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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and Life Coach, Analena Stern. Analena is an Expert Coach for Business, Relationships and Spiritual Lifestyle. She is also a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) with Sacral Authority.

Born and raised in Germany, she has been living in sunny Florida for about 12 years now, and she is loving it! After obtaining an MBA and having a career in Corporate for many years, she followed her heart and has been serving her clients through her magical coaching ever since.

In her Coaching Practice, along with her Business Partner Alex, she helps “Ladypreneurs” pursue a career that is aligned with their soul purpose, and become magnetizing through Human Design, Transformational Coaching and the Accelerated Deconditioning Method. You can meet both in their free Facebook Group “Human Design for Ladypreneurs”.

She is a published co-author of the #1 International Bestseller “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know”. Analena is a divorced Mother of 1 and gets along well with her ex-husband. They both have found a very peaceful way of co-parenting their beautiful daughter. Along with her current partner, she has been going through a huge transformation personally and in her career. It has allowed her to turn the past into her biggest gift, and it has also enabled both to grow together beautifully through some incredible challenges.

She considers her relationships with herself as the most important piece of leadership. And relationships with others and being a parent have been the most potent places for her personal growth. She keeps healing her own inner wounds and limitations on an ongoing basis. And life keeps getting better and better, which she calls a Miraculous DANCE with the Universe!

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Hi everyone. And welcome to the understanding human design podcast. And I’m so excited to have a fellow time vendor with me here today. Human design specialist Analena Stern, who is a two for manifesting generators slash time vendor. And we are, we kind of had a little bit of a juicy conversation before we started rolling the recording. And I want to kind of pick it up to that place where we were, where we were talking about trauma and deconditioning and the time that it takes to decondition because you were sharing with me. Something that I think is a really important point that we don’t talk a lot about in human design. And when we do talk a lot and when we do talk about it in humans, and we’re talking about it in what I would consider to be very simplified terms. And, and it’s not that what we’re talking about, isn’t necessarily not simple, but it’s not always easy.

So you said to me that you’re relatively new to human design, and I know you’ve been bounding through the material and sharing it in a very rich and delicious way over the course of the last year. But one of the things you said to me was you feel like you have had the ability to really jump into human design because you did so much trauma relief work before you met human design. So talk to me a little bit about what do you think is trauma? What’s your definition of trauma? Why do you think that’s so important as part of the deconditioning process?

Yeah. Thank you for the introduction and the question. So a trauma, first of all, I really agree with your definition, like basically any circumstance event where we don’t feel safe, we know we don’t enough, we don’t see belonging, right? Because these are all fundamental needs. So I think even when people say like, Oh, I, but my life was normal, nothing bad happened because usually we think trauma is like sexual abuse or those kinds of things. So it’s big things. Right. but, and I have been through certain things. I had an eating disorder in my teens. My mother had alcohol issues, divorce my parents, right? Like lots of things. Then my biggest trauma was my, my daughter had open heart surgery after she was gone. She almost died. So that’s also a trauma, right then myself going through a divorce. So I think a trauma can be like, you spill the milk and your mom yells at you.

Right. Because then you’re like, Oh, I’m not good enough. Or I’m not safe. I’m not loved or something like that. Right. And then they’re really big things. Now I know that every time I can’t really feel it because we have been learned to suppress the negative emotions. And I think that’s a big problem. Like we call, we labeled emotions, right? We say the good and the bad ones, the negative and the positive ones. And we have a whole life. So every time we push her negative emotional swag create strong. I think basically in that sense.

So I w I’m gonna, I’m going to play with you a little bit because I, I want to tease this out because I think it’s so important. Talk to me about what you would define as a negative emotion,

Like anger, sadness, disappointment, grief, jealousy. What else? Yeah, guilt and shame. I think those ones we say are more the negative ones, the dark ones.

So when we experienced those, then we are at risk for trauma

When we suppress them, when we like not allow them, because it’s not, we’re supposed to be happy. We’re supposed to smile where we were supposed to be confident. We’re supposed to have our act together. And, and like, it’s like this thing, like, Oh, when are you are too sad for too long, you’re depressed or something is wrong with you. Or, you know, people want to, I think it’s also like, well, people want to be around happy people, like, right. So whatever. And then whatever all beliefs are, but the way I grew up, I mean, I thought there’s something wrong with me. If I’m sad, or if I’m being serious, I was always a very serious kid. And I actually had so many fears and anxiety growing up and I didn’t know what I came from. Right. Like, but I thought there’s something wrong with me with that. Right. And I, I didn’t have any outlet to express it, to share it. I was more embarrassed and actually shamed of it. And I think with that, I created more trauma because then shame on top of it. Right. Instead of like, Hey, this is how it feels. I’m scared of this. I have these fears, you know, that, that didn’t happen for me.

So you were sharing with me that you have, you did a lot of work before you went for human design, found you because you’re, you’re a time vendor. So TA because I think people are really curious about this. Like, what do you do? How do you really get rid of trauma, especially how do you really get rid of trauma in a lasting way? Because it’s one thing to kind of do a little bit of work, but as we know, because so much of the way in which we interpret trauma, that doesn’t mean about experiencing trauma, but the way in which we interpret trauma is kind of encoded into our chart. We have in our charts, sort of set things that each and every one of us, by virtue of how our chart is defined, we have our own way of sort of looking at trauma and internalizing trauma processing, trauma, defaulting to patterns with it. What did you do to start to clear that slate before you actually encountered human disease?

Yeah. So can I also share what didn’t, whatever first say what didn’t work and then what worked? So, I mean, first I did all these work on your mindset, positive thinking, you know, affirmations like that kind of stuff, visualization you know, say five times a day, what do you want? And write it down. And it was just like, for me, it didn’t feel right in the core of my being. It was just, and it felt so Forrest, right. If I’m very masculine driven, like I have to do it this way. And I didn’t get anywhere. I, it was just this like endless battle that an expanding in a circle. Right. And then eventually, and it was sometime it’s like a year and a half. Now that I have been doing this work, it’s basically through the process that I have, that our first one is called emotional acceptance.

And I have now taken a little bit further, but it started for me with actually feeling my emotions. And especially like, you know, when you get triggered and you feel like the world is against you, I have these fears of, and you can edit it. I had a, I had a one-on-one coach, right. Where I could really address all this stuff. I would be so embarrassed to share with anybody, especially those business courses where you have to be strong and right. I could like share all my fears, all my, the things that I wanted to put away and pretend they’re not there and really feel it all. And it’s, it’s a, it’s not a meditation at all it, but it’s a very you literally go into all your emotions, you feel it in your body, you focus your attention on your feelings, and then you let, they actually, like, you can feel that in your body, how it moves your emotions.

And that literally because emotions are energy emotion. Right. Right. And by nature, all that one is the wants to be fell so they can move and move through and out of our body. What happens is when we say like, Oh, I don’t like you, you know, with emotional eating, for example, like, you know, I don’t feel good. So it led me to eat some ice cream. So I feel better. What we do is interrupt the natural flow and we keep them suppressed in the body. And I, I stopped doing that. I, I, not only did I stop doing it on a regular basis, as you know, when things happen, you know, instead of avoiding feeling it, I felt it in the moment. And on top of it, of course, there’s a lot of stuff, trauma. What we talked about from the past where I just like peeling a layer of an onion, right.

Like today today’s this, then it’s this. And sometimes really big stuff. There was a lot of crying, you know, very unsexy. But I think actually it’s, it’s sexy to do this kind of stuff. Yeah. And and then most recently I have started with another cause she, she basically, it’s all this energy healing work. Right. And it’s also now a process where she, which I love, because I think you that too, a lot with tapping, right. Basically releasing, but using tapping in a way where you actually release and say out light, all that, you’re really feeling and thinking, including the anger that’s there. Right. Because we are humans. We think some stuff sometimes that we don’t want to say, we like, we want to curse at somebody or things like that. Right. And that has been extremely powerful to further release the pressure. I mean, it’s incredible. And then things shift in your life, you know, you work on yourself and the other person you wanted to fix it already. They changed by themselves. But, but you doing the work because we know that I will, what we perceive in the world is a reflection of our internal world. It’s, it’s the lens that we see at school, basically.

Yes, totally. Totally. So how did this, so when you tell me how you first encountered him design, I’m curious to hear that story.

Yeah. This was through my dear friend, Alexandra Daniella. She’s also here in the community. We do a lot of things together. She’s also from Germany and she has been working with this coach, Melanie and Leah and in her community, they, they are all about human design. So they, they use human design a lot. And one day, I don’t know, earlier this year, she’s like, yeah, you have to check this out because we always share, you know, when we find new things and you know, there are always new things. And when she sent this to me and I pulled my report, I was like, wow, this is different. This, this like really cool. And it was so scary accurate and yeah, I don’t know. And it’s the first time in my life that I feel like I’m not going to get bored because I don’t know if you have the same, but I get bored easily with things when it’s the same, over and over again. And you’ve

Never gotten bored with human design ever.

That’s the thing, because like, like every, every person’s chat is different, right? I mean, yeah. If some people are born at twins, of course at the same chart, but it’s, it’s it’s so unique and you can go so deep and every person is different. I mean, and then the Gates and the channels and everything. It’s just like the first time in my life where I felt like, wow, this is super cool. Like I’m going to stick around forever. And, and then like also, cause I’m all about like you changing the world and making it a better place. Like, all right, let’s get this out there. You know, more people need to know about it. So it’s just, yeah, it was, I, it was like love at first sight.

That’s a good way of putting it. So, so you’re a best seller of a book a coauthor of the book, one thing every mom needs to know. And I know you have a talk to me for a minute about how does human design, or how has human design helped you as a mother and helped you, especially in this weird year that we’ve had where our kids are. I, I mean, I, I’ve actually really, really enjoyed having my daughter home all the time, really dreading when, when things will change and she’s out of here, but how does that perhaps impacted your mothering and the way you are able to better support your daughter?

I mean, I mean this, I mean, she’s awesome. She’s a manager too. And she has the 32 20 channel. So I was, I mean, it, it took my burden off my shoulders because I thought my lap, my daughter is a little bit too loud. She’s this kid that always bounces around, you know, and then you have other kids that watch TV and they’ll just sit there and she can do that. But, but, but now I have this like more appreciation for her who she is. And I also, I used to get all flustered, like flustered sometimes, maybe not the right word, but because she does all these things and she creates chaos, like chaos, like puts panes on a wall and does this and she’s, but she’s having fun. And I like to have it neat and stuff, but now I can allow it more because I know it actually benefits her and she’s supposed to do all these different things at the same time.

And she it’s, it’s her way of expressing herself. And so it has created more harmony for sure. You know, it’s never perfect, but it has definitely given me like, no, this is how she is. She’s not, I was kind of like, Oh, but she’s supposed to behave. She doesn’t listen. Right. And now I have more deeper understanding for her being, you know, as, as a manifesting generator. And, and also the informing has helped me so much, you know, I understand now why I like to be informed, but also why she, when I just take the trash out and I don’t tell it to her, she’s like, where did you go? Like, you know, so it’s like, it’s just and it’s, it has been a fun thing because I have talked to her about it too. And actually the other night it was so cute. She was asking me, mommy, can you tell me again about the manifesting generator and how it says that I can go to bed whenever I want? I mean, that was her favorite thing because I have always struggled to take it to bed early. And then I was laying with her for like an hour. I was like, you know what, forget it. And then I was reading it to her from your book actually a couple of days ago. And then in two minutes she was out.

I won’t take that personally,

But it was late. It was time for her to go to bed, but she, she loves to hear that part where she can, you know, stay up late and that she can do multiple things because that’s her, you know?

Yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. So Anna-Lena, how can people get in contact with you?

Probably best on Facebook or Instagram. Just my name. I mean, Instagrams and Alina that stern same on, on Facebook and they can also one of my website and Alina And I think my email is on there. That’s, that’s how they can get in contact with me and send me a message and, yeah.

Beautiful. And you, you do coaching and human design.

Yeah. So I, I do a combination of human design and the deconditioning work because for me, it literally is it’s like marriage together. Like we needed both. And like I said, I like to accelerate things and find shortcuts. Right. That’s what we’re here for. Yeah. And, and I do, I mean, I do coaching myself privately, and then I also with Alexandra, the one that introduced me to human design, we, we do many projects also together because we have this, she’s a projector and, you know, project as a really good management. And so we have this beautiful energy together and we have done a couple of programs. Now. It’s so much fun for both of us.

Yeah. Beautiful, beautiful, awesome. So I know Adelina, and again on Instagram and Facebook and Liliana. Thank you for joining me today. I really have enjoyed having this time to really get to know you and hear a little bit more about you and what you do, and thank you for sharing your self and your heart and your wisdom and your knowledge and your speed with,

Yeah. Thank you so much. It wasn’t better for me too. And a true honor to be here. Thank you.


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