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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Human Design Specialist Tina Rusnak. For over 25 years Tina has helped others learn how to reach their full potential by increasing their levels of personal awareness. She has a gift for seeing what others might not see in themselves and it’s her mission for everyone to live their unique, authentic life with confidence & support so they can have more satisfaction, joy & abundance in every moment, of every day which ultimately serves the greater good of the world.

Tina has been studying and practicing Human Design since 2012 and helps her clients break free from old mindsets and conditioning patterns so they can create the life, career or business they’re ready to achieve. Tina will also be speaking at the International Human Design Conference next week!



Hi, everyone. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m Karen Curry Parker. And I want to warn you today that you’re going to be listening to not one but two manifesting generators. So we are going to have an action packed power packed, initiation packed 20 minutes conversation about what does it mean to be a manifesting generator? I’m going to be sharing this conversation today with one of my favorite manifesting generators, Tina Rusnak, who has for the last 25 years been helping other people reach their full potential by increasing their levels of personal awareness. She’s got a gift of being able to see what others might not be able to see in themselves. And it’s her mission for everyone to live their unique, authentic life with confidence. She’s been a human design specialist and been studying human design since 2012. And she helps their clients break free from old mindsets and conditioning patterns so that it can create a life, a career, a business that they are ready to achieve. So Tina, you’re going to be talking at our international human design conference that I’m so excited to share. Have you share with everyone else? Was it mean to be a manifesting generator?

Yeah. So thank you so much, Gary, for having me today. I am super excited to have this conversation with you with everyone and yes. Be ready folks. Cause I will try to slow down this conversation, so, okay. So I only always

In human design, I think we give a lot of energy to talking about projectors. I think we talk a lot about having manifestor envy, right? And

Sometimes I

Personally feel as a manifesting generator that we don’t talk a lot about the unique aspects of being a manifesting generator. I think when we say the word manifesting generator, a lot of times people in the human design community who know about human design tend to just sort of roll their eyes like, Oh yeah.

Oh my gosh. I’ve seen the same. Yeah. For me personally, sometimes that makes me feel like, Oh, I should

Not tell everybody what I’m doing because if they

Found out, so, so you feel that same way too, huh? Yeah. It’s like maybe I have to turn it down. Like who is it? Who’s around, what’s the energy. Maybe I have to lower a little bit and then figure out, Hey, are they ready for me or not? And then get to be myself again. So it is interesting that you’ve, that you’ve noticed that as well. Yeah.

I mean, I, this is something that it really hit me recently. Cause I was thinking about even at school, when I was a kid, you know, people would call me overachiever

And, and I never, you know, it never

Was like me consciously deciding, Oh, I have this thing I got approved. So I’m going to become this overachiever. It was just my flow. And you know, I definitely, as you just said, at a certain point, I started to realize, wow, I’m too much. And then I need to like dial it back.

Yeah. Mine was a little bit the opposite. I, cause I have so much individuality. I was internally an overachiever, but I w it was never like thrown out there, but I was doing my thing and, you know, making sure that I was doing what I needed to do, but it was more, I think I, I experienced that, that awareness early about the energy of, okay. We’re just going to do our thing and be individual and don’t worry about folks, but just move on. Continue on Tina.

So when you first learned about your human design and you first heard, Oh, I am a manifesting generator. Did you, what was the biggest surprise slash takeaway aha that you got from that?

Yeah, it was like, wow. I wish I would’ve learned this. You know, when I was a kid. Exactly. Because everything made sense. Like why I had gotten burned out all of the weaknesses that I had somehow turned them around, you know, just through life and you know, the experience of it. It was just amazing how accurate and clear I saw my past and I said, okay, we’re going to dig into this. Cause I do have a one-three profile. And I just went all in on and it was, it was not easy to really explore and see who I really was using human design. It takes years. And that’s what I tell a lot of my clients. I’m like, you know, this is not going to be an overnight thing. This is going to take some dedication and exploring and clearing and, and all that kind of stuff.

So yeah, it was pretty, I call it it was part of my spiritual awakening, which is an interesting story about how I found human design, which if it’s okay. I’d love to share that. Yeah. So I had been working in corporate doing corporate coaching for a while and I do a lot of work with teams and I have so much tools in my toolkit, you know, as a one, three, I didn’t know I was doing that, but yeah, I’ve got lots of stuff to share with folks. And I was working with this one group and nothing was working like nothing was working. It was, you know, and then later on with human design, I learned about, it’s not the people, it’s the energy, right. So I went on this mission of searching Google, you know, trying to find some tool or something to help these folks.

And that’s what I found. I found a podcast of yours somehow some way we’re and I just started listening and then I said, okay, let me check this out. And then boom, I brought all of that to corporate. I started incorporating the language, not so much because I also have the nice 43, 23. So I, I learned that that was probably my biggest aha from life about, you know, think before you speak. And it’s really interesting cause my mom has that too. And when I was a kid, she used to tell me that all the time, think before you speak, think before you speak. And so he was actually just reflecting her experience of her fourth year 23. So it was really amazing how this amazing science and spiritual, I mean, I don’t even know how to define it sometimes how it really shows folks that, you know, you’re okay and that it’s good to be unique and that you’re here for a reason. You’re here to present your gifts and be you. And sometimes if people don’t like that, well, we gotta, we gotta work on that. Right. Because that’s a big part of the resistance, right. Is not being yourself and living somebody else’s life. You know, that was another big, aha.

You go down these paths with the decisions of, wait a minute, this isn’t actually what I want to be or who I really am. How did I get here? Right.

So, so you have, okay. So as a manifesting generator, we know that one of the challenges of living true to the manifesting generator type is to skip steps. We know that one of the things that happens for the manifesting generator is that they also have a tendency. We also have a tendency to start a lot of things and not always finish them because we need to do a lot of things to keep our energy moving. And that part of the purpose of some of the things we start is not so much to bring them to completion, but to get the energy moving. And you’re a third line profile, which means that some of the things you do donut, you know, naturally there’s a learning curve there. When you think about all of those pieces for yourself, what was, what was for you the biggest result in how you create and how you live with that understanding of awe. I learned through experimentation and exploration, I skip steps and I do a lot of things I don’t finish. What, how did that change your life?

Yeah, so I had lived with a lot of guilt around, Hey, I must really suck because I start stuff and I can’t finish it or I think I want to do one thing and then I do something else. Like, you know, am I crazy? You know, what is it what’s wrong with me? Like how come I can’t, you know, complete things. And so that I put a lot of pressure on myself for, for all of that. And so that has been a huge lift just to know that, Hey, I’m just going to play with this thing now. And you know, maybe someone can use it one day or maybe I can pull it out later, but I just, now I enjoy the process instead of it being so heavy now it’s like, this is amazing. Look at all the stuff I’m learning, look at all the cool stuff I get to experiment with. And, and it’s interesting how, you know, something I may have played with two years ago. Somehow it always comes around where, ah, let me pull that out or someone needs it. So it’s interesting how the synchronicity I think is really cool. And so that’s one big thing for me where I’m a lot healthier because I’ve let that go. Like I don’t feel guilty anymore about, you know, not finishing and you know, all that kind of stuff.

I think, I think that’s huge. I hear people say that a lot, that when they get at manifesting genders, get that permission to say, Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Read it. You know, I think so many times is manifest in January. So we get that message of, well, you know, you just need to pick one thing and stick with it. Right.

I forget that.

And when you can go, you know what, that’s like putting a sock over my head. I can’t do that. And, and really being okay with I’m a creative force and it’s all right.

Yeah. And so the impact of that on the people around you is interesting because you know, not, not a lot of folks understand that, you know, they’re not there. And so then the other part is the informing, which is kind of nice because now we get a chance to just say, Hey, this is what’s happening with me. I love you. I know you love me. So let’s just move on. This is who I am and somebody used to it.

I think that, that it, I, and again, I think that same piece doing that in the business arena, as you know, in my own business, especially even with my students, it’s been 21 years of teaching as a human design specialist and still learning to admit sometimes to my students like, Hey guys, this was a great idea. I really went down this rabbit hole and now I shifted directions completely. I’m sorry, you can follow me down there. And and still, even in that community, I think sometimes feeling like what feels like to me judgment around it, like, like, Oh, there she goes again. Right. And yeah. And learning to, even in the face of, and it’s probably not really judgment, but it’s how I feel it because I don’t want to let people down. But really still learning to go it’s okay. It was all, and you don’t know what the plan was.

And so Karen, I’m so excited because this has helped me so much, like even with my corporate clients. And so I’m working with one now and what I’ve learned over the last like three or four years is I just let them know. I don’t talk about human design, but I just let them know, Hey, this is how this is going to work. Here’s how we’re going to flow. We’re going to try some things. They might not work. We’re going to shift gears. I’m here to, you know, we’re here to achieve nothing perfect, but we’re going to explore as we go. So knowing my energy, I just preface everything with, Hey, this is going to be the experience of Tina and here’s what to expect and here’s how you can help. And so it’s been so wonderful to have the language and then again, the pressure is off.

And once they all, you know, once they, you know, initiated that with me, then we’re good to go. So I’ve learned a lot about, you know, the upfront and forming and getting people, let them know what’s coming. And that has been huge because before, when I was just going all over the place, they were like you know, and that’s where my projector friends would come in and save me, projector friends. Yeah, I do. I do attract lots of projector clients and lots of pure manifesting generators. So lots of 34 twenties. That is probably the bulk of folks who I get is 34 twenties and projectors. Yep. Yeah, that’s what I usually get.

So I’ve been asking everyone what, by your type and, and from your own understanding of your own chart, what has been the superpower that you’ve uncovered about yourself and what you are here to share with the world?

So my super power is it is going to, it is communicating. It’s going to be communicating in the right time and with a clear message. So really being able to take in the energy, take in what I’m hearing, take in whatever the challenge is. And then to, in a rather quick way, be really clear about, Hey, you know, here’s where we need to go. Here’s what I’m hearing. Let’s get into this space. Or maybe let’s try this. So I think my super power is that communication. And because of my chart, I have had 50 years of practicing that. And so now I’m really, I’m really excited to step into to doing that more. So I’ve learned to slow down with the speaking. I don’t go, you know, sometimes I do right. We go crazy with the, getting it out. We get all excited. But yeah, I have learned a lot about that super power of communication and just the waiting and knowing when the right time is to share is a huge superpower because they don’t hear right when you’re, when you have that in your chart. And you’re just saying it over and over again. And no one hears you. That was a little bit a part of my journey about how come I have to say this a million times, just because they weren’t ready, you know?

Yes. The dilemma of the mutant.

Yes. Yes. It’s. So I have charred as my mutant powers into my throat and communication.

Beautiful. Well, you’re going to be leading a session on manifesting generators or manifesting generators at our conference. Is there any last minute message that you’d like to share or things you, something you’d like to share with our listeners?

Yeah. So thank you so much. Yes. So one thing that I do want to explore with the group of the conference is a little bit something different. There’s as you know, and I’ve been talking about, there’s a lots of amazing energy that’s come to the planet especially around the balance of masculine and feminine, feminine energy. So I do want to do a little exploring around, you know, manifesting generators, maybe some Gates channels, and really look at, Hey, what is the feminine masculine thing going on here in this gate? And let’s see if we can get some conversations started around the balance. So that’s another part of what I’m hoping to bring to the community is, or is it more about that balancing? So that’s something I’m going to explore. And then recently I have also got into using some earth tools to help with this as well. So I’ll be sharing a little bit about different crystals that might be helpful. So we’re going to have some fun too. So it was manifesting generators, comfort, crystals, and new, I knew. Talk about balance. So I’m really looking forward to it.

Beautiful. I I’m always there for the crystals.

I know.

Awesome. Well, Tina, thank you so much for joining us today. I’m so excited to watch you and listen to your presentation at conference and you all, if you haven’t registered for conference, you have just a couple more weeks to get in on this. We’ve got some amazing presenters coming. We’ve got, we’ve been hashtagging this, the women of human design because we have all these powerful women presenters and our theme this year is going to be activating feminine DNA using histology of human design. So you there can’t wait to see all of you there. Thank you all for listening. Thank you,

Tina. For much parents. See all the conference. Bye.


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