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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 3/5 Orchestrator (Projector) Stefanie Atkins.

Stefanie spent the majority of her life knowing that there was a higher calling for her. HD gave her the answers to why she always found herself pulling away from the traditional work. She has been able to fully embrace who she is and support others who are ready to fully embrace their true calling and story.

Stefanie supports women in tapping into the abundance that is available for them through creating an online brand and leveraging high ticket products. Join Stefanie’s Group here:

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Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m here today with quantum human designs level two specialists, Stephanie Atkins, who is going to be sharing with us a little bit about how she uses human design to help women entrepreneurs tap into their own freedom brand and to craft their own way of doing business. That’s in alignment with the true story of who they are. So that business becomes a place of self-expression a place where they can really shine their light out into the world without compromising any aspect of who they are in the world. Welcome, Stephanie, I’m so excited for this conversation.

Awesome. So I want to talk to you because you and I have a lot in common in the sense that you right now are a single parent with small children. And I was for many, many years, a full-time single parent with teenagers. And before that they were not teenagers, but the teenager part is kind of burned into my brain. And you’re also a parent of a 14 year old. So, you have two small children and a 14 year old, and you’re really consciously working on creating business as an entrepreneur, your way you are defining it for yourself and you’re helping women do the same. What does that mean? When I say when, when you say, you know, helping women do business their way, helping business do do business in such a way that isn’t just following the rules. What does that mean?

To me that means really just following your own path, being who you truly are meant to be in this world. I, before I found human design, I did things. I did things very differently. I did things, I did things by the book. I did things the way it was told to do it. And I, and I found myself really burnt out. And I finally just said, like, I always had this, this, this nudge, this feeling inside of me. Like, I don’t have to do it this way. It doesn’t need to be done this way. And it was through my own searching different strategies and different applications of how do I really just live my life, have joy, take care of my kids. Like I didn’t want to sacrifice my family for, for creating this business online. I wanted there to be a way to do that. That is what I’ve been really passionate about. That is what I’ve, I’ve really found. And I just want women to know that it doesn’t have to be, you don’t have to choose to be who you truly are, are, are meant to be and have the things that you want. I think that’s, it’s

So important because, you know, I’ve been in online business and, and been an entrepreneur, literally my entire adult life. I mean, I had a job for six months once, and that was it. I’m technically unemployable. And, you know, I got, when I got divorced, my children, my youngest daughter was five, four or five. I mean, she was really little at the time. And then my oldest son was 12. And of course I had kids in a couple of kids in the middle of that range. And you know, I was a full-time single parent. My mom, their dad kind of left the picture and I had full-time financial support responsibilities. And I had to really learn how to structure, work and family and do both at the same time. And I couldn’t just go get a job for many reasons. One being that I couldn’t afford the childcare, that it would’ve cost me to have to pay for the four kids, the jobs I would’ve gotten wouldn’t have even covered that piece.

And really much more importantly, I didn’t want to not be home with them. I had been home with them full time up until my divorce and, you know, really trying to balance that out was huge. And at the time when I started doing that, you know, I would, every once in a while I would go attend marketing conferences. And I was maybe one of, maybe three women in the entire auditorium full of guys. Right. And these guys would get up on stage. And this is so not going to be like trying to rag on guys, but these guys would get up on stage and they’d say things like, yeah. And I homeschool my children and I get up at seven o’clock in the morning and I journal for three hours and then I go for a run. And then I have, you know, they have this whole like pocket and mindset.

I’m thinking, how are you doing that in homeschooling your child? Oh yeah, you have a life. That’s how you’re doing, you’re doing it. And so really looking at that, the fact that even the models that were out there of freedom entrepreneurship, which, you know, a lot of coaching and online business there’s talks about, do this and be free was really not applicable to my life as a single mom, even when I was married, it wasn’t applicable to my life because the responsibilities and obligations and the desires that I had around being a mom and having a business were very different. So the way I structured my business from the very beginning always had that peace of mind, which this year in the 2020 and the whole pandemic piece, and I have my 11 year old at home now, homeschooling I’m so grateful because I literally had zero transition to COVID life. Right. It was like the same as my regular life, except I added homeschooling to it. Cause my kids stayed home from school. Because they went distance learning, but it didn’t change the dynamic of how I did my work at all. So it was definitely much more resilient. So you talk about using human design to help women find their power. How do you do that in conjunction with the work that you do?

So I, I am in still in the in the middle of experimenting with it, but I really want, when I do my individual readings with women, I really want them to have clarity on their purpose and their gifts and kind of take some of the things that that I’ve kind of been conditioned to kind of look bad or be bad. You know, like for me, I am a, I’m a three line I’m supposed to experiment a lot. And a lot of times I have been told that I can’t stick with anything. Y you know, like I can’t, why can’t I just pick one thing and stick to it? Why can’t you just listen to me? I already did that. I’m telling you, it’s not, don’t do that. And I’m going to go do it anyway. But instead of seeing these things as such a negative, turning it and shifting it to being a positive as like, this is how I’m living out, I live, this is how this is part of my purpose. I’m going to embrace it. And I’m going to try all of the different things and not feel guilty about it. So I really want to help women not feel guilty or stuck on who they really are and instead embrace it.

That’s beautiful. So do you, do you look at your children’s human designs and think about who they are and how you can give them a different set of messages than maybe the ones you were raised?

Yes. Yes. I’m like, I’m so intentional and I know more with my, I have a projector child and then I have two generators and I can connect more with my projector. Cause I know how it feels. I’m so intentional with her on, you know, and she’s three, she’s about to be four, but, but asking her the open-ended questions, making her feel, feel heard just trying not to, to either like criticize or like, cause sometimes, you know, you breaking free from some of these conditions and the way that you’ve kind of been some of the things that you hear growing up, you know, I’ve been just so much more conscious of, of not doing that. And really helping all of them and, and learning their different styles of, of who they are.

Beautiful. So what are some of the rules that you’ve broken with business and coaching?

So I, I’m fairly new to the whole coaching world this year. I have been doing network marketing, direct sales off and on for 10 years and I’ve broken the way that it’s been done that, you know, there’s so many stereotypes about network marketing and how you run, how you run your business, how you do it, how there’s like this hustle mentality. And you’ve got to, you know, make all of the friends list and you’ve got to reach out to all these people and you need to spend all of this time online and you’ve got to go, go, go, go, go. And there was always this like embracing, like it like embracing the burnout almost like you haven’t made it until you’re so exhausted, you know, and people, praise us. I’ve been so busy. I forgot to eat today. And I was like, is that really a good thing? Yeah. Right. Like, it doesn’t sound good to me. And I was like, that’s not appealing. I want to do it differently. And I know it can be done differently. And I found a way to do it differently. And I, you know, I do that through automation and I do that through creating a brand and being able to be yourself and not feel like you have to go do something outside of who you, even who you really are.

Yeah. Beautiful and beautiful. So how can people find you Stephanie?

So I mainly hang out on Facebook right now, so you can find me at, and it’s actually, I’m such a three-line. I am even experimenting with my name. So right now my name I’ve been using my middle name. So it’s Stephanie Reed, R E E D E at Facebook. So you can find me there. I’m super active over there.

Beautiful. All right, good. And you do one-on-one sessions. What else do you do?

I do a whole raping. So I do one-on-ones so I’ll do 90 minute sessions with people. I’m also opening up a a coaching like a monthly it’s a four week coaching platform. Me just one-on-one meet I’m opening four spots for one-on-one clients. It’s my first time I’m ever doing it. I’m super excited to be able to create that intimacy, that intimacy and that relationship, and really just help step out

And who they really are and create what they really want. I I help people create freedom brands by, by leveraging automation and leveraging other people’s products as well. Beautiful. All right. So find Stephanie, Stephanie Reed, R E E D, for now. And I’m sure you’re also on our quantum alignment system, page two. So, go find Stephanie there. If you go to quantum alignment find the quantum human design specialist page, and you can connect with her there too. So thank you so much for joining me. I can’t wait to watch you continue to do this work. I think empowering women in business is some of the most important work that we can do right now on the planet. And I think especially in light of this year, you know, there’s been a lot of stuff that’s come out that says women have really taken the biggest hit in these shifts that have happened during 2020 and the whole pandemic. And I think when women take a hit, they get stronger, they reorganized, they bounce back and they’re more resilient. And so I think in this sort of reflective place that we’re in, I think will reemerge in the world of business and the economy from a much more empowered and realistic and rule breaking kind of place. So thank you for the work that you’re doing and thank you for joining me today. It was nice to meet you.

Karen Curry Parker, Founder & Creator
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Quantum Alignment System™, and Understanding Human Design

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