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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and Quantum Alignment Practitioner, Annita Keane.

Annita is a 5/1 Orchestrator (Projector) and has been studying Human Design for seven years. She loves how it has been a game changer for her and her clients. Her mission is to use Human Design to help transformational coaches, healers, practitioners to share their gifts and be rewarded well for it.

Her work has been distributed around the world and translated into seven different languages. She is an Amazon best selling author of “How do I know, Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery” . Annita moved to the States 10 years ago with her family and one of her goals is to play golf in every state in America. She has studied a lot of different energy modalities, but nothing like Human Design.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m Karen Curry Parker, and I am super excited to have with me here today Annita Keane, who has been a human design student for a long time, seven years now. So you’ve already gone through one full cycle of deconditioning. She has been using human design with her clients and really using it as a tool to help her on her mission, to help transformational coaches and other practitioners to share their gifts and be rewarded in an aligned way, in a sustainable way, in a prosperous way from the work that they do from the work that they themselves are giving and sharing with the world. So I’m just really, really anxious to have a really fun conversation with you. About two of my very favorite topics that are often married together, but often are not.

And I think that’s an interesting challenge for us. You, you teach a lot in Annita about, but by the way, welcome, I got, I got so excited. I skipped over the whole welcome part, because you’re going to you talk about something that is just so incredibly near and dear to my heart and it’s near and dear to my heart, because I think that this little phrase that I’m going to give you guys a minute, I’m teasing you on this little phrase has contained within it. The most important part of teaching this subject that we don’t really talk about. You are an expert in teaching people, practitioners, service-based professionals, people who have a message and a mission in the world, how to tap into their sustainable prosperity, which is a little bit different than manifesting abundance, deliberate creation, and all that other stuff we talk about. You talk about the nature of creating sustainable prosperity. Talk to me for a minute about what do you mean by sustainable prosperity?

Oh my goodness. Sustainable to me is moving and we’re all moving this way for transformational practitioners from using our adrenal emergency generator as a resource to moving our heart and soul in our core as owners. So that’s really what I mean, moving into the space where I’m intentionally sharing, creating in a way that’s win-win for me, for my client and teaching my client to do that with their clients. As a projector, I’ve come through a tunnel of working with clients and being burnt out because I applied the hospital emergency application of work to my business and, you know, I’d be sitting there, I’d be doing the process, the coaching, whatever my client would dance out of the room and I’d be picked up off the floor. So my journey has been to sustain my own energy and the key has been moved from that stress as fuel to that. I won’t, it’s not emotional love. It’s that universal love as a fuel. It’s a game changer.

So I want to just restate this because I think this is really important. And something, I think we don’t talk about a lot because when we, especially when we talk about projectors, but all, any of the open sacral types and frankly, even the generator types, I mean, everybody has the potential to burn out. And I think particularly in the service professions, that potential to burn out is huge because we are so deeply invested in our clients. We love them. We see their unique place in the cosmic plan and we want so badly for everything to work out for them that we put everything into it. Right. And we’re kind of, I think sometimes dragging them forward into their evolution by the force of our own will. And it does leave us feeling like, is it Saturday, yet? Or worse. Right. So what I heard you say was that you can draw on your own energy to support your clients, to stay sustainable in your service-based business, but rather that you have to find a different source of energy. So am I getting that right?

I it’s it’s I think you are, you are, you are good.

You are objective. So I won’t ask you any more generator questions. So I’m wondering Annita, can you, I’m wondering whether you can tell us a little bit about how does one go about tapping into that different quality, different source of energy?

Okay. really easily, actually, you’d be surprised. Energy work, breathing, breathing from your chest, into your belly, taking a deep belly grant actually reverses the whole nervous system in your body from working from the systemic stress to the autonomic or universal love, basically the whole physiology reverses. So I use energy work. I use mindset techniques. I use human design to help people understand, you know, manifesting is just, isn’t just about positive thinking. It’s about knowing how you’re wired to process that information and how you connected with that sacral source. With that decision of Horty to allow you to move the liveliness, we’re like multicellular amoebas, right? We need to know how to move towards what nurtures us and away from what doesn’t often the mind gets in the way. So that’s just one way of doing it, but I combine a number of different energy techniques and use as you taught me human design, as the map for the application of those tools for us to stay in bonds. So the biggest, it starts with the breath inspire to inspire having wonderful ideas to inspire breathe in it’s like it says the same thing. So when I’m inspiring it correctly, to align all my energies, I am triggering my brain to go, Oh, possibilities. Instead of, Oh my God, there’s a threat. I’m triggering my heart to go, Oh, this is amazing. I can allow this to go, to hurt me to, you know, to the body, to actually taking the action that allows taking the action on, I call it the cosmic magic carpet.

So what if, if someone

He’s out there and they’re trying really hard to save the world with their business, they’re, they’re loving on their clients. They’re they are passionate about transforming them, but they are struggling to sustain the quality of energy necessary for them to keep their business flowing.

What do you think they

Need to do? Like in the emergency sense, if they’re like really budding up against burnout to a point where they’re really questioning, can I even go to work tomorrow? What’s the first thing someone in that kind of a situation needs to do to be able to start the process of shifting from their personal energy, if you will, to being able to connect more deeply with their heart

The first thing that you do is, is just put your hands on your heart and say, just stop. Just stop. Just take a deep breath and ask yourself, am I ready now? Because I’ve been here. I’ve been there as well now, am I ready to be well enough and healthy enough and strong enough to be able to stay in my clients, that they get the best of me rather than the rest of me. And I’ve learned that without exception, that our personal care, and especially as transformational specialists, we’re not dealing or not teaching next thing here, as I’m probably quoting you, we’re not teaching people to go fishing. We’re people to navigate change. We’re teaching them to move past the fears that immediately crop up. When we’re going out of our comfort zone alone, tell her a new place. It’s a new comfort zone.

Whether we like it or not, it’s nothing wrong with us. It’s nothing. So the human design shows us that pathway. I call it the prosperity pathway, which is to integrate your expansion. Instead of that, stop start, stop, start, stop, start. Do you know the one where I’m expanding and then, Oh my God, something terrible happens that I crawled into a cocoon for two years to expanding the, to, so the sustainability is understanding your design and how you’re actually wired to lean into that and integrate that expansion rather than yourself with it. Does that make sense?

Totally, totally. So share with me, some of you have a case study or a story you can share with us just to eliminate the possibility.

Oh, absolutely. I had a client. He came into me there quite a good while ago now, but this is a great example. Did all her work was doing all sorts of different energy work and training and working with clients. And she had written this book. It was a book about her husband who, the journey that she went on to see her husband through, to his transition and six there, Annita, I’ve done all the work. I know what to do. I can make myself do it. And this is what I love about him and design the specificity. We can really dial in to what can be happening for it. So is there, Oh, I’m not surprised you have a lot of energy here that predisposes you to on one hand, naturally identify what needs to change. On the other hand, you can be quite a perfectionist.

You know, you can have the potential to be a perfectionist. It’s time for you to hand it over hand the book, over to an editor or someone who will be able to do it, because if you try to do it yourself, which of course we all do healers. Remember we I’ll do it myself. I can do it. I can do it. And then we feel there’s something wrong if we can’t. So she handed it over to a woman. I recommended her to. And within six months she was a number one bestselling author. The note I got from her was, you know, I told her I knew it all and I did. And then I met him and design and ISA, and just a few sessions. You were able to tell me, Oh, there’s nothing wrong. This is just part of who you are.

You just got to manage it and get it in balance rather than let it run. You, you know, when we’re, when, when I say about human design energy, being an energy worker, there’s too high, too low, and there’s the middle ground, right? The balance. So if I had too much energy, no matter what happens, my super powers become super liabilities. So if I want to, if I’m good at being in control, I become controlling like managing or on the other side, or you avoid taking control is all cast. So it’s really for her as well as lead teacher, the tools to get imbalance so that her perfectionism allowed her to tune in to that. She was going to the correct editor, making the decision and taking the step by step by step, to come to the, the, the correct places to get her work done. And then she’s like, she’s brilliant, man. She’s using that in her work because how many of us? And luckily I haven’t, but how many people have cared for their artistic ones, they’re elderly or whatever, and then come out the other side. And rather than being totally burnt out, actually can help someone else now, you know, it’s beautiful. So that’s what she’s doing using her book.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay. So you said something that I ha that I have to pull this thread a little bit, because this is actually something that came up yesterday in one of the understanding human design community calls that we had last night. And we were actually talking about burnout. And one of my students was saying, or one of our community members was saying, you know, when we are professionals who are out leading others, helping others, healing others, it’s very hard sometimes to reach out and ask for help because we’re the helpers. And and you know, there’s a certain amount of vulnerability that happens when you’re a helper to say, you know, I can’t right now, I’m burned out. I’m struggling. I feel lost. I’m having my own challenges here. Talk to me for just a minute about the path of being a healer and how you can give yourself permission to reach out for help if you’re struggling, even though you’re a healer. So

That is a great question. Karen, it’s one of the toughest, because being a projector, I know everything and I was brought up in a generator household. So I am going to save the world while I know everything. So I think that best way, sorry, distracting myself from the question. I think the best way, and this is why I’m offering your waste as the prosperity pathway, a waste is the best way is the acknowledgement that we need more support than ever. Now. We need to pull up our energetic, big girl pants and really recognize that we’re not just dealing with hundreds and thousands of people waking up right now. We’re dealing with millions of people making up right now. And I would invite everybody who is doing this work. Remember your wake up, call it. Wasn’t kind of roses. And honey that came by, like it was, you know, it was the bridge between the eyes, you know, was the headless chicken headlights.

It, wasn’t a very nice thing. Usually that happened to us to wake up. So you have a huge amount, more people in that space. Now you have the cosmic weather. That’s exaggerating, there’s rice amplifying it. So where the auntie might’ve been at this level for the last 10 years, it’s now moved up here. So with the transformation on expert, looking for help, it’s really, you’re not looking for help. You’re just creating, you’re just setting up a support network. I call it my team to make sure that I’m keeping an eye on my blind spots, no pun intended. He make sure that I’m in balance because it’s so easy to think I’m in balance. It’s so easy. I’m fine. I’m fine. On the higher that Octa for I’m fine goes the more balanced you are.

Yeah. But your clients are coming in and they’re putting on the brave face and they’re going even on a video, as we know, even on the phone and on internet, they’re coming in, they’re going, we’re grounded. I’m fine. I’m fine. I just need a little help. All their fear, energy, their anger energy that they’re picking up from people that they’re with. You’re sitting in that. So Lynn hall, we need more help now than ever. We need more support now than ever. So for me, my waste is, is a place where you learn and develop your energetic tools with people who are doing this thing, who wants to help others in a way that they can sustain themselves because we’re needed now more than ever. So we’re not getting support because there’s something wrong. We’re getting supports because if we were in a normal job, we’d have a team, right.

We would have a team. So there’s only so much your spiritual team can do. And this is why this is why our human team member all in that beautiful energy. It’s really sustainable. It’s kinda like the Oasis psychosis. It’s like a reset for transformation with specialists so that we can stay aligned because it’s so easy to tell them in the fire with people we’re S we’re still committed to helping. We’re so wired to help look when we’re in the fire with them when we’re useless. And the fireman doesn’t jump in there and the Fargo does a ton load of training, right? He does a ton load, our sheet, do a ton of the training to make sure they don’t jump into the fire. It’s just that our fires are not as easily recognizable. That’s a brilliant point. Thank you. Yeah. We have a program called the prosperity pathway. Tell us a little bit about that. The prosperity pathway is utilizing healing designed to help you. As I say, navigate the wobble of the expansion, every change we make, even if you were working on the 64 in their chart, that changed just us. Most diseases. If that’s a word through your body, it just creates a change in everything for you. It’s like we’re wiping the slate, all the games that kids play grade, they color it, they draw on it and then they put a thing across the screen and it disappears.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So the prosperity pathway is really dialing into what exactly stops you. You know, what is it you do when you get insecure in relationships? Cause that’s face it. The relationship is with our client. If we over help them, we’re coming across a desperate dating energy. If we under help them, we’re giving them too much of our energy. You know, there’s, there’s, there’s a real dynamic at a, I call it a therapeutic dynamic. That’s probably the wrong word, but the prosperity pathway helps you understand well, when you know how you respond in relationships and what your number one fear might be which keeps you in a scarcity trap when you know how to be friends, that fear rather than let it run your life and overcome your tire on your, your, what you’re here to learn. That’s when you’re switching on your inner prosperity pathway and you’re not just a magnet, like you’re, you’re a lifestyle, your message.

You magnetize the people who want to help you, the people who want to work with you and your message just sounds like it doesn’t sound like really small and big and hard to hear me. It sounds, Hey, guess what people kind of go, I am still not sure what you do, but I want to work with you. Or there was one thing you said, so it just increased it traditionally moves from the stress, which is 10% of our potential to a hundred percent of our potential. We’re tapping into our whole exome. You’ll be the equivalent of you. Don’t after a storm, you, you changed from your emergency generator to your foot generator and the whole house goes, ah, because you’re there, Oh my God, I can use the hairdryer now, you know, I can, and I stay in her library. So the prosperity pathways is simple six week program. And it is for transformational specialists because we’re kind of in the work already to just dial in wherever we may be sabotaging ourselves and unhooking those old habits so that we utilize the moving forward instead of let them trip over us. So not healing, it’s not deconditioning, it’s actually working your design really beautiful. So how can people

Learn more about this? Where can they find you?

They can find me, which is A N N I T A. And my prosperity pathway is there. They can contact me through that. And I actually think that’s probably the easiest way to go to my website. You’ll see the

Spell this, because you are from Ireland and

You smell all

Those things differently than we do here. So I want to make sure people can really find you. So it’s It’s A N N I T A K E A N E that’s right. So go find a need to get on the prosperity pathway without hesitation so that you, you know, I just finished doing a Ted talk two weeks ago about the hidden causes of burnout and how we tend to think that burnout. In fact, the world health organization, classifies burnout as something that can only be related to work-related circumstances that can not be applied to real life situations. And certainly can’t be sourced in real life situations. And I think that we’re missing the boat on the definition of burnout in a big way. I think that there are a lot of people in this world who are very burned out and it has nothing to do with hating their job, not getting well paid and not having a passion around what they do.

I think it has a lot to do with not knowing how to do what you do in the way that’s right for you. And I think you are doing such an amazing job of really giving people the lens through which to really see themselves and how they operate in the world so that they can better tap into the fulfillment of their potential and to not get locked into that place of depletion or self judgment, or just not working in alignment with who you are, if you’re, you know, if you’re designed to, to operate in a certain way, and you’re trying to run your whole program in a way that it isn’t aligned with you and it doesn’t work. You know, I think we have a tendency again, especially I think in our community to really go into, well, I must be blocked. I must have a karmic problem.

I have must have had the wrong mindset. You know, we, we go into these really deep places of self-recrimination because we have these very simplified beliefs of, well, your thoughts create reality. I was having good thoughts. My reality didn’t work. I must have a problem. And maybe the problem isn’t really have a problem as much as you’re just not doing it in a way that’s right for you. So I really, really appreciate you standing out there as that projector orchestrator guide, that you are leading people down a pathway that helps them align more deeply, not only with themselves in their own sustainability, but gives them the tools for them to be able to transmit that to their clients as well. So good job. Good.

Important to you. And I agree with you, the number one cause of burnout is not living your purpose because no matter what you do, it’s, you’re living through it. And it’s really it’s. I totally agree with you, the yearning, the longing, then thinking that something is missing, then needing more than not enough newness. It’s all about what we’re looking out here for it instead of in here. That’s totally. Yeah. I love this so much. It was just so cool that you’re writing. So cool. So everything we can take.

So, Annita, thank you for joining me today. I just want to spell this out for everybody again, Annita Keane, a N N I T a K E a N Go connect with Annita, go explore her prosperity pathway, go discover the prosperity pathway Oasis and how you can create sustainably in alignment with your purpose and from that place where you serve at your highest level. Thank you for joining me today. It’s been so great to catch up with you and chat with you. Cause you’ve been building big things in, in the few, in the, the couple of years that we haven’t really caught up. So it was good to see you.

Thanks a million, Karen. I really appreciate the opportunity.


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