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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 4/1 Alchemist (Generator) Martje Kleinhans.

Martje is from Germany, a single Mom to a teenage daughter and found Human Design in 2019. She has been working as a graphic designer and as a personal coach for the past six years and is now combining both careers.

Most people learn and understand best with visual aids, Martje’s talent is to break down information into easy to understand images that stay in the mind. On Martje’s Instagram and YouTube she has sketches and sketch movies about Human Design in German as well as English.

Martje is also working with a tool called, the Chinese Quantum Method, that helps to dissolve energetic weaknesses in our energy field. In Martje’s readings people often ask how to get rid of the unwanted personality traits where they are not aligned. This method can help with that. She also offers Composite (Relationship) readings in both English and German.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m Karen Curry Parker, and I’m here today with Marsha Kleinhands. Who’s going to be sharing with us a little bit about incorporating design into coaching, how you can use human design to help you release patterns, old patterns that might be keeping you stuck. And we’re going to look a little bit, we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the exciting things that she’s doing in the German world and teaching and sharing human design in Germany. Welcome. Marcez so nice to have you here. Thank you. So I want to talk a little bit about your background because it’s a little bit unusual. You have a design background started in graphic design. So you went from graphic design to human design. Talk to me a little bit about how you’ve been using graphic design with human design.

Okay. well, first of all, I did a lot of different things in my life. I started this drawing, this sketch noting thing just four or five years ago and yeah, made my money with that. Self-Employed with that and the, usually I attend big events and draw what’s happening there with the trainer or with the speaker and just draw what, what they’re saying. I put it in easy to understand little images and well, when I started human design, I thought that all these things that seem complicated or just seems so much in the beginning, it’s so much to learn so many details. It’ll be helpful to, to have them in, in small little images, pictures, just small drawings. So I started that.

I love that because it, you know, when I first started teaching human design, we didn’t have zoom and we didn’t have video, but we had the internet obviously. And so I was teaching over the phone and trying to figure out how do I explain this when I can’t show this and having to really say, well, that’s the triangle on the top. And sometimes it’s this and that, you know? So it’s it’s a really, I think to be able to visually translate that into a very beautiful and simple way for people to go, oh, that that’s, that’s profound. So you also, you said, as you said, you’ve done a lot of things. You also have a background in coaching and you use human design as part of your coaching. What is some of the benefits that you’ve seen in coaching using human designer, adding him design to your coaching practice?

It helps to understand so much better. Like for example, I have an open solar plexus, so I’ve had problems with conflicts all my life. My parents don’t fight. Nobody ever fought in my house, so I never learned how to fight. And then when I found out that this is not the case in most families and when my marriage failed, because we never fought, we never talked about things that really matter to us. Both of us didn’t well I found out, okay, I have a problem speaking about my feelings. I have a problem dealing with conflicts, but it didn’t help. It didn’t help solving this problem. I just knew, okay, this, this is my problem. And then you have these coaches, everyone tells you, yeah, you just have to do it. You just talk about it, you just do this, you just do that.

And I’m like, oh, this is so hard for my profile. It’s a foreign. So it’s really hard for me to yeah. To talk about my feelings and maybe hurt someone. I don’t want to do that. So it’s especially hard for me I think. And I always thought, okay, there’s something wrong with me that I can do it. And everybody else can, but I just can’t. And when I heard about human design and when I heard about this solar plexus thing and before it was just like, okay, I’m fine. It is, it is still hard for me, but that’s just the way it is. It’s nothing wrong. It’s just, yeah. It’s just the way it is.

So you’re a four one profile. So I, I find that, I mean, first of all, I don’t come across a lot of four ones and I find the, that four, one profile is exceptionally vulnerable to disrupting that foundation around change. So I, I love that you were able to understand not just the empathy of the open solar plexus, but your fourth line together in that combination really created a dynamic for you. That’s challenging that, you know, and I think that that’s the other piece that when we look at using human design as a tool, as an assessment tool or a coaching tool that sometimes we get so locked on to, oh, I’m a generator. And we don’t look at the depth of the knowledge that comes from integrating all the other little parts of the puzzle too, and really using it as a tool to help people get unblocked and unstuck. So, so you use a system and forgive me if I’m getting this wrong, the Chinese alignment system, is that correct?

Quantum massive

Quantum that there you go. I’m sorry. I knew. Okay. The Chinese quantum method, you use a Chinese quantum method in your coaching practice. Tell us a little bit about

It’s a practice to, yeah. To find energetic weaknesses. We call them weaknesses. It’s like every time something happens to you that you don’t like the universe creates a weakness in the quantum field. So when I say something to you now, like insult you in some way, you’ll be like, oh no. And then you’ll have weakness in your field. And it’s not just this, the word I said to you, but it’s also specific elements that are, that come with this situation. Like a woman who has a German accent or blonde hair, or a white lamp in the background, all this info goes into some entangled ball and then, well, it just sits there for awhile. And then someday, like in a couple of years you might go to the movies with some friends and there’s a German actress and she’s got blonde hair and she talks with this German accent. And you’re like, what a stupid movie? I don’t want to watch this. I’m going home. So when your friends are like the movies, great, what’s up with her and well, you go home and you think, okay, what was that?

And the thing is that the blonde hair and the German accent activated this, not activated this mess in your field and you’ll blow up. So what I’m doing is I’m searching for these things and yeah. I dispose them energetically so that you won’t blow up because of that situation.

Yeah. So, okay. So this is an energy modality. Yes. Yeah. And, and you can do this like, like between us on zoom, you can do this on zoom or do you have to be in the room with someone?

No, no, I do that on zoom or on the phone. Well, if you have, if you have a subject, a context, something that’s worrying, you, we could work with that and then we’ll check whatever you say I’m using. So when you say, okay, I have a problem with my husband first, I’m checking the connection between you and your husband back and forth to see if there’s something there. And then you just have to tell me what it is. And every word, everything you say might lead to the next bald, energetic emotion ball.

That’s cool. And you don’t have to like, sit and talk about it. You can just kind of go and clear it with this. Can you scroll up that muscle testing, muscle testing,

And then I correct it and then it’s gone. And yeah, sometimes we just have a little site info and then it’s not, it’s not such a big thing, but it’s like it’s like a dam where you pull out different pieces of wood and then at one time the water just crushes the dam away. Yeah. We never know when that happened, but eventually it will.

That’s cool. That’s, that’s very cool. So you, you teach in German, you and you, you do sessions in German and of course, obviously in English. So talk to me about, cause I’m just curious, like are the conversations that people have in Germany about human design, different than the ones people have say in America? Do they have the same questions?

I think they do. Yeah. Yeah. It’s mostly about what am I supposed to do? What, what can I do? What work, what job should I do? And the relationship questions also.

Yeah, I was just gonna say, is he my soulmate that’s so, so you’re getting ready to start a brand new membership program. Tell us a little bit about it.

Well, it’s actually it’s a lot like the understanding human design community, because I love that so much because it’s not expensive and it’s, there’s so much in there. So I took that as a prototype and put it in a, in a German. Yeah. Put it in German. So I have some basic classes to know type profile authority and these things. And then I have monthly topics like you

And we’ll start in April. I love that. So what’s the name of your community? It’s

Called the human design gang.

I love that. I love that. It’s basically, I don’t know if you’re, well, I don’t know if you’re familiar with TV from like the 1950s, but there was a whole sparkies gang. I think it was called there’s a whole gang of kids that there were these TV shows about. So this sounds like a bunch of people getting together, having a good time in a, in a clubhouse. So, so good. Awesome. So, and you’re getting ready to also did teach a new class coming up. Tell us a little bit about your new class.

That’s the community

In the community, so, okay. Perfect. Good. Awesome. So, all right. And you do readings in German and in English, but not both at the same time. Right. And you like to do composite readings.

I love that. Yeah, because I love the relationship dynamics. I think it’s so interesting what what’s going on between two people. It’s a lot more than just doing a reading for one person.

So I have a question because I’m going to go back to the Chinese quantum system method. Sorry. I’m sorry. That stuck in my head. So the Chinese quantum method, when you are doing relationship reading, can you use that on the relationship?

Yes, I can. But I need I need a yes from the parties involved. So if I work with you, I can do you and your husband, but I can work on your husband without him saying it’s okay. Makes sense. Of course, until a certain age, but not protocols. Now we have to ask, but I can always work on you. And when you change, probably the relationship will change a little too.

Totally. It’s it’s amazing how much, when you shift your attitude, your husband just gets more handsome. So you guys can learn more about much and her work on her website. I’m going to spell this for you guys. Cause I know that this is a little bit tricky to spell it for those of us who are native English speakers. It’s Marquette dot Rux is March’s website. That’s M a R T J Y E. Sorry. No, sorry. N a R T J E. I misread my handwriting, M a R T J, R O C K S. So Marsha rocks. And you can go there and learn more about the Chinese quantum method and about composite readings and learning in German and her brand new human design gang. That’s coming up in April. So go check out her work and thank you so much for being here today and sharing with us. I really appreciate you and your work and your time.

Thank you. Thank you, actually there’s if you go to mater rocks slash E N G that’s the English version, that’s probably a little easier

To do that. You guys, but you still have to spell March. Yes, absolutely. Go check it out and give me a call. I’m so curious. I have to go do some research now on this Chinese quantum method. So

Thanks a lot for having me. It’s really nice.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.