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Quantum Human Design is a new and transformed Human Design language that is more expansive, empowering, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding. It’s been deliberately engineered and upgraded the HD vocabulary to a powerful, positive, higher vibrational frequency of energy to help you fully activate your potential. Here’s another interesting episode of Understanding Human Design podcast: Robin Winn’s interview with Karen Curry Parker.


  1. The inner workings of human design from a heart-centered place. [01:36]
  2. How language shifting is supporting us in these wild and crazy times. [03:08]
  3. How to use language at a higher frequency in a pragmatic way. [12:11]
  4. How to take the story that you’re crafting with great deliberation and consciousness. [16:39]
  5. Stepping into a bigger understanding of ourselves. [17:09]
  6. The beauty of human design in terms of creating beyond the limits of what we think is possible. [20:50]


Karen Curry Parker is a #1 best-selling author, Human Design specialist, trainer, professional speaker and creator of Quantum Human DesignTM and the Quantum Alignment SystemTM. She has been a high-performance life and business coach for more than 30 years and has coached over 10,000 people and taught 1000’s more.

Karen’s work integrates energy psychology (EFT), subtle body therapies, traditional coaching and quantum creativity training. Karen’s books include, “Understanding Human Design, the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are”, “Inside the Body of God, 13 Strategies for Thriving in a New World” and “No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance.” And her newest book is Abundance by Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design.

Her podcast, Quantum Conversations, has had over 70,000 downloads in less than a year.

Karen’s work has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, ABC and various radio shows and tele-summits.


I’d like to welcome you to a special edition of the human design podcast. My name is Robin Winn, and I am delighted and honored to introduce you to Karen Curry Parker, who is, in my heart, an expert in human design. She is a multiple best-selling author and the creator of the Quantum Alignment System. Karen believes that we’re all ushering in a new creative revolution and the age of inspiration, and has dedicated her life to helping people remember their unique, vital and irreplaceable role in the world. Karen, this is a special edition of the human design podcast. As I said, I am beyond honored to be interviewing you. You’re a role model. You’re a guide. You’re a mentor. You initiated me into the inner workings of human design from a heart-centered place. I’m deeply touched by the work you’ve done. In all of your capacity, you have golden threads of truth pour forth for the benefit of humanity. It’s really a phenomenal gift you’re bringing to all of us. I just want to start off by thanking you for your dedication and your service.

Thank you. Thank you. It’s an honor to be here with you because I have had the distinct privilege of watching your rise and integration into your own expertise in human design. You’re also the author of, I have to just show everybody because I’m super proud, kind of like mom proud that Robin’s the author of this amazing book, understanding your clients through human design, which she uses to help coaches and therapists, and anybody in the helping professions use human design as a powerful tool for activation. I’m excited to be here with you.

Thank you, Karen. Thank you for your support. Incredible. I mean, that’s what you do. You support people and all walks of life to know their unique self and live their unique self. You’re dedicated and devoted to that. Today, we’re going to talk about language and the power of language. Tell me, because it is your skillset, this tapping into language and articulation, how do you see language shifting and supporting us in these wild and crazy times?

Language is something that I think on, on a certain level we take for granted. I think that in an era right now, where, for example, we have some things like social media. We have such an expediency of capacity to be able to deliver information through language and also through visual images, but primarily through language in such a fast way that language becomes a place where I think we are being invited, but either the use or the misuse of language to pause and explore what we are doing with our words and to not take our words for granted or take the impact of our words for granted. Language, when we look at it in the context of human design comes from the throat center, the throat center in human design is the center for communication, but that communication is almost secondary to the primary function of the throat center, which is it’s the center for manifestation. We create manifest in the world when we begin the process of using language to translate divine inspiration. We use the power of our words to craft the story of who we transmit to the world. The story of who we think we are, our personal narrative, that template of the language that we use through the transmission of our personal story, becomes the template of what we create in the world. And ultimately, it even calibrates that magnetic resonance field of our heart to pull into our life experience, to manifest things that we create, the things we live the direction in our lives, we create all of that first through language.

The other thing that’s so interesting about language that’s getting to be revealed in the last few years that I think we have to also pay attention to and recognize the vital nature of it is that language has the power to not just calibrate our heart, create intimacy, give us leadership and direction, it actually changes our genetic makeup. What scientists are discovering is that RNA, which is an aspect of DNA, it’s actually the part of DNA that translates the DNA code, the product process of translating DNA code and taking the code and turning it into proteins and turning it into your body is regulated by RNA, which actually operates through syntax, that is the exact mirror of the syntax of language. What scientists are now beginning to see is that they can program radio frequency waves with the syntax of language, and actually use that syntax of language through radio frequency waves, to cut and splice DNA and change DNA. That’s a lot of stuff to sort of throw at you. But what that really means is that the words we use change our DNA. They have the power to literally change our physical form, create health and wellness, create higher states of vitality.

There’s a whole another new set of research is actually done by one of my students, Dr. Tara Ashby. She’s looked at DNA and DNA frequencies. And what she has shown in her research is that DNA actually carries a resonant frequency. The resonant frequency of DNA actually influences the behavior of the structures of water in the body and that when our DNA changes, and remember, we can change it by virtue of the words that we speak, when our DNA changes and we are using high frequency, high quality language, and we are when we use high frequency, high-quality language, we’re literally expanding DNA and its capacity to hold higher frequencies of energies, it’s also changing the nature of how mater operates in the body. So, that’s the first piece. Here’s the second piece. We can actually measure the resonance of DNA frequencies outside of the body. So, you’re not just shifting your own capacity to hold higher frequencies of energies and create higher states of health and wellbeing and being able to hold higher frequencies of consciousness. You’re actually able to then influence other people as well. We know from physics that higher frequencies of energy and train lower frequency. So, you doing the work by consciously and carefully using high quality language about your life, about yourself, about the world, about each other, creates a higher frequency of resonance in your body and you create an echo of that out into the world that lifts not only you up, but lifts everybody else up. You might be familiar with, this was a big trend a couple of years ago in the Mo in the media, people were talking about propinquity studies and the impact of happiness and propinquity, right? If you live in your house and your neighbor, next door is happy. Even if you never talked to that neighbor, you have a 60% greater chance of being happy. Now, with this new understanding of well DNA communicates with this resonant frequency, maybe part of what’s happening is your happy neighbor is sending you good vibes through the walls of your house. You’re getting happy because they’re happy. When we start to think about the possibility of all of us ushering in or birthing, or being able to guide and steer ourselves through this time that we’re in, that is so void-like and chaotic-like, we can, by virtue of consciously lifting ourselves up doing our own work, makes sure the language we use is worthy of who we really are, we can lift ourselves and begin the process of also lifting each other up, which to me is sort of the mechanics of this shift thing.

I mean, you and I’ve been around long enough, we’ve been talking about the shift for decades, multiple decades. This kind of explains why your role in taking care and nurturing yourself and doing your own work and watching your own language is so important because it begins to not only impact you, but it impacts the world around you. We’re kind of telling friends, telling friends, telling friends with our frequencies.

Wow. Well, you just said a lot. You said a lot, and I want to just chunk it down for a minute. Basically, our language really matters. And in human design, we’ve always talked about how the throat center. If you get a motor to your throat, you win the game in human design, right? So, now you’re bringing in the physics of that and the understanding of why that’s so important to our speech, what we create out of speech. We create whole worlds. You’re pointing to the whole, to the timber of the field we live in, how we interact, the world we create comes from our language, in my understanding. We have that biblical saying in the beginning was the word. And this understanding has been around for a long time. You have magicians, you have the wizards who use incantations for words. Now, this has been known at some level, and now the scientific understanding of the truth and the power of our words is coming to fruition, coming into them, coming into awareness. So, how do you see that people who are listening to this podcast, because you have a natural gift with language and tapping into that higher frequency, and like I said, at the beginning, you have a golden essence that comes from you. How can the rest of us tap into this or tune to this higher frequency? You talked about timing. That was one of the things you spoke about, which is a big pointer in human design, an important piece. How in a very pragmatic way, can we take steps to use language at a higher frequency?

Well, I think that that is one of the many gifts of human design. When we look at the chart, the chart itself is just really, I think, an incredibly practical rolodex of human archetypes. It’s just a whole collection of potential ways that we can show up in the human story. Because it breaks it down into little pieces, these are the lines in your profile. These are the thematic energies are the archetypes of the centers. These are the themes of the thematic energies in the archetypes of the gates, the channels, and the circle. It actually gives us a very systematic and conscious practice of being able to look at all of these parts that make up the human story and to deliberately and consciously explore, how am I living with this aspect of the human story and to take the whole thing apart? And I say, it’s a practice quite consciously, because it’s not something that you’re going to be able to do in a day or a week, even if you’re a manifesting generator. It really requires a conscious dedication to, here’s the story of this piece of humanity. I believe and I teach now at this stage of the game that we all have all of the charts. There isn’t anything in the chart you don’t have. We say that a lot in the human design community, Oh, I have this, or I don’t have this. We all have all of it. It’s just some of us have it more consistent and fixed. Some of us have it with greater variability, but we all have all the parts of the human story. If you start looking at the chart through that lens and start going through piece by piece, and looking at how am I living this idea? How am I living this still part of the story? What can I do to bring out the higher expression of this part of the story? One of the things that I’ve done in the last couple of years is, when I first learned human design a long time ago, more than 20 years ago, the language of human design and the way it was used and the way I was trained to use it by row, was to use it as a tool to shatter people. This was literally the word I was given; we shatter people with the chart. I do think there is sometimes a certain degree of shattering that happens, right? But you’re not shattering the self, you’re shattering the façade, you’re shattering the old patterns. You’re shattering all those old bits, but, once people got shattered, if you will, or initiated, or started to explore, wow, I now understand who I’m not. There wasn’t really a big enough on the other side of that for people to really start putting words to, well, if I’m not this, who am I? And one of the things I’ve talked about for years, and I know you’ve had the same experience, I’m sure your clients come in and they know, they feel like there’s something inside of them. It’s like, they can feel that they’re here for a reason that they have a purpose. They sort of have a hope like maybe I’m here to be something, someone important and special, and everyone is in their own right way. But a lot of times, because that’s a part of ourselves that we learned very early on to hide away or put away, or it’s not safe to be that person, we don’t get the language to tell the story of that true person inside of yourself. And what I did was with humans, I actually recrafted all of the parts of the chart. I rewrote all the language for the types, the lines, and the centers in the, because I wanted people to start having, when they did this exploration of bit by bit of the chart for them to go, okay, I’m not this or this was the pattern that I was living in and it was hurtful and it wasn’t authentic, and it was exhausting. I wanted them to also be able to go, okay on the other side of this, this is the potential of where I can be reaching with consciousness and awareness. This is where I could take the story that I’m crafting with great deliberation and consciousness. I could put these words into the story as sort of something bigger to call me forward, so that when 2020 hits and you’re laying in bed going, wait, I’m not getting up today. I have the story. And it’s a big enough story, a juicy enough story, and an inspiring enough story that it calls you forward. Even on those days when you’re like, forget it. I need cheetos and netflix.

Wow. It’s almost, I’m just thinking here, you know, I know you’ve done, you’ve meditated for centuries like me, that shift to the prefrontal cortex, right? That if you’re operating from your prefrontal cortex, you can live in that story, that higher mindset, that broader understanding whereas when you’re living from that hijacked amygdala, reactive place, lower brain, you don’t have a lot of choices. Just in reactivity. You’re really calling forth and inviting all of us to step into a bigger understanding of ourselves with a bigger story. Really, it’s a bigger perspective on the story.

I think getting a little bit weird with it again, I think it’s also the timing on the inspiration to do it this way. I think it’s very specific to the timing of where we are in our own evolution, because the amygdala and that reactive sort of instinctual thing that’s happening when we react to life or we get scared, that’s the spleen, right? That’s that old pattern reacting. The old story, right? When we move over to the solar plexus, which is, sensing circuit and mutated circuitry, transformational circuitry, we now are coming from that dreamy, prefrontal cortex, what else is possible? And because it’s not tangible yet in the current, in the physical reality, but it’s this vision that we’re in training ourselves to start believing is real. That’s also where faith lives. And so, when we start to use storytelling as a way of anchoring ourselves in a faith place to creative spot, to me that is quantum creativity. We’re tapping into the ability to manifest into form the dream by virtue of holding the energy of the dream until it shows up in our reality.

Just want to pause and just let everybody take that in, because that is so powerful. We’re dreaming our world or intentionally dreaming into form.

And the beauty of it is if you look at human design, it’s all encoded in it. Even the human design year, every year starts on the gate 41, the energy of imagination, right? Everything we create starts first in that dream time. And it’s a very different way of creating them. We are taught, we have to work it. We have to do the work we got to ground it. I’m not saying there isn’t at some point going to be part of that. That is an aspect of being a human. You got to move the mud sometimes, but when you’re aligned with the dream, the moving of the mud is just a natural extension when the timing is right. It’s not effort, it’s not forced, it’s not struggles, it’s not freak out and burnout, and all the other stuff that comes with the out parts.

Wow. That’s so empowering. Ultimately, what you’re speaking of is an empowerment, right? Stepping into claiming our cup. It’s really a human capacity, right? It’s one of the gifts we were given as human beings to create and where we are going to create from.

This is the thing that’s super exciting. With this capacity to create, we can create beyond the limits of what we think is possible because in a dream nothing’s impossible. We’re not stuck in the old pattern of, well, this is how we do it. This is what the pattern says. We can now go up, but what if we break the pattern and add this to it? As we go through this last sort of thrust of this global cycle that we’re in moving into, the solar plexus mutation, the other part that’s happening is we’re really beginning to activate the full capacity of our true human creativity, which I don’t think we’ve done quite yet.

We just haven’t tapped into that. It’s like we only use a 10th of our brain. We’re only using less than a 10th, probably our creative capacities.

Yeah. It’s so exciting. Karen, I just love what you’re doing. I love all of us, you’re holding in this process and ushering as a guide, as a mentor, as a midwife into this new dream. It’s not even dream, it’s dreaming. Dreaming into form a new capacity, a new using a muscle that we haven’t used. We’re being called and human design is a phenomenal support in activating that and of the practice of that really showing us how to do that at another level, another way.

Well, thank you Karen, any last words?

I just would say come to conference because we have amazing women, including you, rather than who are going to be presenting their work. It started off as a joke. This isn’t really a joke anymore. In the beginning, we kind of asked everybody to join and it just kept being, the women kept saying, yeah, we’ll come and we’ll teach. Now, it’s not really a joke anymore. Now we literally are having an event that is the women of human design. I think it’s kind of upper pole because it’s a time to usher in, I think this new way of creating, which I like to call feminine creativity, not because it’s women creating necessarily, but because it’s a more responsive sort of nurturing way of creating in the world. And that’s me a big thing that so many women at this event are going to be talking about. So, join us. If you want to get your tickets, it’s a human design and, come be there.

And I just want to say that this process will be activated there. The language, the dreaming, that calling forth, the higher language, calling in the story will be central to the work. There is how do we step into our power through this power of language? And I feel like today, I didn’t know that I got a lot from listening to you, being in your presence, and your frequency of language touched me and upgraded me. So, I want to thank you for that.


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