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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 1/3 Orchestrator (Projector) James Wilson.

James loves Human Design, it has been there throughout many ups and downs in his life. In 13 years of spiritual seeking, nearly all other systems had either fallen away or lost their meaning in his life, but Human Design has remained.

James feels deeply inspired to share Human Design with people because there is nothing he enjoys more than seeing someone awaken more deeply into their own life. On a personal note, James is a veteran of the United States Air Force, he’s a former teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and he has an incredibly wild two-year-old son that helps keeps him engaged in his local community.

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There has never been anyone like you before there will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everybody. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m here today with James Wilson, one of our quantum human design specialists. And we’re going to be talking today about actually one of my very, very favorite topics in human design. And that is how do you slay your inner demons? How do you find that place where you can bridge between the struggles that we all are literally designed to have within ourselves? But before we talk about that, we have to kind of unpack the story of games because you bring with you a very unusual background. So you started off in the air force. What else have you done, James?

Yeah, I was enlisted in the air force for six years and I was a meteorologist. So even, even in the service, I mean, that’s somewhat of an unconventional route to take early on. Although things are changing quite a bit. These days were out of high school. There’s so many things you could do, but at that time it was either college or military for the most part or for work a job. So I joined the service because I wanted to go travel and do something unique. And as a meteorologist, I was able to travel all over the world and have this really great career that I enjoyed as applied one of the best jobs I’ll ever have, but I had, as we often do kind of when our careers are at their crescendo, sometimes like a real crossroads of do I continue on with the success or do I follow my soul and my heart, even though I don’t know necessarily what it wants to do, but it just seems to be such a deep calling.

So I decided to do that instead. And I kind of just fell into the spiritual seeking world by default. That’s what it led me to. And I ended up getting into mainstream spirituality, which I didn’t know existed, but this was in 2012. And at that time almost 10 years ago, even the topic of meditation. I mean, if you talk about uncomfortable things to mention to people that was surprisingly like weird, you know, like looked at you strange, like what do you mean you meditate? And now it’s just commonplace, you know? So I ended up kind of in a mainstream spiritual paradigm again teaching meditation, again, lots of success, there’s celebrities and it’s great. But again, I was at this crossroads, like it’s all this outer success and accomplishments that are very gratifying to my life and on paper. And I’m grateful that I had them, but still, I just had this kind of suffocation feeling.

And in the midst of all of the spiritual seeking kind of in the early start of it, human design was introduced to me and I had no idea what it was. I was in somebody’s house at this party. And there were crystals all over the walls and candles and everything. And this guy cornered me and he was telling me how it was a projector and I’m here to not to work and do all these things. Then it just kinda stuck with me. And so when I was at another recent crossroads career-wise and the whole world kind of stopped recently, it was finally this opportunity to really do what I wanted to do, which was work more with human design and embrace my soul and all the discomforts that come with it. And that’s really passionate with doing readings for people is despite the discomforts of daily life, you can still just as much if not more awakened into your life. So it’s really about your soul expressing itself through your personality and your life and that integration point.

Absolutely. So, okay. So first of all, I just want to say, cause you sort of worked there for, she completely left out. Like you also worked for NASA, you almost worked for Obama, so you did a lot of amazing things just in that first incarnation. And I think, you know, when, when you have that much of a by society’s definition, exterior expression of success, I think it wasn’t a tremendously unusual thing for you to do, to say, ah, I need to go honor this calling over here and just walk away from all that to go pursue it, mainstream spiritual exploration. So I have to tease this out because I think it’s kind of, you, you said this when we were chatting beforehand and I, I was a little bit surprised by this just because, you know, I’m, I have human design blinders on and I don’t always see what it’s like in the rest of the world, but you said that human design is counter-culture to mainstream spirituality, how’s it? Counter-Culture to mainstream spirituality.

Hmm. It’s kind of a tricky question because it does depend on your perspective for sure. Cause, but within, I guess, how to explain it to our human design community would be, well, there was kind of a branching off from the traditional human design from the international human design school, which I’m still a proponent of. So I’m just like life and soul and always walking both lines as much as possible. So there’s more of a conventional, traditional human design where, where in similar with transcendental meditation, which was more of the mainstream spiritual paradigm that I was involved in. I don’t really consider a departure so much. It’s just more of what I was called to do because those have their value and that if you’re wanting to learn like by the book traditional way, because when you do get counterculture, it can get a little bit diffused and people can write blogs about information in any way they want.

So there’s a value for both. And I don’t know if we’ve mentioned the paradox and where I like to work from a coaching, but I find this, the beauty of countercultures is this is kind of where I like to live. I like to be able to infuse my own life into it. And mainly because I feel really strongly about staying ahead of the collective shifts and I just see how mainstream anything it needs to change with the times. And so it needs to be able to evolve. And I give this disclaimer on my readings that I feel really passionate about because I think what’s prevented the growth of spiritual paradigms in the past was it was innocent and it served its purpose, but like a power distance with gurus and disciples. Because whenever you have that relationship, there’s a power distance. So I really like to promote the idea of neutrality that we’re all in it together. And we to learn together.

I love that I’m a big proponent of mutuality. And also I almost questioned like how can somebody, I mean, to me, this is sort of interesting paradox in human design. Here, you have a system, the hers end goal is to teach you how to connect to your own authority. How can you, it’s so difficult to walk in the community of human design as a leader, without saying I’m leading, but you lead you and I’ll lead me because you see, I can’t lead. You really, I can say, here are some possible paths you could follow, but you have to figure out which one is yours. And it might not be any of the ones that I’m showing you. And that’s okay. It’s, it’s tricky.

And that is why I feel so much freedom and being able to work with people with human design, because I don’t have to know the answer. And in fact, I usually never do so ego quickly, it’s challenging because I have to kind of put myself in this place. Like I don’t really know what’s best for anybody at the same time that really frees me up to live my own life and have my own inner authority that I can follow. But like you said, it’s all these tools and abilities to point people in their unique direction. So they kind of wake up to their own life as opposed to following subconsciously following somebody else’s authority specific like that word alone is powerful to tell somebody they have their own inner authority. So that alone is really great to start with. And then getting into more of the depth of the, the inner experience is really just getting on to look at somebody’s chart with them in real time, because the inner experience for all of us is so incredibly subjective. Like it’s the most subjective thing possible, but it’s almost like a window into that world to look into somebody’s subjective, subjective experience, and having to share it with you and kind of bring it to the forefront. And it’s just, I really love that.

So you brought up something that is something that I don’t find that people talk about a lot in human design, but it is actually, I think the thing that people have the biggest questions about when they’re looking for a reading, no people, people don’t come for a reading because they’re curious. Usually usually I find people want to reading because there’s something in their life or on their internal plane that just isn’t working and they don’t understand why it’s not working. And you use call this the core paradox, which I love that phrase. I tend to call it that your inner conundrum, but there there’s a, there’s a conundrum there, a paradox between the life and the soul. How do you help people bridge between those sometimes? What feels like these two really divergent parts of yourself?

Well, again, I have some ways that I approach it, but how it actually plays out in real time with somebody it’s resolved so different and we all have, we all have different well, so we all have a different inner, what was the term you used inner conundrum. Yeah. So conundrum and paradox. Conundrum would be like some, almost like something’s wrong. Something, there’s some sort of conflict. I mean, that, that does seem, we don’t talk about it much, but everybody kind of walks around with this feeling of there’s something fundamentally wrong with me and it’s not okay to talk about, but I like to bring that out in the open. It’s a little bit challenging at first sometimes, but when you bring it out in the open, then you’re able to talk about it. So that’s a conundrum and then you can see deeper layers of it.

That really it’s it on the surface. It’s kind of drone, but that’s why I like to call it a paradox because it’s something that a paradox is something that what’s the definition. It seems contradictory like this apparent contradiction, but in reality, it’s presents a possible truth. Does opens this window to like, actually, this is the truth of the human experience that we’re kind of this walking paradox of a life and a soul in that there’s a growing recognition to speak about it in terms of, we know that we’re infinite, divine, cosmic beans, but we’re also incredibly finite and limited. And so I find that it to rephrase the question completely because there’s in the seeking it’s who am I? And that can be a conundrum in itself because I feel like two different people because you kind of are in a sense like your life and your soul is diametrically opposed to each other. Oftentimes not always, but the idea is to bring them into alignment and integrate them. But

So the two parts and how to bring them together. Oh,

You talk about it and you work with it. And again, there’s no one way everyone’s got their own path. So that’s where mutuality is so important that people usually tell me what it is and then I can go, okay, that sounds right. As long as they’re excited about it and it’s liberating, but it’s it’s just getting over these little obstacles of it’s difficult. Oh, I remember it was rephrasing the question. So of who am I? Because that’s such a difficult question and I kind of joke that no one will ever figure it out because it’s, there’s no end to it as far as far as who you ultimately are, but a question you can, the way you can reframe it, I found is asking, what am I?

And I find that we’re net, if you stop ask that question first, it’s like, oh, I never really understood or was taught or was told what a human being is. So that’s kind of the awkward part of going. Actually, I don’t really know what it means to be human and it’s that’s okay because it’s an ever evolving process to understand that. I mean it’s, but when you put it into objective terms like that, a human being is kind of a walking paradox and there is no guide on how to be a person and a human design is the closest thing I’ve found to that, like a user manual for this is kind of what’s going on internally and it’s different for everybody.

Yeah. I love that. And actually, as you said, that I was thinking, you know, even phrase human being is kind of a, it’s a weird phrase. It’s like, how are you a human being? And you know, as we know from human design to the, the definition of what it means to be a human is always evolving. You know, who, who we were, even the amount of sovereignty we had over, who we perceived ourselves to be 300, 400 years ago, is very different than the level of sovereignty that many of us have, not everyone but on the planet yet, but many of us have a certain degree of sovereignty. So beautiful. So when you, you, you do readings where you really support clients in focusing on this core paradox of how do you integrate this infinite soul purpose that has, you know, I was joked that your soul is like, I know how to build universes and planets. And then you get stuck in this teeny, tiny little body. It’s like one of my sister, you have to go to the grocery store now. So how do you integrate the that’s? Your focus is really looking at how you integrate these bigger aspects and understanding who you are or what you are into your story with human design.

So how do I support people and bringing out more of their divine soul purpose into their life? Yeah, well, I think that it’s ultimately starts with bringing simply bringing awareness to it. And a lot of it is the non-doing or the non-action component of it, because I think part of the reason we’re not able to put much attention or awareness on it is because the world is so fast paced and tells us constantly what we’re supposed to do and can take us out of our, any path we have that we thought was our own. So I find that it kind of evolves on its own if you allow it to be. And I suppose the term human being would be appropriate there because if you simply be you’re I’ve, I feel pretty confident that it happens on its own simply by walking through the path of your, the life that was intended for you.

So it’s asking that question, are you following the life that’s intended for you? If not, how can you do that more? And then, then all of the mechanics of the chart, I think really come in handy too, to give talking points to that, rather than just telling someone to just be, because that doesn’t last very long sometimes. So one, I think one good place of reference starting out if you have no idea about human design, but you have this general idea that I’m this expansive solo that is possible to capable of doing anything is the talk, the talk talk around the open centers, again, can be an uncomfortable area to go into because I give a lot of disclaimers about what the open centers mean. People can, they can hate their open centers when they, when it’s misunderstood, but that, but that mechanic of here’s a place in you that’s completely open sometimes. And it’s capable of hypothetically taking an infinite amounts of energy to whatever extent that means because infinite is seen as a community thing, but you’re limited by your physiology, like your physical ability to, to hold that amount of energy.

Yeah, totally. Yeah. I think that’s a huge understanding for people. That’s just, just to be able to say, oh, I’m not all of this that I’m experiencing, I’m experiencing it. And I think that’s a good, a good beginning to sort of quantify and qualify. What’s going through you as you walk through this world. So, so I have, I have a, I have a personal question for you cause you have, you have a son and I’m wondering now that you have this perspective, how has this shifted your, your viewpoint on the world through the lens of being a father?

Well, in, in general, becoming a father has shifted my perspective on just about everything. I mean, it’s given me and this purpose, so I really don’t question purpose anymore. It’s made my life incredibly simple in a lot of ways because I feel that there’s only one thing that I ultimately have to do. And that’s just be a good father, which is one of the toughest jobs in the world. So it’s not, it’s a tall order, but in terms of human design, it’s another reason why it was easy for me to kind of shift career paths into doing this because it answered the ad in, I don’t know, I guess that’s the intuitive thing. I don’t know why, but I felt that this is what I need to be doing for him.

And I might find that out later of what, of why, but in, but currently being able to understand the intricacies of his chart more, especially when I work one-on-one with other people is like, I kind of have him in perspective most of the time. And if somebody has gates activated that he has, I remember that because they’re going to come up in his life. It seems so. The more intimately that I understand the nuances of his chart, the moral understand him. And I see it’s an explicable, but I kind of see how our two charts together when I have glimpses of what my future will entail, what I hope for his future as well. I kind of see why he came to me specifically. Like I, why I was meant to be his dad. Like I’m here to teach him certain things. He’s here to teach me certain things too.

That’s beautiful. That’s really beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. So your website is evolving human So if people want to connect with you and get a reading and focus on interpreting their core paradox and getting to the design, they can contact Anything else you wanna add to that or any other way that they can connect with you?

One of the best ways to connect with me is through Instagram and recently in the social media world, thanks to some support from other people. And I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit actually. So if you send me a DM in Instagram, my handle is what is it? It’s James Wilson. It’s my first name underscore evolving HD on Instagram. Cool.

So on Instagram, James it’s at James Wilson underscore evolving each day. And again involving human is your website. You guys, this is, it’s such a treat to talk to you. You have such a beautiful and broad and deep perspective. I really appreciate our conversation and thank you for joining us here today.

Thanks Kara. Thanks for having me.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.