeah. And so for a long time, I’ve seen, you know, there’s an energy field and I have a traumatic experience happen in my life. And there winds up being this ball of stuck energy in my field and it’s chaotic, right. And it’s causing a disruption. If I have all these balls of chaotic energy around me, I can’t see the world clearly and people out there can’t see me and thinking about, you know, these are the traumas that we deal with in life. This is conditioning. This is all of the things that happen. That’s stored in my energy field. And if I think about somebody before they learn about human design and they’re really struggling, you know, kind of all messed up, partly because there’s all of these balls of energy that are between them and their people. And so with biofield tuning to take the sound and I was like, oh, there’s something here and help it to resolve go away so that there, so that this collapses, and there’s more space, more clear for people to be able to see the other people in the world and interact with the world from a clear place.

Mm. So do you use different like tuning fields, different frequencies for different shockers in different centers

In biofield tuning? We don’t do that in some other tuning fork systems. They have a different frequency for each body part, each issue. And by a fine tuning, we’re not working so much with the sound by itself and the frequency by itself, but the distortions in the field. And so yes, I have a handful of forks, but not lots and lots and lots of them, which is nice because it’s easier if I say, if I say, when I am working on the heart chakra than I need to use this specific energy, that’s getting close to like, you know, Western medicine and diagnosing this means that frequency, this means that frequency. We don’t really do that so much in Biafra tuning.

So walk me through like the arc of a session. What would that look like?

Well, so there’s two different ways for me to talk about this. There’s the arc of a session, the way most people in biofield tuning do a session, and then there’s the way I do it. So I’ll talk you through the general

Before we do this, I just want to say time out, everybody Sounders a manifestor. So she’s going to do it her own way, just saying

Definitely. Okay. So we start off using forks that have weights on them. This is an unweighted forks. So imagine these little barrels have weights on them. We start off using weighted forks on the body to just help there be more energy flow through the physical body. Then I work with the central channel. So there’s an earth star point, the point below the feet that connects you to the earth and the sun star point, the point above the head that connects you to the sun and God or whatever out there you believe in. Okay. So I activate the earth star and connect you to the earth, bring earth energy through your body. And then I connect to the Sunstar connect you to the sun and bring Sunstar energy through. So you’ve been on calls with me where I’ve done very short mini sessions, right. And that’s what I would have done, done this, connecting you up process.

And I call that grounding, right? So from that grounded place, you’re just more calm and centered, balanced, able to think clearly make decisions, right? So that basic or star sign star central channel just like get too centered and grounded. Then we bring tuning forks in from the edge of the field. So I talked about this Taurus, right? So out here at the edge of the Torres, you have ancestors. So on the right side, you have father can ancestors. And on the left side, you have mother and ancestors. So in biofield tuning, we are consciously working with your inherited content. And this is one of the things I find most powerful about biofield tuning, as opposed to any of the other modalities that I’ve done, because I’m working with the inherited stuff that didn’t happen in this person’s actual life [inaudible].

So your genetic level.

Absolutely. And a lot of our belief systems are passed down from generation to generation to generation. And you see this in the conditioning field all of the time. Right? Right. These usually disempowering belief systems that get passed down until somebody consciously like chooses to interrupt that pattern. So we’re working with that. Then as we come through your life, we work with conception birth, both of which can have some stuff associated with them. And then we, then we travel through your life and work with any traumas that happened along the way. And then there’s a closing procedure that we do. So that’s a general bio platooning session. Okay. And then the way I do it is a little different because I’ve been in my class in addition to being a manifestor initiator, I’ve been a massage therapist for 29 years, working with energy and emotion and trauma in doing bodywork.

So I am very focused on the flow of energy through the body. And when it stuck, I’m not able to function. So imagine I stubbed my toe. Right. And that makes the energy in my foot, all chaotic and my leg okay. Out of, and perhaps my whole body gets Kanick just from stubbing, my toe. Right. So in doing bodywork and in doing biofield tuning, I work a lot with that flow because when I’ve stubbed my toe and I’m limping, I’m not able to be effective at being myself. So helping the energy flow through the whole system just makes so much difference. So I work a lot with that. And what I call physiology. So body functions and stuff like that.

Very cool. So, so you started this during lockdown. How are you able to do this remotely via zoom?

I loved it. Yeah. I mean, I work with people in Europe, even other side of planet doesn’t matter. Very cool. And actually time and space don’t matter. Not just space, but time doesn’t matter. Oh, well, so it’s like, think about it. If I am working with a trauma that happened when somebody was six and they’re in their forties. Right. I’m I’m like working with time.

That’s true. That’s true. Yeah.

Sound you’ve, you know, you know about the Bible that firstly, there was the word, then there was light, right. Sound is the most foundational creative force. There is. So

I love that you brought that up. So, you know, you may or may not know that I’ve, I’ve been a TMR. I’ve done transcendental meditation for 35 years. And in, in the day when we used to learn TM, you would have to watch hours and hours and hours and hours of videos of my Hershey teaching, which was amazing. Cause he was an incredible teacher. I watched this one videos. Well, it was like AHS at that time. Whole hour of Maharishi unpacking the sound that God made, the old that God made when he, when they created the world. And of course that’s the first sound and the first letter and the Bhagavad Gita. So I mean, it’s, it’s pretty universal that that whole sound and it creates is really powerful.

Yes. So, I mean, in, in 29 years of doing a massage practice, I’ve learned a lot of different energy modalities. A lot. I wasn’t doing any of them because I didn’t feel like I was making any change happen until biofield tuning

Well, and, and again, you know, part of why I was really eager to have you on the show was because I don’t think in any of the, in any of the combinations of things that I’ve watched people do, and this isn’t in any way saying what, if somebody is doing something else that’s not effective, we all have to go where we feel aligned, but the consistent feedback of people saying over and over again, I feel like I’ve been reset. Like, like, like somebody just rebooted everything. And it was just, it’s what I keep seeing people say when they talk about the work that you do with biofield tuning in human design, so right. It’s under how can people connect with you? Because I know as soon as they hear this, they’re going to be like, I want that. How can I get that?

So I have a free gift, five tips for shedding stress is an ebook and get there, it’s breathe dot miracle, So you can request that. Okay, let’s do so read the show notes. Yep. And then I offer complimentary discover what’s possible consultations. So if somebody wants to come and they already know about their human design, probably because they’re in your community, then we can do biofield tuning. And when I do biofield tuning with people and they already have their human design chart, what happens is we’re gone along and we work on something and it’s like, oh, I wonder how that shows up in their human design chart. And then I look at their chart and then we take the issue that is up for them associated with their chart and their life. Right. And we help to like tune it into the biofield so that it’s easier for them to get past whatever they were struggling with with that.

Oh, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. All right. So give us that website again, breathe that miracle Perfect. And and connect with Sandra, have a free consultation so she can talk you through everything she’s going to do to reboot you from the start. She can push that little button and start you over. And Sandra, thank you so much for being here and thank you for sharing. I I still need to also get with you because I’m just so intrigued with this. So thank you for being here and sharing and you all call Saundra. So it’s been fun. Thank you.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.