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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and Astrologer, 4/6 Orchestrator (Projector) Clarinda Mann.

Clarinda has studied Astrology since 2011, but it was through her studies of Quantum Human Design™ that her Astrology studies and work was able to go to another level.

She started studying Modern Astrology but shifted to Ancient/Traditional Astrology about three years ago and feels that it completely changed her view of herself, Astrology, and the World. Understanding her Human Design has helped her realize that she is designed to share her thoughts and knowledge with others to help provide guidance and so this year she has decided to shift into teaching.

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There has never been anyone like you before there will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. Today. We’re going to be talking with Clarinda man, and we’re going to be talking about what is up on the planet. We’re going to be talking about why astrology is really a great, I think, vital and important complimentary tool with human design and how you can actually learn a little bit more about traditional astrology if you’re into human design. So, all right, Clarinda, we’ve been we had a lot of promises at the end of 2020 that was like, yep, that’s it. We’re done. It’s over. We can move on with our lives. It’s done. What’s going on is not happening. So that

Definitely did not happen. I think we actually, at the end of 2020 we really entered into a really big period with Jupiter and Saturn making, you know, form that great conjunction grand projection and queries. So that really, to me, was an opening of a can of worms. If you will. I don’t know a cosmic Canada one’s kind of got created there. So we thought we were getting out of the 20, 20 intensity and we kind of got pushed into a whole new story and theme. So there’s a lot of shipping going on and Saturn and especially sat. And I will say right now, but Saturn and Uranus are kind of just like battling it out in the sky. So we’re feeling that intensity to still, you know, it’s still here, it’s lingering on.

Okay. So, all right. So in the way that I learned astrology, the planetary transits are not here to torture us. They’re not here to victimize us, right? They’re here to help us grow. What are we, or what are we supposed to be learning? You know,

I think that there’s a lot of themes that are coming up. When I think of Aquarius and in traditional astrology, Saturn is actually the ruler of Aquarius. With modern astrology, we have equated Uranus to being connected with Aquarius as well. But Saturday is really, really comfortable in this position that he’s in right now. And he is the great teacher. So he has definitely teaching us about, you know, being equitable, being fair, being just and it’s, it’s a big shift in consciousness that’s been going on within this last two years. But I think another interesting thing that I’ve been noticing is sustainability. And that is something that has really been coming up with Uranus transiting through tours and them squaring each other. Are we creating sustainably? Are we living sustainably and resources? You know, our resources, like have we been taking care of things? I’ve noticed it a lot with the food and a lot of shipping there. So I feel like there’s, we’re being kind of called to, to check where we have not been sustainable, like, and are we taking care of the earth? Are we taking care of the resources that we’ve been blessed with and now having to kind of deal with the short shortages and things going on on top of the coronavirus still lingering, you know, through society.

Totally. Well, I think it’s even interesting, you know, I’ve been, I’m about to have a new grand baby and have to go travel and you know, and I’m not I’m not old old, but I’m 55 and I’m like, I need a virus, you know, I need to have vaccine. And even the supply of that vaccine is just very difficult to get, even though at this point where I live, I qualify, but you know, it feels like there’s a whole theme of scarcity and an urgency around resources. Yeah,

Definitely. And Saturn has that tendency. I mean, he’s known to kind of restrict and limit. And scarcity is a theme that comes up when we’re looking at the dynamic that Saturn has sat. And again, he’s in a traditional strategy. We talk about there’s places where planets rejoice and so Saturn, he’s the ruler of Capricorn. He’s also the ruler of Aquarius. He functions very differently in the two signs and he’s in his rejoicing in Aquarius. So he’s definitely teaching us about, you know, that, that scarcity, what it feels like, do we need to cut corners? Do you know, what can we go without? And we, that we have been so used to having, but we might not necessarily need, where can we cut back?

I love that because, you know, for years I have been saying, we need a lesson. We need to be rescheduled on the idea of abundance, because the definition I think that we’ve been playing with with abundance and I mean, you see it, even in marketing, it’s like the, you know, the, the, okay, I’m going to say this, the old white dude with, you know, the beautiful wife and the sports car and the giant mansion, he’s like, you can be like me. And I’m like, we can’t all be like you, it’s not going to work for many reasons. You know? And, and you know, that doesn’t mean that if you’re living in a moderate home with less than, you know, an overabundance of things and we have, you know, regular people that we’re partnered with and our car is a Kia that we’re not abundant. And yet, somehow that gradient of what we define as abundant. And certainly that gradient, when we look at it from a global perspective, I think sometimes causes us to take for granted what we have. And then I think adds to that idea of lack when there’s nothing left.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And I mean, I, I’ve been really having to look and reevaluate my life to, you know, where can I cut back? You know, some of the things that I thought that I really needed, I’ve had to go without, because the coronavirus and not being able to get access to certain things and, you know, we couldn’t go out and shop for, you know, the way that we used to, I wasn’t spending money the way that I used to. And I was like, wait, I’m still okay. I didn’t need that. You know, that was like more of a, a want rather than a need. And I actually find myself to be quite happy with what I have. I think it’s helped me to come back and say, wait, I’m really blessed. And I am abundant. You know, I’m, I’m very thankful for everything that I have and, you know, that’s part of the lesson I think really kind of like, re-evaluating what abundance is for us and what do we really need to be sustainable? What do we really need to be happy? And who’s whose scale are we measuring it against? Anyway.

Good question. Good question. Okay. So, so now for the really scary story, okay. Where are we here? Is it going to get any better?

I think that we are in the midst of major cycles that will be going on for a period of time. I do think that there’s going to be ebbs and flows in it. So there will be periods where things feel a little bit easier and then periods where things are a little bit more challenging. And I, I honestly feel within the next, you know, it’s probably at least a seven year process. There’s a few major planetary trends that are occurring and returns that are occurring, especially like for the United States itself that are going to be impacting the way things go and the way that our country even functions. And of course that will affect the rest of the world as well. So we’re all impacted by these transits that are going on. But a couple of years ago it was in 2018. I believe when we had that major eclipse that came across, this was one thing I was talking with somebody I’m like, yeah, this was really fascinating that, you know, that, that eclipse actually came all the way across the United States. And we have another one set up to do that. The coming from the opposite angle in 2024, and it makes this huge X, you know, right through this of our country

Time out. Right.

I don’t mean that just sounds like doomsday. I just feel like it’s this this period of time where we really have to evaluate, like, what things are built on, where do we want to move forward? What do we want to change? Where do we need to share? How do we create sustainably for everyone? How do we create just systems? You know? So yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot of deconstructing and reconstructing

[Inaudible]. I love that. I mean, I, I mean, I don’t, it’s not fun when we’re in it. I know that. Right. And you know, the thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is, you know, especially with all of the people that I have, the privilege of having  students and his clients, you know, I have the privilege of working with people that just have, I think, the purest of hearts and, you know, I think every single one of us, when we got here, as kids kind of had this sense of, you know, there’s this peaceful world that we’re a part of building and that’s coming. And I do think that, you know, we have a certain bifurcation if you will, and having to sort of move into the new and release some of the old and repair and heal some of the old. But I do think if we really look at it through the lens of human design, which of course has an astrological component, that we’re in a really beautiful cycle and the end is going to have a really amazing ending. It’s going to really be the fulfillment of what we’ve been feeling in our hearts, our whole lives.

Yeah, I agree. And that’s one of the things I love what you’ve done with this community. It feels like family, it feels like home. And there is like that thread that you can see the similarity between almost everybody that’s part of it know I’ll have that, like that goal in mind, I think creating a better place and knowing that we are capable of doing that. And I do think that at the end of it, all the outcome will be beneficial. You know, it’s just like pregnancy, really. You know, when you go, when you’re in labor, it is not pleasant. Right. It’s painful. We’re in that part right now, like we’re, we’re, we’re feeling the burning pains something new that’s being born and after the baby comes, you’re super happy. Or you, you forget about all the pain that you went through, you know, because you’re in that moment of this new life and you’re filled with joy. It’s like, none of that happens. So when we get to the other side, I’m hoping that that’s where we went back and say, you know what? It was all worth it, because look where we are now. And look, what’s been created.

I love that. I really love that. And I’ve always said, I’ve always said, we’re here to midwife the birth of a new world. So that works well. All right. So, so talk to me for just a minute, why I’m wondering how you think astrology and human design work together as complimentary tools.

So many ways. You know, I mean astrology because you’re my teacher for him. So, you know, of course astrology does a component of human design itself. But what, like, for me personally, I see so many ways that it can be used and I love that it was an experiment. You know, this, this is an experiment. So as we move forward, we’re still kind of seeing where they connect because I, I see more connections all the time, but I think for me personally, human design has really helped me understand myself and how to even incorporate astrology into everything that I’m doing. But just when we’re looking at what, like how they go together. I mean, when we look at the transits, when we look at the gates, they’re in signs and it’s almost like traditionally I was thinking about this the other day, because in traditional astrology, we have what we call bounds.

And so the bounds are little there’s subdivisions within the sign. And it reminds me of the gates, like the way the gates are divided in within one side sometimes too, but the bounds kind of do that as well. So now it’s like, well, does this correlate? Does this go together? You know, so it’s kind of like this, it always does using the identity center, that’s one of the things that I’ve been doing for a while now. Because location is so important in tying that in to helping people find the right location where they are. So I think that there’s almost endless possibility for ways that they go to, they can go together and work. But yeah, so I just, it’s, it’s wherever you want to go with it. I feel,

I always tend to think of like, astrology is the what and human design is the, how, you know, it, it kind of tells you how you’re going to master those themes. So you’re getting ready to teach a brand new program about astrology. So tell us a little bit about this program.

Yes. So it will be based on traditional astrology and it’s going to be, so the plan is for it to be a five week course right now. And it’s going to be live interaction with everyone. The classes will be recorded, but we’ll also be having like questions Q and a session so that I can make sure people are really integrating the things that are going on. So it’s going to be, it’s designed for people that are new to astrology. They might not have, they don’t have to have a background in astrology. But if they have had a background in modern astrology, it’s for them too, because a lot of the traditional concepts are quite different than what we see in modern astrology. So design for either you can go either way, whether you have no experience at all.

I want to make sure that everybody is able to integrate and walk away feeling confident in being able to at least interpret a chart, you know so taking the signs, really learning about the planets and their traditional significations learning about the signs, the the houses going really into depth about that. Also learning about sex, which is one of the things that is not really common in modern astrology, but it’s very important in traditional astrology. So there’s either a night set or a day set. And the depending, like what time of day you were born, it will influence which planets are going to be most important in your life, which is able to bring about the most benefit for you or create more challenge. And so I’m really going into that. And then at the end of that, all integrating that information so that we can do interpretations. And so I think it’s going to be interesting and also a little bit different than what some people might’ve done before

I am. So taking this class. So when is it,

It starts April the seventh and I’m at two, 2:00 PM. So we’ll be meeting on Wednesdays because that is Mercury’s day and traditionally mercury is committed to astrology. So for the five weeks and right now we have it set for the Q and A’s to be on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM central standard time. So I’m really excited. I think there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for integration and for us to work together and people to get a lot, to have that live component when doing astrology and get feedback, I think is really crucial. It’s something that I find valuable with my teachers that I’ve had in the past as well. So yeah.

Awesome. So how can people learn more about it or how can I go sign up? Where is it? So

If you follow me on Instagram, they can put the link in my bio. I do have a place there where the human role also on my website, if you go to the upcoming events section my website is astral And at the upcoming event section you can click there. There’s a little bit of information about the course. It’ll go into details about everything that’s being offered and why traditional astrology, what makes it so different. And you can, you can enroll there as well. Awesome.

Okay. So Astro, and I know on Instagram, you were also Astro energetics, so go find you, right. Is that right?

It’s Astro seed. Yeah. It’s astral energetic healing on. Yeah, so it’s a little bit of, yeah.

Okay. Hold on. I’m going to say this again so everybody can get it. So Astro is your website, Astro energetic healing on Instagram. So go find more information about Clarinda. And of course, if you’re watching this on YouTube, the links are up above, so you can click on links and go directly there. So you’re gonna see me in class. Oh, [inaudible] I have never heard of this. I mean, I’ve, I mean, obviously I’ve known a little bit about it, but I’ve, I’ve never occurred to me that maybe I should look at traditional astrology, so awesome.

Oh, that is super exciting. Karen, thank you so much for having me today.

I’m excited to have had you here. Thank you for telling me I need to take care of myself for the next seven years. We all do awesome. Thank you, Clarinda. Okay. Thank you.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.