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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 5/1 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) BodyMind Coach & Reiki Master, Debby Levering.

Debby lives in Aruba and is the owner of Dee’s Holistic Hideaway. She has spent most of her life traveling (must be that open G!) and is always learning learning learning. It seems like NOW is her time! She accumulates books faster than she can read them and she is okay with that.

She has always felt ‘different’ as a child. An outsider, and changing schools a lot didn’t help. From a young age, she knew she was somehow destined to help people heal, she just didn’t really know how until more recently every piece of the puzzle has started to drop into place.

It was after a severe depression in her late 20’s (Cue Saturn!) that she was flung onto a path of connecting with source/self/the universe and she made big changes that caused big shifts. This is where the search for her authentic self started, it got her into yoga, travelled to Bali in the early 2000s to do a two-month training, became a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and she never actually taught yoga, this is the Time Bender aspect of her chart.
Many ‘random’ things have come onto her path: opportunities; people she met (some good, some not so good) and all were meant to lead her to this point.

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There has never been anyone like you before there will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding game design podcast. I’m here today with Debbie levering and we’re going to be talking about letting go, which is, I think probably one of the most challenging things we can do sometimes. And I want to start as I welcome you into this conversation that we’re going to have. I want to start with a sentence that you gave me as we were chatting before. And I just, this just jumped out at me. I actually literally wrote it on a piece of paper, which I’m going to slap on the wall in front of my desk when we are done. And statement, you said was the biggest change in my life happens when I dare. How did you learn that? Tell me the story of where you mastered becoming the daring change maker that you are

I think the time that I was stuck the most was I went through really, really huge, massive depression, way back, like, and nineties. And I was so stuck. I was so stuck and I was, and I realized that something needed to change and what needed to change was getting out of the loop. So I was playing in my head over and over and over again. And what happened was I was in such a bad way that the doctors that I, cause I was at work, but I was from off work cause I couldn’t work. And the doctor said that I needed to go and be with my parents and they lived in Costa Rica. And so I went and I had permission to stay with them for a couple of months. And we were driving one day, they just took me out of the house, went for a drive and I saw this sign and it said bungee. And I said I want to go down that road. And of course, my mom starts freaking out. She’s like, what are you going to do? Cause I have a terrible fear of Heights, right?

It was, I had to do that bungee. It was never anything that was on my, on my radar, never anything that was on my bucket list. I mean, you know, with my fear of Heights and safety and, but something in me was like, if I can do this, then I can do anything. If I can face this fear, then I can, you know, get out of my depression. And I did the jump and it was 400 and no, sorry. No, it was not, it was 240 feet. It was my dad being a former Marine. He was like checking all the ropes and all that, making sure that everything was safe. And I did the jump and I did it. I went back one more time to do it again. I was like, what am I thinking? I’ve done it once. And that was really the biggest lesson for me.

And then when I went back home, I realized that I was so stuck in my situation where I was I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t on my path now, understanding human design. I was stuck. I was working in an office and I, I, you know, I had really nice people that I was working with, but I was stuck in a country. I wasn’t happy. And I was stuck in, you know, an office nine to five and I’m a manifest in generating with the open G I need to go and explore. I ended up giving up everything. I ended up moving to Italy ended up in a relationship there, which didn’t work out. But again, everything kind of leads to the next thing to the next thing. And I think back like every big thing that I’ve done, every big change starts with daring to step into the unknown cause that’s where the magic happens. Right. And I, I truly believe that that’s where the magic happens. And we so often just tell ourselves that this is our safe place. And because it’s what we know, but we are afraid to look at the other side,

Do you use a lot of techniques to help people let go? And you’re you have in the past, although you’ve shared with me, you’re transitioning out of this in the past, you’ve used mild fascial release. You use emotional release techniques, you do soul collage. Why is it so important that people let go?

Because if you, the letting go part for me is really about getting out of a loop that you’ve got. So if you look at the human design charts, you know, there’s a lot of conditioning, obviously, that happens in the open centres. And then there’s also in the, in the defined centres, we just have the different expressions, right? We have the optimal expression, you have the darker side, the shadow side. And I think what happens very often is that we, we think we’ve dealt with things, but we haven’t. So we kind of put on that. No, yeah, yeah, I’ve got this, but deep down, we’re terrified because we haven’t really dealt. We haven’t given a voice. We haven’t heard all the stuff that’s still in us, just shouting for some attention. And once we can process that and really listen to that and allow and accept that side of ourselves which is what, you know, we’re a whole where we’re human.

Like we all experience all these emotions. And once we acknowledge that and listen to that and tap into that, which we do with the tapping and makes all around our archetypes and the darker sides of our soul, if you will then you can let go. And then once, once you do that, then you open everything up for the true creativity, which is going to lead you to whatever it is in your life that, you know, your path that you want to be on, that you’ll be on. So that’s really why to just tap into that creativity. Do you

Have any samples of the so-called cautious that you’ve done, that you can show us?

So socialize is a really fun process where we have a card five by eight inches and a bunch of magazines images from books or magazines. Like I have so many boxes here and we really just choose the images that jump out at us and then we put them together. We can lash them. And so for an, as an example, so this is the goddess. So what I’ve done with these, because of course, you’re dealing with copyright issues. So what I do, I go on Unsplash. If I have to show them or share them, I go on Unsplash and down, like find for pictures and then download them and use those so that I can show them because otherwise there might be issues. So this is the goddess. And the day that I made, this is really interesting. I pulled a card from my medicine deck and it was the Raven and the Raven is all about magic.

And I’d just been listening to a podcast about the magic that we have within us, the magic that we lose, the magic that we can create and the Raven showed up. So that’s why that one’s in there. Yeah. And then this one was all about abundance. So this is, you know, one of the things I do with my clients and now I do it virtually. So whatever it is that comes up from your you know, the coaching or your reading we tap into that because we create the card and then we dive into it. You’re familiar with soul collage, right? So, you know, it comes with questions. Like I am the one who, and, you know, what’s the lesson here. And what do I need to know from this card? Because it taps into that deep inner knowing that needs a voice out of ourselves that we put pushed away that needs that voice. And that’s why soul collage is so beautiful. Yeah. And I think

A beautiful process too, because when we look at the research, what we see is that when we try to fix the left side of the brain, that logical reasoning part of the brain, and we try to reason with it, it really just kicks up doubt and suspicion. And it puts us into a sort of a place of self-doubt or a place where we have to try to defend either why or why something, why or why not something can be valid in our lives. And when we move that creative process over to the other side of the brain, it allows us to explore possibility without triggering those doubt reflexes. So I think it was brilliant that you’re using this in conjunction with your coaching. And of course, obviously, you’re able to do this virtually from your beautiful island where you are. So you, you talk about the magic with me a little bit in the beginning. What is your definition of magic?

Hmm. I think magic is that place that we can be in the life that we can live, that we can create for ourselves without having all the doubts, all the fear of judgment, all the fear of failure, all the fear of what are people going to say, which is the judgment part. But I mean, how many years in our lives have we not waste because we’re afraid of doing something and what are other people going to think about me letting them that puts you in that magic? Like as a child, I always believed, of course, I think most kids believe in like fairies and stuff, but like things, I feel magic and things. And as you grow older, you kind of lose touch with that because you have to go to school and that’s not real. And that magic, life is bigger than just the human body, right?

Your Crohn’s and being, we are here to express ourselves in the most magical way. So I also help my clients really strip that, that doubt really tapped into, okay, let’s just focus on me because people are going to judge and really are they that important? The people that judges, that is their opinion, really that’s important. I think once you can strip yourself off of all that, that’s when you get in touch with the magic, whatever that might be for you. But for me, it really is just trusting my path completely. And we just talked about this. I’ve only just decided in the last couple of days that I do not want to continue the Meyer fresh release part of my business, the bodywork, and now I’m seeing it, like, I’ve put it out there. So now it’s 2034. Right. So is it scary?

Yes. Is it the right thing to do? Yes, because it’s holding me back and what’s holding me back or I have to sell my table, which I had to import or, oh my, you know, what are people gonna think? And are they going to judge me for, you know, who cares? I’m doing this for me. And if you do things for you that feel aligned with you and you’re working in a team, integrity, whatever that might be for you, then that’s when the magic happens because then you can just fully express yourself. And that’s where the growth happens.

Totally. And that’s where you get the courage to dare. Right.

There’s two that I’m going to put on my wall as well, actually. Well, you did it.

This is so typically manifesting generator. Right. And this thing now I’m onto the next, the biggest change in life.

Yes, absolutely. And in everything, there’s a lesson. Right. And I can, I quickly share another experience. So this happened over a year ago now I was invited to camp Maverick. I don’t know if anyone’s familiar, but I was invited to go and be there, which that alone to me, it was amazing. Like by me and the girl that invited me, he, one of the organizers, she’s like, you just, you just need to be that, trust me, you need to be this. Okay. So I’m at this camp and there’s, I don’t know, like 120, 130 people there. And they’re all black CEOs, big business multi-millionaires and, and I’m there thinking, what am I doing here? I don’t know. Then one night I woke up and they had a gong show the last night. You know, honestly, I didn’t even know what a gong show was.

I just thought, and I woke up in the middle of the night with this voice and it said, you need to sign up for the gong show. And I was like, yeah. Right. Cause I have no talent, like not, not anything for a stage. Right. And it wouldn’t let me go. So the next day I went to the girl to register and I said, I want to sign up for the gong show. And she’s like, well, what’s your talent. And I was like, I’ll do a tap dance. I’m like, of course, I don’t know how to tap dance, but this the, over the next few days, this, this my, I was in such, I went through elation through fair and like one way doing this and my, my cabin mates, she was like, you know, you don’t have to do this. Right. I said, no, I do.

I do. I have to do my whole soul. Everything in my world is telling you I have to do this. I have no idea why I cried. I cried for so long. Like for about an hour beforehand, the same Kevin Lynch, she was like, she’s like really, he doesn’t have to do this. I guess I have to do this. I went on the stage and there are lights and I’m not the person that really likes to be in the spotlight. These are licensed people in front of me, you know, moose, I don’t know. And I’m standing there and I start talking and people thinking I’m there to do a tap dance, which I don’t know how to do. And I started telling a story and it was really a story about just showing yourself and about life, just a little bit about life.

And, and the interesting thing. I was gonged off parent, it was gone, gone off twice. And then I just kept going because the moment I was gone, I looked at the judges and I said, yeah, go ahead, go on, go on, go my way. I’ve been judged my whole life. And that for me was like, wow. And I just started telling a story. And then again, I was going off apparently. And there’s like over Debbie, you have to leave the stage. And I, I was like so excited. And that was it. That was a lesson for me. And I want everyone who’s looking at this to understand that we all have a story to tell, we all have an audience. It’s not going to be everyone, but there are people that are watching you and looking at you and they’re going to say, wow, whatever, what you just said really resonates.

And, you know, afterwards, people came and talked to me and said, you know, I wanted to hear more. Like they didn’t want me to get the dongle, but, and that was the whole reason why I had to do that. I had to learn that lesson, that I do have a story to tell that I am worthy, that I am valuable. And that the opinions of others do not matter because in all honesty, the people that were in the jury or whatever you call it, I didn’t even know those were people. I didn’t even know who that was. So that, that’s it like if you feel really in your heart that you want to do something, but you have all these fears coming out, that’s, that’s when the magic will happen. Once you step into that and we dare and you dare

Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, if you guys want to learn more about Debbie’s work, you can connect with Debbie on her website, it’s DS holistic And I’m going to spell that for you. And please know that it’s also posted on the show notes, so you can click directly there, but it’s DS holistic Debbie does one-on-one coaching. She does work using the integrated approach that she uses. I want to just call you, cause I want to do soul collage all day long. To connect with Debbie and get yourself started in exploring where perhaps you might need to be a little more daring so that you can activate bigger changes and step into the magic.

That is your life. So thank you so much, Debbie, for joining me today and for sharing your time, bending magic, take good care of yourself and keep showing the world the way that you are. I love, I, I just have to add this thing. You know, the fact, I love this story about you and your willingness to share your story. And I think as you do the work that you do and you help people tap into their magic, I think the other piece that you give them is you give them permission to really own their pen, to really be the people who they decide they’re going to be and to craft from that mighty pen, the story they want to tell about who they are. And that’s just, that’s so magical in such a great, great gift you’re giving to the world. So thank you for everything.

Thank you so much.

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