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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 1/3 Orchestrator (Projector), Alexandra Danieli.

Alexandra is a Mom to two beautiful kids, a Soul and Gift Activator and Level 2 Quantum Human Design Specialist. She’s the Co-Founder of the Ultimate Deconditioning System and the Deconditioning Academy together with her best friend and business partner Analena.

For her private containers, she has a big passion for bringing Manifestors/Initiators back into her power. And she loves to support anyone who is struggling to step into their gifts and power.

She’s also nuts about optimizing cellular health and the body in general and had a previous career as a Holistic Gut Health Coach. She was born and raised in Germany and now lives in California with her kids and her ex-husband in a unique living situation.

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There has never been anyone like you before there will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, bestselling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everybody. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m here today with Alexandra Danieli and we’re going to be talking about business passion, purpose, and how you can really connect those two and make the money you deserve the support you deserve doing the work you love. So we were talking a little bit before we got started Alexandra about how sometimes that’s a real challenge for people to really find ways to make money and also really do what you love. Talk to me a little bit about your own personal journey with that.

It’s, it’s been a long journey, a I’m a projector. So all the pushy marketing structure strategies that I’ve learned have not worked for me, even though my one line understood it all. And I studied all the psychology and the lines so deeply in the calls. So I feel like it’s connected to a couple of things. First of all, I’m I have such a wide interest in things. So for me, knowing what I was really meant to be doing was really hard to dive into, because one month I like this next month. I like this. Some things I stick with for two years, but how do I know? Like, what is really my soul’s purpose, right? What is really the thing that, that has been, and since I was a child or a teenager in my twenties, always the constant, right. And just trusting those things more.

But also the piece of them, when you have found it, like, then we have all these, these splenic fear gates or wherever else, we’re conditioned unbelieving or in our G center, a lot of not feeling good enough and not worthy and all that stuff. So just really like allowing ourselves, like where, where am I? And am I really allowed to earn money with the things that I, I love and where am I not feeling good enough? And what do I need to decondition so that I have that deep, deep confidence. And I like to really feel, especially being a projector, feeling to my magnetism a lot, because I really, really feel that it works because when I do my work, when I show up, I don’t need to do much online. I show up anyways, because I love it. But things come to me, they just come and I’m like, I don’t know how this person found me.

I know I have no idea how this opportunity showed up, but it’s this deep magnetism. That is the combination of having the thing that my soul is really calling me to do then. And then having done that deep, deep work to really liberate my G center and my, my sacral and my powers and all the other things that are talking everywhere. And I’m nowhere near done because no one ever is right, but it’s, it’s more and more fun and more magnetic all the time. And so then we can carry that deep confidence where now, and I used to hate sales because I was so bad at it. And I used to hate writing about what I have to offer. And all the people in those programs were always like you’re, you’re offering is such a gift to everyone, not just to me, but then like you have to really believe that your offering is in service to the world and that you’re not robbing people of their money, but inside of me, I was like, but, but so then when we come to this deep, deep confidence of knowing when I serve my soul’s purpose and carry through my true gifts and teach my lessons with authenticity and knowing that I walk the talk and I can, I can prove it and I can insure it.

Then we have this confidence that just turns into a magnetism. And it’s not just this fake confidence that I’ve had on my life from being a single child. It’s like, yay, I’m the best bone, deep confidence of knowing yeah. People I work with or people who come to me or people who read what I write, they go through things energetically and they get a transformation because this is what I’m meant to do. And then sales become so much funner and and we can actually make money then and an easy way.

Absolutely. And I just want to take a short sort of go down a short rabbit hole because you said something that I don’t hear a lot. And I, I keep stressing, especially with my projectors students that, you know a projector when they are aligned, when you’re on purpose and when your energy is restored, meaning when you value yourself and your energy is restored, your aura is compelling. And I don’t know if anybody has had the experience of standing in a really in the energy field of a really well aligned, healthy projector. It’s like, you literally can’t stop the invitations from coming out of your mouth. And I love to keep exploding that whole idea of the, you know, the, the shadow projector that no one ever sees and that no one ever recognizes and that they have to fight for the attention. It’s not really true if you are energetically as restored and you are living in your value and your purpose. So thank you for bringing that up because, and I love that you’re showing us that that’s, that’s actually true. So that’s huge. So, all right. So you talked a lot about deconditioning. Talk to me for just a minute about why is deconditioning such an essential part of this process?

I feel like this whole fake it till you make it thing works on some level, and it keeps us showing up and it helps us build consistency, but there are just ceilings. We can’t break through. If we don’t do the deep inner work not authentically. And then you end up with all these people in your inbox that are trying to sell you something and, you know, they will have theoretical knowledge. They will have good information for you, but you don’t feel the energy from it. It feels kind of empty. And, and it’s just like, if we, if we really believe that we can live our highest potential, and I don’t believe in no limitations because I actually like limitations. But our limitations bring us to our highest potential. And then we’re kind of, again, unlimited because the world opens up to us in such a big way.

But if we carry around all that heaviness and all the things that are occupying our subconscious all day long, we like it starts with very simple thing. And, and, and gate five is so big for me in so many ways. It’s, it’s in my earth as well, but also it’s my veil, my veiled work and spiritual purpose. And so just even showing up for our bodies when we are let’s say we decondition the whole G center. And we tap into a much deeper love for ourselves. The things we’ll automatically do for our body, even in a daily gate, five kind of way are going to be very, very different. And when we take care of our bodies in a way that is sustainable and I work a lot with manifestors as well, and sometimes even in groups, so physically I have to hold and not hold, but, you know, let run through me a lot of energy.

And it’s something that a lot of manifestors aren’t even used to just for their own energy and then get physically sick. So the more we maintain our own body and our health the better we can show up in the world, the more, I mean, we all know lots of us know projectors work in spurts, right? But my spurts are more powerful and longer and more sustainable than they’ve ever been because I take good care of my physical energy. So that is one piece where it starts. There’s tons of other areas where you can go from here asking for what you want with confidence and love and not being afraid of rejection. Right. How many times, even in my relationship, did I not ask for what I really wanted? Because I was so afraid to get a no, or to get dumped. Right. But when we asked from this confident place where we’re like, I’m going to be okay by myself, I’m going to, I’m going to always be okay. And we know that 11 to the bones and the, and the muscles in the court. And every, all of our interactions will become so much different. And everyone we interact with will be like, I don’t know. It just touched me.

Yeah, totally well. And I think, you know, I, I always teach that, you know, people want authentic alignment. They want to be who they are more than anything. And if you embody that yourself as a thought leader, as a teacher, as a business person, that, that sells more than anything, you can follow every tactic, every strategy you can have the most gloriously beautiful webpage, but if it’s not you, it won’t sell. And of course the converse is true as well. If you don’t, you know, if your webpage is not current, you know, or your Instagram photos are all a little sideways or whatever you know, it’ll still sell because people will feel that alignment and that’s, that’s what they want. And that’s, what’s really compelling. So beautiful. So, all right. I want to talk a little bit about what you’re up to and what you’re working on. So first of all, you have a free class coming up from passion to prosperity. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yeah. This is this is what Angelina and I really love doing together, teaching people about how to make money doing what they love, because that’s what we have been diving into for the last few years. That’s what has scared us most. That’s what has taught us so much. That’s what continues to teach us. And that’s what continues to give us the most satisfaction on a, on a physical and on the soul level. And it also continues to be the most lucrative thing for us. And one thing that I recently realized when I looked closer at my mercury gates and I have the 55 in there and the tool. So it’s pretty cool. But always, yeah, I’ve always said since I can remember, I’ve always carried that deep belief that people who do what they love can be successful no matter what, if there’s 4,000 thousand other people already doing it.

If they do what they love, they can be successful. And if they do something that they think they should be doing, like you say, there’s the energy missing, right? And then it’s, it’s gonna always be that push, pushing the Boulder uphill and against the stream of the universe. And I just find it so much more fun to work with the universe and having more time for my children and my family and my relationship and the things that I want to do plus enjoying every minute that I’ve worked while making money with it. I, it just everything about that just sounds so right to me.

I love that. So, and then you guys have an ongoing program that you, where you work with people called the, is it called the gateway? Is that, so what do you guys do in your gateway?

The gateway is one of our biggest teachers and so fun. We, we decondition every center and every gate, and it’s so profound, even just for us doing the work ourselves as we go through the program. Because I’m a one-three. So I have to do things as they are fresh. If I’ve already mastered something, I have no interest in teaching it or doing it. So we’re going through it ourselves as we’re doing it. And it’s so profound. And it’s just so beautiful to, to get to know our own charts and ourselves on such a, such a deep level, because if you’re open or if you are defined or undefined in, in an energy, it doesn’t matter. Right. There’s just so many surprise elements coming up. And I’m sure you’re very aware of how beautiful it is. All these, these different architectural energies in every center, every gate how they, how we’re not even aware of them. Like they kind of have, it’s like a button that you press like all of a sudden you’re deconditioned gate 34. And you’re like, I had no idea I was carrying this inside of me. So it’s like, you just push you, press, you activate all these energies inside of you, these awarenesses. And at the same time you get to de-condition them. And it’s just helpful. And we love it. And our clients love it too.

That’s awesome. That’s beautiful. So, and then you do your own work as well with, you said you work with manifestors and helping people really connect more deeply with their purpose. Tell me a little bit about your work.

Yeah. I seem to have fallen naturally into really getting manifesters and recently also found the need to, and the desire. And the invitation came to open a, a new projector group because a lot of what’s already on the internet group wise in all kinds of human design areas is very, can be very close-minded and aggressive and bashing. And when you’re dealing with unaligned manifestors and unaligned projectors, it can get a little intense last year. I created a community called the manifesto grow house, which is just the energy of rising and growing and fertilizing and watering and creating a container that’s where there’s no space for all this other. And the same for projectors, because I was bashed so much in projector groups, myself for having just a little bit more of the opener loose of you, combining it with other tools and wisdom.

I believe we all carry so much wisdom, whether we’ve known human design for one day or for seven years, but in the, in many spaces we bashed for only knowing only knowing and when designed for a little bit of time or whatever, you know? So I don’t believe in that. And so I’ll open up with a couple of beautiful men projectors, actually, one of them being James, who you also know the projector purpose playground. So it’s been so much fun and it’s already been so successful and people are in there and feeling the energy, and it’s just so needed to have a space where there, we just leave all that other talk outside and we just come and show up and we’re just interested in rising and growing and yeah. And then purpose work. Yep. Love that door. There’s just so much going on. And then people come to me is like, I don’t know, you know, you’re no energy projector. How do you do all that stuff? And then it comes back again to doing the inner work alignment and taking care of my body, getting good, sleep, eating, nourishing foods, like all those things. Right. So it’s, it’s just so beautiful how everything works together.

I love that. I love that. And I’m just so excited to talk to you because, you know, I’ve always, I’ve always had the theory that this, the way you live as a projector is possible. And I do think that sometimes in the more traditional dialogue around the projector and the manifestor to the dialogue is not very inspiring. And certainly, as I said before, it doesn’t leave us an opening to look at well, what does a healthy projector look like? What does a healthy manifestor look like? And you know, for us to continue to redefine that and show projectors and all types that you absolutely can live an abundant, joyful, energetic, thriving life living true to who you are. So thank you for that. So how can people see? Yes. Perfect. So how can people get in touch with you then? Alexandra?

It is, it’s usually Facebook messenger or Instagram. My Instagram is Alexandra dot Danieli. I can, I can send you that later as well, or if you prefer email. It’s funny that most of my business conversations nowadays actually happen over Instagram messenger or Facebook messenger. I find them all wherever you find me, I’ll find you. Perfect.

That’s perfect. So again, if you want more information about how you can sign up for Alexandra’s free class passion to prosperity, the link will be on the show notes for the podcast. And again, you can find Alexandra on Facebook on Instagram and Alexandra dot Danieli D a N I E L I, is that correct? Or you can also email So thank you so much for being here. I just feel like, huh, there it’s possible. It’s possible. I have, I have met in my lifetime, a handful of projectors who were really deeply lined and it’s always, to me, just an utterly breathtaking experience to stand in the energy field of an aligned projector. So thank you for giving me that experience yet again, so I appreciate it. Well, thank you. Well, thanks for joining me and you guys sign up for Alexander’s class and I appreciate the time we’ve had together. Thank you.

Likewise. Thanks so much for having me.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.