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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Evelyn Levenson. Evelyn is a Certified Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment Practitioner, and author of the popular ebook, “Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self,” as well as several online courses.

As a 1/3 Splenic Orchestrator (Projector), Evelyn brings 12 years of Human Design experience, depth, wisdom, and training to her teachings and professional readings. Known for her warm and easy style, Evelyn helps people gain pivotal insights into their life path and soul’s purpose. Her intuitive and knowledge-based reading style empowers people to embrace their truth, love themselves unconditionally, and learn to make decisions that align with who they are.

Evelyn is serving her greater mission of guiding humanity through the major paradigm shift currently underway by providing courses and materials for everyone, plus some that are created specifically to support her fellow Orchestrators (Projectors). She will also be speaking at the International Human Design Conference next week!



Hi, everyone. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m Karen Curry Parker, and I am so excited today to have with me, one of my very favorite projectors, Evelyn Levenson, Evelyn Levison is a certified human design specialist in quantum alignment system practitioner. And she’s an author of the ebook human design one Oh one, a crash course in aligning with your authentic self, as well as several online courses, including courses that focus specifically on the adventures. I like to say of being a projector. Evelyn’s going to be speaking at our upcoming international human design conference about the joys of being a projector, which is a conversation. I feel like we don’t have enough when we talk about rejectors. So I’m excited to hear your take on being a projector. Welcome, Evelyn. It’s nice to have you. Thank you. I’m delighted. Cool. So Evelyn and I go back way back.

Like we go back so far back that I think the first time we sort of encountered each other, I was still, it was before we had like online courses and we were doing things on USBs and mailing them out. So, so I want, I, I want to start our conversation with a question that I think is a really important question for projectors, especially, you know, I think when we hear the story of projectors, it is oftentimes a really painful story. And I think a lot of the way in which we talk about the projectors in traditional human design is kind of discouraging for a projector. So I want to know what was it like for you given all of that when you first found out that you were a projector?

Great question. Yes. and before I answer that, I do find that so much of the traditional or human design teaching is very disempowering for projectors and I am on a personal mission to help empower projectors because the world needs empowered projectors, which we’ll talk about more later. But when I first learned that I was a projector, my initial reaction was huge sense of relief. It’s like, Oh, I’m not broken. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not irretrievably different from everyone else. You know, because even though I seem successful on the outside, I had two master’s degrees. I was very successful in business. And before that in government, on the inside, I didn’t feel like I fought. I didn’t feel like things worked for me the way they worked for other people. What, between jobs I would want, like a month off two months would have been great and nobody else ever wanted that.

Like everybody else was ready to just go right there, right into their next job. And they’re looking around going, what’s wrong with me? Why, why is it so important to me to have some time between just to rest and recover and recuperate? Because I worked really hard when I worked, so I, I appeared successful in the outside, but I sure didn’t see it on the inside. And I really did wonder, like, what’s wrong with me. I just don’t seem to be like the other people. And sadly in this world, I think we are over the, across the board, not taught to love ourselves. We we are so involved in self criticism and judgment and judging others and comparing ourselves to others. And often we compare the worst of ourselves to the best that we see in others. And it’s just so unfair. And so that was, that was my initial reaction was just huge sense of relief. It’s like, Oh, I’m okay. And then the greatest gift I’ve had since then, which was what 11 years ago was an, is relaxing into who I am and being okay with who I am accepting and finally loving who I am has made a huge difference.

Beautiful. I love that. So when you found out that you were a projector, what was your biggest surprise about being a projector?

The whole thing about invitations, you know, that was, that was a new concept. I mean, not, I mean, I understood what, when invitations were generally, but that, that was a way to operate. My life just seemed really odd until I started looking back into my history and realized that all of the super awesome jobs that I’d ever had, I had been invited into. And I’d never noticed that before. He’d never put that together, but when I looked back, I went, wow, that one and that one, and the few times when I actually tried to go get a job, myself, fell flat on my face. I couldn’t get a job to save my life, but I was trying to, you know, do the regular standard way of getting jobs. Right.

And let me just say so that people get this, if we looked at you on paper without going, okay, everyone’s a projector. I mean, you have like a lot of the metrics that the successful world would really be like, wow, this is a candidate for giant access and momentum in the corporate world. Yeah.

Yay. And I met him. Yeah. Yes. But it just wasn’t me, you know, I mean, I enjoyed the challenges of what I did, but I would burn out after about two years, I was like, ready for that for something new. And I wanted some time off. So, and there was this deep sense that there was something missing. Like I knew that I was somehow capable of making more of a difference, especially on a personal level with people, but I had no idea what that was or how to go about finding that or doing that. So I actually followed my instinct at that time, which was to quit my job. It had been sort of petering out because I had, I had been pulling away from it because I didn’t want to do the whole corporate thing. So I pulled away and I kind of dropped out and I just drifted for a while. And I tried a little, this I travel event. I took classes and I was just trying to feel my way along. And I came across a health coaching teaching program and I thought, okay, well, I’m really interested in health. I was have been, you know, maybe that’s some way that I can help people. So I was taking that course. And that was when I discovered you, you and Brad Yates were doing a class on EFT

Babies back then.

And yeah. And, and I was so impressed with you. I mean, I knew about EFT and that was interesting. And you never mentioned human design, but you mentioned your website very, very churn, And so I was so intrigued with the way you spoke about just people in life and things. You just had this perspective that seemed so wise and so encompassing. So I went to your website and lo and behold, there was this whole section on human design, which I’d never heard of. And that was my introduction to human design.

I appreciate what you’re saying though, because I, I think you just articulated something that, you know, I have always thought that one of the gifts of human design for anyone who really starts to explore it and study it and incorporate the understandings that it brings into the way in which they relate to other people, is it does give you this really beautiful perspective on the story of humanity and deep insights around, like, why did they do this stuff that I think allows you to move out of some of the judgment pieces and really look at well, why, you know, this archetype has this potential, and let’s start speaking into the drivers that feed this potential, because we can see all the little parts in the chart of how these things play together,

Right? Yes. Human design. It shows not only how similar we are, we’re all made of the same components, but also how different we are and how we can appreciate those differences. I think it’s human nature to often assume that other people are like us. It’s like, well, if I can do this, why can’t this other person do that? You know, can’t everybody do this? You know, it just, it’s sort of natural human nature to assume that, but that’s so not true. We are also different. And, and I, it, it improves relationships enormously. Once we have that deep understanding of why that person who needs different from me and let me understand those differences so that I can help them fulfill their potential, as well as the potential of the relationship. It as you know, it human design improves relationships phenomenally. It gives us a lot more patience, I think with other people it’s like, Oh, now I understand he can’t help it. That’s just the way he’s wired. I got it. Okay.

I, you know, as you know, I’m raising a projector, which I’ve never done before. I have, you know, eight kids and five of them, they’re my, my own biological children. And four of them were all generator types. And so then I have this little projector tag along at the end. It’s so fun to watch her really embrace her projector newness. And to really see, I mean, I think this has been the coolest part is just to see how inherent the nature of the projector just is. It is, it’s just who she is. Right.

But she can’t help it. The rest of us.

I mean, you can see it on her face. Sometimes she’s just sitting there like, don’t do it, don’t do it. Oh, God don’t do it. Oh, they did it. Why did they do that?

All of them, but they shouldn’t have done that

Because you should have listened to the protector, always listened to the protector

And what a gift for her to be raised by you to support her in being who she is, trying to force her to be something she’s not,

But she’s run the charts of everybody in her class. So nationally. So

I think you’re, you’re pointing to something really important here that well, first we live in a world that is dominated by generators and manifesting generators. And the ideal that most of us have in life is manifester to be able to just make something happen. And so those of us who are projectors are sort of stumbling around in this terrain, trying to navigate our way through it, that isn’t projector friendly. They don’t really understand who we are and why we’re here and the gift and the resource that we are in can be for people. And so we’re often not, I don’t know what the word is. We’re just not appreciated. And that makes it really hard for us to feel good about ourselves

Tall. And, and again, not, not trying to shift the focus to my daughter, but it’s just so extraordinary to see her because we had to look for a long time to find a good school environment that would really support her energetically and sort of philosophically and from a values place. And to really see her in an environment where people do really see her and to really be cognizant because she was definitely in a situation for the first few at school where she wasn’t seen. And actually wasn’t just not seen, like was literally pushed away. Like they put her in special ed and they, they were just like, Oh, just go to special ed. And they kind of just dropped her there.

This one doesn’t fit in

The three twin and her son and Arthur conscious 43 20, cause he really doesn’t fit. But now she’s in this like freaky school. So, but to really like, she has a reputation in this classroom is being the mediator. She is the kid and this is middle school now. Right. That she’s the kid that can go, okay, here’s what you need. And here’s what you need. And here’s the place where you can both come together and get what you want and let’s work it out. And it’s so elegant to see that,

Does it folds naturally

Happening without the trauma or people saying what’s wrong with you? You’re so fasci or ignoring her. It’s just, it’s really beautiful. And I, it makes me really want to continue to call out all the projectors and go, it’s going to get better.

And that you found an environment where she can thrive and fulfill it, locked in this who she is. I mean, that’s huge. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. And I think it’s, it’s just sort of godsend and just perfect. So, so when you found know, again, talking about the gifts and the blessings of each type and especially of projectors, especially because again, we tend to focus on, Oh, they’re bitter and they’re bossy,


I think are some of the biggest gifts about being a pro a projector?

Well, first we’re really wired to be of service. And I think that so many of us feel that at a deep level, I know I have all my life. We didn’t really know what to do with it, but I just was driven to be of service in some way. And so we are really here for others. And I think we’re one of the few types it’s really here specifically for other people and to guide other people. And one of the things I’ve learned that so important that I share with all of my projector clients, this, that projectors are here to guide energy, but not necessarily to manage people because you don’t necessarily want to be managed. So so yeah, it, it, it’s a gift to be able to innately have, and then share wisdom with other people about how they can do things better.

But only of course, when they ask when they’re ready to listen, but we have an innate sense of how things can be, can work better. We have this penetrating aura that gets into the heart of who that other person is and how we can help them. So I think that’s one of the beautiful gifts. And another gift is something that I learned from you is that we projectors are here to hold the energy grid of the planet. And I have not heard that from anyone else before I heard it from you. And when I heard it from you, it just had that deep soul resonance of truth for me. And every projector I’ve shared that with, which has plenty of projectors, they have all shared with me that they had that same sense of resonance that Oh yeah. That makes sense. Yes. so, and that’s a gift. I mean, the humanity is in this huge period of transition now and it needs all the help it can get. And we projectors, I believe are here to be sort of on the forefront, leading by example, and leading by guiding to help humanity, to help our fellow fellow brothers and sisters to transition into a more beautiful world.

Totally. So I, you know, I never, I never shared where that insight came from. And I think this is a really interesting time to tell that story. You know, I, I, a lot of my clients are what I like to call blue light Lightworkers. You know, but they’re very much aware of the consciousness that is shifting on the planet. And at the time when I first started doing human design, like the first 10 years, literally almost every client of mine was a projector. I maybe had five generators over the entire span, you know, maybe one manifestor no reflectors. And they kept saying to me over and over again, last night, I’m so tired. Cause last night I was like flying over Korea and doing all this stuff in Korea. And last night I’m so tired. I was like in, you know, Russia and, or I was tackling all the people grieving from nine 11.

And I was like, you know, helping them figure out where they needed to be and guiding them to the light. I mean, this was not like a one-time story. And all these people were telling me, like at night they were working hard. And I finally went these people, even though they think, Oh, I’m tired and I’m just laying on the couch, doing nothing. They got working so hard on a metaphysical level that, you know, this entire, and this makes sense if you start to look at it in the context of global cycles and the fact that we’re moving out of material consciousness, which is really about doing the 3d work into quantum consciousness or activated sort of expansive creative, you know, quantum creativity, the projector, which is a fairly new type, is really showing us the arc of how we create on a frequency based level. And it’s different than the generator way of creating. And so all of my, all of you projectors who might be listening, who think, why am I so tired? I’m not doing anything. You’re pretty darn busy holding this entire thing in. Well, the rest of the template sort of fills in the gaps that you’re holding in, bridging, you know, with your arms and Knight, trying to keep it all together.

Current together sometimes doesn’t want to be held together. It’s like a little like herding cats.

So I want to share one other thing. And this is actually something I learned from my daughter. And I want to see what you think about this very early on in her life. She declared that she had to have at least one pajama day a week. That was her declaration. And so we have like a religious thing in our house now that we have our Saturdays pajama day. And that, that is the day she does not get out of her pajamas all day as a reminder that she needs to rest. What do you think about that as a strategy for a projector?

I think it’s brilliant. Totally brilliant. May I borrow that?

I keep telling her, you gotta, you gotta write a book, honey. Cause you know, there’s a lot, there are a lot of people, projectors are not even named Punjab job days,

But particularly projectors. I think we often push ourselves so hard to keep up with the environment that we find ourselves in that that kind of demands a certain level of energy and consistency that is often not easy for projectors. And I have learned through trial and error, trial and exhausting to build in time for rest. You know, if I can work really hard for a couple of months and then I’ll take a month off and then I’ll realize, Ooh, one month wasn’t really enough. And so I’m really learning to listen to my body and listen to where my energy is and what I have energy for and that I don’t and allow myself the recuperation and the rejuvenation that I need that may look like I’m just lying on the couch, but there’s more happening than that. It’s not just, I don’t feel like it’s like, no, I can’t at this point, I really need to take care of myself.

I love that. And I love, I love the way that you have learned to listen to your body instead of like the little formulas we have in our head. Well, you know, one month off should be enough that if it’s not enough, if you’re not restored and rejuvenated and rested, then you’re not. And there’s no, there’s no work around. Okay.

Because no shorter class. And I happen to have not only struggled, but a lot of ambition and control in my chart. So I can really, I can push myself very hard. I have only one motor, the root is defined, but I can, I can make that route do double duty. I can’t really push with everyday energy

At a time. You can. Yes.

Yeah. It doesn’t last and I pay the price, but yeah, learning, learning to be okay with my energy. One of the things that I’m really out to shift in the world for projectors is this idea that we are not sustainable. I mean, that’s an incredibly disempowering concept. And I understand, yes, our energy is not sustainable in the way that the generators and manifesting generators have sustainable energy, but it doesn’t mean that we are unsustainable as a human being. Yeah. And to me, it’s like, our energy is just different and it’s very possible for us as projectors to be sustainable. But in our own way, yes, we need to reframe redefine sustainability. But I was mortified when I read or heard that I’m not sustainable. It’s like, how the heck am I supposed to function in this world? I’m not sustainable. So that’s part of my mission is to shift that conversation,

Manage the way that I teach that. Thank you. I appreciate that insight deeply. That’s very powerful. Evelyn, how can people learn more about you if they want to learn more about being a projector or get your book or connect with you? Okay.

I have a website. It is human designed for and that’s human designed for the regular word for it, for human designed, for And I have lots of blog posts that I’ve written and I actually wrote one that’s that says notes from the void. Some people may find fun and I have courses on the first I do readings.

Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining us. I can’t wait to hear your talk at the conference and I’m still looking forward to the further notes from the void.

Thank you for this opportunity. And I’m thrilled to be talking about the topic of communicating for projectors. So my approach will be, you know, let’s talk about projectors. Let’s talk about how others can communicate with projectors, but then most importantly, let’s talk about how projectors communicate with others, but a powerful topic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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