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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 3/5 Orchestrator (Projector) Michelle Wolff.

Michelle teaches and coaches using story, humor, and some salty language. She’s ridiculously curious about a wide variety of things she calls “jobs” only because she has to call them something. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, has 20+ years of experience working with people, and loves to help multi-passionate people stop procrastinating, focus up, and get stuff done.

She has been a therapist specializing in trauma, mental health, and addictions. She is now an author, master coach, Human Design Specialist, and the creator of Forest Reiki™ and for variety has a side hustle doing WordPress development. She uses laser-sharp intuition and many other tools to guide you from confusion to clarity and from resistance to inspired action.

Less Hustle More Human Design is an 8 week Human Design informed strategy course for businesses at any stage from vague idea to fully developed and ready to expand. We want to do everything we can to get more folks out there doing their thing in the world with ease. We also know ease can be an unfamiliar state of existence, but here’s the thing; we weren’t meant to hustle or struggle or force our way to success! Using your Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority along with a 24-hour business plan plus some working woo changes everything. Following through on the tasks needed to build, sustain, and grow a business are so much easier.

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There has never been anyone like you before. There will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. And I’m here today with quantum human design specialists, Michelle Wolf, and she is going to share with us some information that might strike you at the heart of your being. And we’re going to start our conversation today by talking about what I think is one of the biggest challenges facing not just business people, but everyone is the theme of procrastination. Welcome Michelle. I’m so happy to have you here.

Thank you. I’m honored to be here.

So, so I want to talk about procrastination for a minute, cause I think that’s a good opening place for us to talk about the rest of the things we want to talk about because procrastination is an issue and it’s especially an issue. I think for entrepreneurs, you know, one of the things that I always talk about with people is, you know, you can have all these big ideas, like I’m going to be a bestselling author and I’m going to, I’m going to make a bajillion bucks doing my business. But if you don’t not knuckle down and like get the darn book written or build the darn website, right. Or get your logo designed or whatever it is it’s not going to happen. So what, what, what, why do people procrastinate and especially entrepreneurs? Well,

I think, well, there’s, you know, there’s lots of different factors I think, and I, I know we’ll come back to it, but for me, the bottom line is we’re not in our body. We’ve been taught to live in our head. And from an early, early age, we’re taught to just go unconscious of our physical self, which makes us comfortable spinning around, spinning around thinking, thinking, thinking, but thinking, thinking, thinking, doesn’t get things accomplished. You do have to actually do some things. And we want to do them in alignment with our type strategy and authority and there’s ways to do that. But I think for most entrepreneurs, if you didn’t grow up in a family who had built a business or ran a business, you don’t really understand that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. There’s the, there’s the tedious little, you know, sometimes you have to bribe yourself to do stuff.

Little daily actions that have to be taken that then lead to what people see out on in the interwebs. You know, like there’s a lot going on, but if you don’t know that what you’re presented with is, well, just do these things. And then you’ll magically have a business and people will start to do those things. And then they run up into their conditioned beliefs and their stories and all the limits about being, especially as a woman like, oh, you can’t be powerful. You can be powerful, but not too powerful. You can say what you want, but not too much. You know? So as soon as you start taking action, you run into these limits. And then people just get overwhelmed and stop. And then like the book thing, people are like, oh, a bestseller, not realizing that you have to write the pages and put the words in the thing as this simply every day to get a book that can then become a bestseller. So they’ll start writing and then all the limitations and the condition responses come in and it just grinds everything to a halt.

Absolutely. And I love, I love your perspective and I find it so refreshing. You know, I’ve, I’ve been an entrepreneur, literally my whole life. I was joking. I had one job and I, I lasted six. And as it turns out, it was a job where I had to take orders and I don’t take orders. Well, yeah. But you know, I, I have always said that I’m not comfortable telling people, look, if I can do it, you can do it because that’s not true. And B, as you just mentioned, the one thing that I have that I can’t give to anybody else is I do have an advantage. And that is both of my parents did have their own business and they were entrepreneurs and I witnessed them growing their business. My dad got laid off when he was 42 years old. And he, from the time that he had been 20 and they had to build a business in their mid-forties, they lost all their retirement.

They lost all my college money. They had to build from that place into something new. And it was, I mean, they had a, at that time they had a telex machine set up in the guest bedroom. They were answering teleclasses in the middle of the night. You know, they were, I mean, it was not, Hey, just put together a website strategy and boom, you’re viral and a millionaire. Right. Grinding. Now I don’t, I don’t think we have to grind. I mean, I, you know, we also have to note that my parents are both 34, 20 manifesting generators. So that’s a little bit of a different thing going on there too. But, but there is a certain amount of, you got to do the scout work and, or you have to get yourself into a mindset as quickly as you can, that you’re going to outsource some of the scout work.

Right. You’ve got to figure out your own way or you’ve got to pay somebody else to do it.

Absolutely get done. So what do you do that helps people get out of that spinning in their head and their body and how do you do that with human design?

Well, what I love about

Human design is it gives you an anchor. So I tell my clients like, I’m going to give your mind some candy that it can or give your, I call it my border Collie brain. And it likes to chew on bones. And if you don’t give it a bone to chew on, it will eat the furniture. So we have to give our brain something and to talk about limiting beliefs and past trauma. And I do believe trauma can be a factor in all the things it’s too abstract and human design gives us a thing that you can hold in your hand and you can look at it and you can keep coming back to your body, like go spin out on the details and come back to your body and then go spin out and come back to your body. And when we have like, oh, I just need to come back to my authority, which is in my body.

Oh, I’m spending again, let me just come back to my body and it’s structured. So the course I have is less hustle, more human design. Cause I don’t believe in grinding when we’re in connected to our body, we’ll do things highly efficiently and the stuff will get done or outsourced. Now we still have plenty of time because we’re not wasting time spinning around and yelling at ourselves all day. So when, so what I do is I just break it down into one day. Just, I have a past background in addictions, counselling and tromping and trauma therapist. And the one day at a time model is incredible. And then when you put that with human design and go, okay, let me pick just three tasks we can. And one of those tasks might be taken that.

And one of those tasks might be to procrastinate. It, just put it on your list. You know, you’re going to do it anyway. Just get honest about it, put it on your list. And then you have at least one thing you can check off. And when we take, when we get honest with it and break it down, teeny tiny into three tasks for the day, checking in with your authority. I have people spend 10 minutes before they even start that connecting to the, the Deva or the angel or the energy of their business, whatever you want to call it, then they make the three tasks. And at the end of the day they review it. Did you do it or not? And in the review, which is the part most people avoid doing, we can determine, okay, I didn’t do them. I put them, I’ve meditated.

I got the information. I put the three tests down and I didn’t do them. And that’s where you can figure out, is it a limiting belief? Is it a lack of knowledge? Like, I don’t know how to build it. I don’t know the mechanics of it. Is it a fear that I’m going to be a powerful woman and that’s not such a great thing in our culture, if you can figure out where the problems are. So, which is so efficient, right? Why waste time doing a bunch of affirmations and things? If that’s not the problem, it’s the fear of, I don’t know how to do this. And in school, if you don’t know to do something, you get a bad grade and then you’re a bad kid. You know, like it’s all these things layered, but we can bring it back to your strategy and authority in a 24-hour plan. And don’t go any further. So you can choose your brain can chew on the details of your human design while you’re sneaking up on getting comfortable with being in your body and taking direction from your body.

I love that. I love that. So, you know, that the other piece that I think is so brilliant about that is it allows people to sort of deal with each day as a building block too, because I think, you know, there is a certain amount of, you got to just put the time into the bills, business building and that that’s okay. There’s no shame in, it takes a little bit of time to get it to roll. And if you’re, if you’re being at peace with yourself and not flagellating and beating yourself for it right, then you’re also not resisting your own self in the process of creating

Well. And we, a lot of us have that internal teenager. That’s like, don’t, you know, if you tell me what to do, I’m really not going to do it. Even if I want to do it now, I’m not going to do it. Cause you told me to, you know, so, and I’m definitely that person, like, even if I want to, just because you said it now, I’m going to struggle to get it done. So if we just start diving into deconditioning, this tendency, we have to lie to ourselves about what we’re actually doing and you know, and then we can just say, okay, I know I’m going to lay on the couch for four hours. I do it every day. I beat myself up about it, which doesn’t get anything done, which actually might make me lay on the couch even longer. So just you put that on your list and you start telling yourself the truth.

Okay. I know I’m going to lay on the couch for four hours. So that’s a business task today. And then you just immediately diffused the internal power struggles that we can get into. Like, you’ve got to write 2000 words today, or you’re not going to get your book done and you know, and, but there’s a fear under there. That’s keeping you from writing your 2000 words for the day or whatever. So you just go unconscious, tell yourself a cute little lie about, well, I’ll get it done tomorrow or I’ll get it done, whatever, whatever. But just go ahead and be honest about it. And then it just, it short-circuits that war. And then it starts to spread out into the recipe people’s lives. And you can just be honest in sorts. Short-Circuit the internal warring, which to get philosophical philosophical for a second. I think that’s where we have to go. If we don’t stop the internal war, it’s going to be very hard to get a grip on these external wars.

I mean, to me, that is, that is the reason for human design. If we’re moving towards an era of peace, we can’t create peace. If we’re not at peace, we can’t be sustainable in a world where there’s a challenge for resources. If we ourselves are not sustainable personally. So that’s right. And the body is the answer to all of that. Like if we’re disembodied and out of our body, which really like you can’t actually like tell people all the time, like you can’t actually exit your body. If you do that, you’re dead. But that’s what Debbie is.

But we ha we create these compartments where we go unconscious. And then, so what I love about human design is like, everything boils down to you, making decisions with the body and reversing that flow, which is when clients start coming and money starts coming, which is then throws up more limiting beliefs that you have to deal with. So it’s kind of a blessing and curse. But when we, when we get, when we think, oh, I’m getting into my becoming aware of my body so that I can make good decisions so that I can make money. It’s a little bit of a carrot, right? Oh, I’ve got to get involved so I can make the decisions that will fill the bank account. So that’s like that sneak attack for the mind like, oh, you’re pursuing money by becoming conscious of your body on the surface, but then all these other unraveling happen and deep penises starts to become possible. It’s not possible when we’re living just in this part of ourselves. Totally, totally well. And I think, you know, I was telling my husband, when you look at the human design chart, it clearly shows that real life happens below the neck.

And there is something about the idea that even in business, you know, we have a geomagnetic force that’s in our heart that knows what’s the next thing you’re supposed to be doing. And it oftentimes, if you’re not connected to it, it defies what your reasoning logical mind is telling you, you should be doing. Yeah, totally. And that whole idea of like sitting with the coach and crafting your plan for the year, not that there isn’t anything, you know, that there’s anything wrong with having a plan, but on a certain level that dropping into this space reveals the plan sequentially step by step, and you don’t have to figure it all out and be, you know, running on some calendar that isn’t even working and you’re not in alignment with. So really a brilliant way to help people, you know, synchronize with the entity that is their business.

So beautiful. And for, and on, on a 24-hour plan, I think there’s less fear that you’re going to screw it up. Like, okay, I’m going to listen to my body for one day. That’s not going to screw everything up. It’s definitely, you know, but then when they do follow the impulse to take a nap, instead of grind out some more content, and then they noticed that later that evening or the next day, all of a sudden all this content pours out so easily, just a few of those little results of the experiment that are so positive then just, you know, lead space to

Do it again and do it again and do it again. And then when that all results in some coaching, then they’re hooked.

So you’re getting ready to lead a brand new program. It’s not a brand new program. It’s a program that you yeah. And you’ve sold out, like within like a day of every time you’ve launched this program you’ve sold out. So talk to us a little bit about your program. Give us the name, give us the title, tell us what you’re going to do and tell us when it starts. Okay.

So it is the title is less hustle, more human design because I’m very devoted to people getting off of the hustle mindset because if that doesn’t work and it’s exhausting. And when we shift, when we give our brain the things to think about our mind, when we shifted toward human design, it’s so complex and so fascinating that your brain can get involved in that. And so what I did is I structured an eight-week program where the first three-ish weeks is going over the human design, the type strategy and authority and some mindset stuff. And the daily practice, the 24 hour business plan the one day at a time thing. And then the rest of the time is a coaching and supplemental stuff. So I have a Heather Westmoreland is, was my apprentice forever. And now she’s like, co-facilitating this group.

So she provides the NLP like emotional skills and things like that on Mondays and then the classes on Wednesday. So you’re getting it from both directions, the mind direction, the body direction. We’re talking about shame. We’re talking about what happens when you notice that you’re not taking actions. What is that like? Is it fear? Is it shame? Is it just lack of experience? So we start ferreting that out. So two hours a week, so they go out and try it and then come back and then we coach on it. And there’s a Facebook group where we’re both available to answer questions. You know, usually just within a few minutes or hours. So it’s like start small and here’s the big reason. So we go micro Metta, micro Metta all the time, and then there’s the practical skills and the emotional skills and the spiritual discussions and the philosophy of it all.

So I like what you said earlier about the, the one year, because that’s what we do. Like we say, we’re, this is where we’re starting. Here’s a structure that our mind can rest in while we practice being the river in between all that. So we set a target, that’s fine. It gives you a place. You know the example I use is a lake. Doesn’t get a lot done. You know, it’s just a lake, it’s just kind of there. But if you open that lake and put some banks down a mountain side, that water starts to rush and really gain momentum, but the structure has to be there for that to happen. So we set the structure, asked them to go be fluid with that. We model how to be fluid with that because we’ll shift and change based on each group, each group has its own dynamic, right?

So we shift and change. And then after that, after they first start putting in that 24-hour plan, they start to feel better. And then they start to recognize, oh, I think this about that. And that, I wonder if I want to keep doing that. Like, doesn’t seem to be helping me much. And then getting honest with I’m actually not busy all the time. I’m thinking busy all the time. So I’m burning myself out while I’m laying on the couch doing nothing. So it’s exposing all of that. So we had that eight-week structure and then we’re fluid within it. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. And so we set goals in the beginning and notice how those goals change from, because they’re always mental goals, right? When they come in, it’s a mental goal. I need seven clients in 30 days or whatever they’ve been taught.

And so it’s like, no, I actually need a different kind of food or need a different kind of sleep pattern. I need to exercise less or exercise more. This is what I actually need. And this is what my body is asking for. And I noticed that when I listened to my body more than my mind, not trying to kill the ego, we’re not about that. Hearing the mind, hearing the barking by Barbara, mark, mark, but paying attention to him, making desist decisions from that still quiet place, and then watching the results as they happen over the weeks.

Beautiful. Beautiful. So your next cycle starts when February 24th.


And people can learn more about this, where

It’s Michelle It’s right there at the top. Or they can it’s that Michelle forward slash less hustle. Okay. Then you can read about it. You can sign up for it directly from the page. The minute we hit between 10 and 13, I run in there and shut the page down. So he can’t sign up because we keep, we want to keep it small so that everybody can have the opportunity for coaching because that’s where the learning happens. Right? Somebody asks a question cause they’re struggling. And then other people are like, oh, I’m kind of doing that too. I’m a big fan of peer to peer learning. And the energy that comes when you get a group of people together.

Beautiful. Now I want to spell this out because your name is spelled a little bit unusually. So it’s at least in my world that Michelle, M I C H E L L E L L F So that Michelle no more hustle with human design. So and just, just let you guys know, this is the third cycle that Michelle has taught this and she did so out. So if you’re really ready and I’ve, I’ve watched people go through this program, if you’re really ready to learn, to be in the flow of your design. And, and you know, it’s beautiful to do this in the context of business because the reward is sort of tangible and immediate. But as you said, you know, there are other rewards that come from living true to yourself beyond just, oh, Hey, now I can tackle what I need to do in the formula of my business.

Now I can be present to the complex conversations that I might have to have with people. I love to set things up differently so that I stay in a space of self-worth and self honoring. There’s so many benefits that transpire when you start to craft your life in this way and, and from this place of deep alignment. So thank you so much for joining us today, Michelle, I’m so excited to see your next evolution of this process and what you’re doing, and thank you for being here for helping us figure out basic steps on how to deal with the spinning in our heads. Right? Thanks for having me.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint, you can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.