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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment Practitioner, Jamie McComas aka Jamila. Jamie is a Sorceress, Healer, Magic Maker, Potion Conjurer, Intuitive, Shadow worker, Warrior, Protectress, Sacred Space Holder, & Mama Proficient in profanity & unconditional love.

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Hi everyone. Karen Curry Parker here. And I’m so excited to share with you on the understanding human design podcast today, our special guest, Jamie McComas, and Jamie is the creator in the quantum alignment system, which is an integrated system of using human design, emotional freedom techniques that subtle body therapies and coaching as an integrated system that really supports you in getting back to the true essence of your human design. It’s a powerful, fast paced deconditioning process. Jamie is the person who has created our custom blended flower essences that we use in conjunction with the quantum alignment system. So she has gone through the chart and created custom blended flower essences that go along with every part of the chart. So she’s got one for manifestors projectors, reflectors generators, your lines of your profile, your centers, the circuits, the channels, the Gates, and all kinds of other stuff in conjunction with that. So we’re going to have a really great conversation about human design energy and how you can understand yourself, clear your crud. If you will, out of your aura and get yourself back into harmony with who you really are. Hi, Jamie, nice to have you here.

I am so happy to be here and I’m proud of you for not slipping up and using an inappropriate bird there, the pirates Damien

Pirates. And so, you know, we, we do occasionally kick back into our girl pirate roles.

We’ll be good that, so, you know,

This pirate identity though comes from being renegades in the healing community, being renegades in the human design community, you and I over the last, gosh, how long have we been doing this now? Four or five years through? Is it been that long? How long has it been?

I think sadly more than it might, it might be a little longer because the way it was way back and healing by human design and all kinds of things. Yeah.

That we met, we knew that there was an enormous amount of healing available with human design that promised to, you know, and we really, I think explored, how could we use the promise of the chart as a map for what’s possible? How could we use the promise of the chart and bring people into the fulfillment of the promise of the chart as quickly as possible and immediately. And when we started talking, we knew that the first thing we had to do was to really start helping people deconditioned from the trauma of not being allowed in whatever way to be who they are. And that’s when you sort of said, we’ve got to support people energetically as they go through this change and you started creating these custom essences. So talk to me, I want to know, like talk to me about what is a flower essence. Cause I think people get those confused a lot with like essential oils versus a flower essence. What is a flower essence? And how does that work in conjunction with human design?

Yes. So flower essences are essential oils. They actually have no smell to them or anything like that. What normally happens is you take a specific flower or it could even be, you know, part of a Bush or whatever it may be. That is we’re using, we put them in purified water in a crystal bowl and we sit them out in the sun and they literally hook up in the sun and the water captures the energetic imprint of the flower. So, and of course, so we’re able more to address the energy level, the emotional level. And it they’re so gentle. It’s so powerful. And I love that it combined, you know, the energy of the sun, you still have the, the crystal to, you know, in print, I’m thinking of course, as I was saying crystal and I was trying not to fumble my words, but you know, I always think of like how, how a quartz crystal, right? It’s the clear courts and it can kind of be used as the staring that enhances, or you can charge it to be anything that you wanted to be. And so I love how, you know, just allowing the power of the sun to capture that essence and energy of the flower. And then, you know, as we put it in the water and a lot of people do confuse them with homeopathy as well. And they’re not that either, so they’re not essential oils in, they’re not homeopathy they’re, they’re beautiful thing.

So, okay. So you have this essence that you capture in the Y and, but I do think, is it true, similar to how you use homeopathy? You actually dilute it and the more you dilute it, the stronger it gets.

Yes. Yes. So they’re, they’re not like necessarily, you know, where you take them into the castle, which is how they dose homeopathy. So you’ll never find a beat it around, you know, a million times limping around, but what it happens is so there, there’s never there such like as far as like a number of days, so do your milligrams or Xs or SMS or ELs or any of that. But what I found is I would, you know, I create a, you guys can see behind me, this is my magic shelf. And so what happens when I’m on my emotional waves, I’m emotionally defined in human design. This is how I make. But that being said, I found that the more, and I hadn’t read into it. So I just found that the longer, like my essence is kind of set and I would you know, you, I keep my preserve mine and alcohol. So like, I would add more alcohol as, as it’s this one down, they kept getting more powerful and powerful. So it’s neat how you can even watch them transform within their selves. And then I read, and I can not remember the exact words, but it, it is. It’s like the more you dilute on the more powerful they become and it it’s amazing fascinates me.

So tell everybody how you use these in conjunction with and design and EFT in the courtroom.

Yeah. Yeah. I know he’s done with all kinds of things. Now. It keeps ever evolving and expanding. So I had started at first, I went to, I’ll tell you my long story short first, I wanted to study homeopathy, but my ex-husband one of the best things he ever did for me besides giving me my child was accidentally buy me a flower essence kit instead of homeopathy kit. And I actually just let him sit here for like a year or two. So I was like, well, I just wasn’t called to him. Like I, wasn’t not grateful. And I was like, I just anyway, then fast forward. And I was just really getting drawn to a woman called Tim. So I started looking into it more. And what I didn’t know though at the time is that even though we were throwing ideas around, I didn’t realize that Karen was literally putting together a whole system.

And I knew we had something here because something was like, these are vibrational, you know, medicines per se. And I use that term, sorry, I shouldn’t have said the M word, but these remedies, sorry, people you know, these are vibrational remedies and so much to me, the human design chart and, you know, we vibrate at different frequencies and these essences have different frequencies. So it’s like, wow, like I bet they could probably really tie into the different parts of the human design chart. And for those of you who don’t know me and Karen are over nerds too. So this is stuff we fantasize about and dream about in the middle of the night. So I didn’t know she was putting together this whole thing as intricately as she was. I didn’t trust anybody because I was just at a place in my life where I just did not trust people very well. So I just did not trust many people, but I trust Karen with everything. So I sent her a message and I just said, Hey, I’m just throwing a noodle. Cause I’m a manifesting generator. Instead of just throwing a noodle, flower essences, or the human desire for the human design chart didn’t hear anything. It was crickets for him. And I’m like, all of a sudden I got the message back the one day, like we need to talk. And I was like, Hmm.

So I, I just want to show you, show everybody beta, sorry. I was knocking things off my desk while I was grabbing this. This is our, this is actually our, our quantum alignment system manual. I mean, it’s, it’s a honk and manual. And in this manual we literally go through every single element of the chart. So we have in each element of the chart, we have the low expression, the high expression, what people who are hurting in their conditioning might say how people might experience pain, not only in their physical reality, but in their spiritual reality. If they’re not working with the highest element of whatever we’re looking at, let’s say right now, I have this open to the page for the manifestor. Then we have assessment statements, things you can ask clients like how, how, how to sort of suss out what their source of pain is.

And then we use the emotional freedom techniques, which is a meridian-based acupressure system, the tapping or the nose, the tapping we use the tapping to clear whatever has happened. That’s caused somebody to disconnect from the truth of who they are. The thing that I’m wanting to sort of bring your awareness to is that this is a really big, hefty manual when I mail it to Canada, which is kind of like sending it to Antarctica. You know, I have to sign away my firstborn and in conjunction, you know, with, with tip customs fees and everything thing Amy and Jamie went through and she created essences for about every page in this manual. So she’s got like this entire sort of Rolodex of specific concoctions that she created to specifically address the energetic function of each of these archetypes contained within the chart. Is it mind blowing to me that you did this, but you basically, if you know, you were basically, as we were going through and creating these, you were basically sort of meditating on all of these plant parents, all of these plant essences, what should you put them in? How should you combine them together? I mean, it was not like, Oh, I just put this together. Ooh, this was an extra, you know, a process that took you about a year to get all of this together. So, and, and so in conjunction with just doing with human design, you also in your practice, you’re doing readings and you give people, or you custom blend essences for people to help them specifically with their unique charts.


Had to bring the wheel. I have to bring the clairaudient messages as well. Absolutely.

Yeah. But I do cause I mean, I mean, you know how it is, we all say we all have all the chart and some, two people can have the exact same chart and they don’t express it the same. So one of the options I have for people is that, you know, I will consult with them. I will, you know, go through their chart with them, figure out their, you know, I take my own assessment and kind of see, you know, I let the charts speak to me. I’m very big on that. And, you know, find where some pain points might be. And then of course I just, you know, I sit, I consult with them. If we’re just doing a flower essence, I don’t necessarily go into EFT and stuff like that. I’m just looking and listening, you know, like what, what is it that they need I’m tuning in.

I’m a big time energy junkie song. I’m, I’m scanning, I’m listening. And you know, then usually I’ll just kind of sit with it a little and then I’ll just go over to my shelf. And I do kind of go into this meditative state and I just I’ll let my hands move. I mean, sometimes, you know, I’ll hear like, Oh, you know, Holly, Holly, so I’ll pull out the, pull down the Holly bottle. Other times I will, I’ll just sit there and I just feel United, doesn’t have my hand out and I’m going through and I just let it, I let everything, you know, I tried to do my best to be a clear vessel and channel and let everything speak to me. And it’s amazing though. I have to say, like, I always get, like, I’m always humbled in Florida, I’ve done this for people.

And they’re working with doctors, you know, or like natural or naturopathic doctors and things like that. And they have literally taken my essences that I’ve created for them into their doctors who also do muscle testing and such. And they’re like to do that, like just by talking to you and looking at this chart, you know, like, it’s like, they’re always amazed that like, I I’ll have whatever it is they need. So it’s really cool to just kind of, you know, when I have my moments of feeling inadequate or am I sure I’m doing the right thing? Like I’ve never just not had it not match up, which I think is really cool. Yeah.

That’s powerful. So why, why do you think that adding the essences to understanding the term, working with a chart is so

I feel like it’s twofold because one, the essences are so powerful and for like emotional clarity awareness, I find sometimes that when I work with them, even if I’m not going by a chart, like I’m just, you know, I’m in my own phone for rut, or I’m not sure of something, if I can pick up on the baseline tone or energy of what it is, and I have an essence for it out, you know, go get it out and use some, and usually I’ll have an awareness come to mind. One thing I love about that is I feel that a lot of us and I was afraid to heal. I, Oh my gosh, if you would’ve told me one more time, I had to feel it to heal if I want it to like check people and punch them, honestly, because I was sick. And I know I was in that space of like I did, I felt miserable SU so long.

And at the time I was suffering with, or I was dancing with agoraphobia, terrible, I didn’t want to feel anything else, but just better. I didn’t want another freaking healing crisis. I didn’t want any of that. I just wanted to feel better. You know, and of course, as we know, life does not always work that way. However, when I found with the essences and that I loved is when I worked with them because they are gentle yet, they’re powerful that they can help really help bring awarenesses. The other part though, that I love about them is when we do use them specifically in the quantum alignment system and when we’re going through the chart and we’re going through these pain points, the EFT allows us to clear it like rapid speed, which I love. So yes, you may feel it, but as Karen can testify to, and there is a view of probably sit in on master alignment programs that she’s done, or group coaching, you can be bawling your eyes out one minute.

And then we go right into the next round and you’re cracking up smiling and feeling a thousand pounds later. So, you know, yeah. So I love that because yes, you feel it, you heal it. But sometimes, you know, stuff is really deep seated, you know, and trauma, as we know, we can carry. I mean, we carry back, what, what are they proven out? They’ve proven 14 generations back of ancestral DNA. Right. You know, so you can only imagine the pain and suffering that we’re carrying from our ancestors. Right. And sometimes we don’t even know why, like, why we’re upset, why we’re sad, why we have a fear, why? And it’s a lot of times can be linked to past life issues. I mean, we’ve been, had that happen. Karen had a family member that said he was happy. She was pregnant at the time having a lot of anxiety.

And Karen said, Hey, look, I want you to meet with my niece. You know, she might need some, we were doing it for, so we thought I’d be a path of consultation and come to find out it was, we did some EFT on a past life issue or a past life and an issue around that. And it just like that. It was like, and I sent her out in essence, which brings into tying into why the essences as well, because they can really act, we call it like a polstice they’re really good at energetically kind of filling that gap, holding it’s like a support while everything to me, I, I’m sorry. I’m, I’m a sensing person. I talk with my hands a lot. So I’m like seeing the energy roll through and I’m holding it, right. So this is what they do. I’m like Sterling here, but it’s acting to me, it’s like that energetic brace as the energy picks up as the healing continues, you know?

And, and it, I’m just going to say the bone gets stronger, you know, it’s it really helps hold, hold in place there. And on the other side, that can be a lot of fun too. I mean, we have essences for everything we have, of course, a favorite mama’s magic mojo, but, and I’ve even found that for me and even going through my heres worth of dedication and feeling things, apparently I felt I was telling a story. I had to feel everything. So but I found that, you know, being emotionally defined, I do have weights and I would get stuck in them. And then I remember Karen say, you know, create, create. And I was like, you know, I’m tuned into the, the lower vibration of this gate or of this channel or of the circuitry. I now I’m in the space that rather than feeling sorry for myself, which I admit I would, it was like, wait a minute. I have like a super power right now that I’m able to tune in to this lower vibration of the energy and see just exactly what it is, feel exactly how it feels, you know, as best I can. I know we’re all different, but overall, get that baseline feel of what the center G is and what it needs to, you know, come back up into the higher expression. So that’s what I’ve started knowing. And like I say, there’s my no,

Well, I think the other thing I have to share with our listeners, you know, probably my favorite story about the essences, which is kind of a mixed favorite. So for 13 years, 13, very, very long years, I had a dog, a giant hundred pound dog who was a very high maintenance dog. I’ll call it that. And this dog was a chow hound, like unparalleled, in addition to other things, things like the dog, this dog was so bad. I sent him away to bootcamp to be trained and they kept him an extra month and they said we can’t get him to listen to us. So he was there for two whole months. And when they brought him back, they were like, sorry, we just weren’t able to do anything

With them.

And he was so good. He would be, you know, just like out of control, but really he was only out of control because he loved food and bread, especially in cookies and butter, but mostly bread. Like he was a carb addict. And you know, there were several times towards the end of his life where he had pretty bad arthritis, cause he was a big dog and Jamie cooked up all kinds of really great essences for he, he tore his ligaments in the back of his knees and you know, he was just a wreck at the end. And I swear, those essences kept him alive, like two or three years longer than he probably should have been alive until he passed. He ate two giant tubs, literally this big two giant tubs of chocolate chip cookies. And I think at that point, his bankers just said, that’s it we’re done. Yeah.


Keep going. My God, this dog was supposed to die at eight. That’s what the book says.

So Jamie came in way longer than he was as much time as I can with your pants.

The, you know, I think as you said, you know, we use those aspects in the quantum alignment system because it does stabilize your mindset and your energy field because our natural inclination, when we make a change, you know, we go out into the world and we sort of just shifted that change because we’re so beautifully hardwired to protect ourselves and not have to overthink and over. Do you know our natural condition when we inter interact with the same old stimulus, the same old triggers is to default back to the old way of being. And I think those flower essences, because they do provide that, as you said, that energetic poultice, that base that sort of holds the change in place until it’s stabilized. And it starts to build into the neuro pathways. And instead of physiology, you know, they’re so essential for keeping you really grounded in the shifts that you make in consciousness and the shifts that you make and reframing trauma and the shifts that you make and clearing those conditioned places where you’ve forgotten how precious you are and you forgotten your connection to those unique gifts that only you can bring to the world.

So, you know, I, I really feel so strongly that they offer an incomparable path to expediting and making your transformation faster because you’re not doing this back and forth, back and forth thing because they hold you in place. So you can keep doing that growth and not sliding back. And I think they really, as you said, you know, they really anchor you in the higher vibration of all the archetypes in the chart. So, so Jamie, how can people get in touch with you if they want to have you look at their chart and create a custom essence, or even get one of our, our, our human designed quantum alignment system essences.

So you guys can find me, my website is patient And I have a lot of things on there because I have a lot of essences. Like I say, I have some specific for the chart. I have some specific just to different topics. You know, it could be depression, anxiety, stress, compassion, boundaries. We have them forever. Like they to be, people would say, Oh, I have an oil for that will trust me. I have an essence for that in probably five because I can’t, I got to go deeper and deeper. But now, but if you are a little overwhelmed or you’re not sure, you know where to go, where to start, because I also do offer this, there’ll be a whole other podcast. And my nerding out, I also have correlated like minerals with each gate. And also I do offer, like, if you find that you’re more in a state of like physical, as well as emotional and just, you know, I mean, you might feel like you’re a hot mess because like everybody’s given up when you type a deal.

And I only say that because we’ve experienced this in my life, I’ve experienced this where, especially again with my ex-husband my grade teacher, or even Johns Hopkins gave up on him, he didn’t even have a diagnosis for him. And I’m like, okay, I’m going to figure this out. You know? So like, if you’re, if you feel like your worst case scenario, like don’t worry, we got a thing for that as well, where I incorporate minerals to address more of the physical body and cellular repair. For some of you, you might just want to reading, I can do that too. The coaching, you know, I’m sure if Karen’s taught it, I’m just got a certificate in it. So we can figure out, but I offer a discovery session. You can just go up on the you know, I have a, like a schedule your appointment. There’s a option in my calendar for free discovery session. If you’re just uncertain or even if you just want an essence and you don’t know which one you want, like just book a free session with me, we’ll get on zoom, we’ll talk it over and figure out what’s best for you. And we’ll take it from there. And I’m also on Facebook, that person, lady,

So awesome. So again, that website is posting lady that com so go there, talk to Jamie, get your essence and go for it. I mean, I will say that in the past, you know, it’s probably been, it’s probably been more than five years. You know, Jamie has sent me many amazing potions if you will, that have been tremendously supportive emotionally, physically. And like I said, she kept my dog alive. Do it color.

I do animals too. Like, it doesn’t matter if it has energy, I’ll help it as best I can.

Awesome. Awesome. So Jamie, thank you for joining us today. I’m excited to hear what else you could. What’s the next thing you cook up in the lab and like, you know, I don’t say this very often, but I really just really want to honor your contribution to the quantum alignment system because it is what it is because of you and what you’ve contributed. So if you have not had the chance to check out the quantum alignment system and to check out all of our practitioners or come to our master alignment programs or if you studying human design, Jamie is the one that’s there to answer all your questions during our forums. Jamie’s there tapping along and of course, diligently making essences in her lab. So

Thank you so much. I’m just honored and grateful.


Karen Curry Parker, Founder & Creator
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Quantum Alignment System™, and Understanding Human Design

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