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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 1/3 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) Business, Social Media, Hormone, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Kelly Youmans.

Kelly Youmans is a multi-passionate entrepreneur ultimately resulting in her leaving an 18 year corporate career in healthcare. She is the founder of the “Lift Out Loud” movement and has an immense passion for building a strong foundation of self from the inside out through physical awareness via any form of movement and/or exercising, as well as mental awareness through the aforementioned AND personal development of all types especially Human Design.

Kelly has been a leader in every aspect of her life honoring her natural energetic blueprint of experiential and informational learning and then sharing what she’s grown through. Kelly is known in the fitness circles from her pro competition days, but also for her awards in business consulting, especially in the fields of network marketing and business start-ups.

Kelly’s proudest accomplishments include helping thousands create new streams of income without feeling like a fish out of water and helping tens of thousands find their true north resulting in generational changes for the better by inspiring individuals that then inspire individuals they love that inspire individuals they love and so on…

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Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the Understanding Human Design podcasts. I’m here today with human design, Quantum Human Design level two specialists, Kelly Youmans. Who’s going to be talking to us today about a phrase that she just gave me when we were chatting before we just started that I am so in love with now. It might be that I am a time bender. Kelly’s a time bender, but I know a lot of my clients who are not time vendors who have this same way of creating in the world. So, we’re going to talk about what does it mean to be a multi-passionate on entrepreneurs? Thank you, Kelly, for that word, that phrase, and thank you for being here and joining us.

Yes, you’re so welcome. I love that it resonated with you and just everyone knows. I said that in reference to her, I said, I’m sure you understand what I mean, you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur as well.

So, you have been coaching with people in business for a long time and one of your many passions is in helping people step into creating for themselves. Not just multi-passionate businesses, but multi passionately based streams of revenue, because it’s a lot more fun when the passion also creates a stream of revenue. And part of why I think this is so important is, in the years that I’ve coached business owners and entrepreneurs, I’m sure you’ve had the same experience. So many people come to me and they feel like broken, or like there’s something wrong with them because they’ve been told by traditional coaches, well, you got to pick one thing and not only do you have to just pick this one thing, you got to like niche it out to the infinite degree.

My market is forty-three-and-a-half-year-old women who have two children and three dogs who live in Mississippi. That’s your target market. They’re forcing all their brilliance into this little tiny path. They’re bored, frustrated, and they’re overwhelmed to try and figure out how do I take all the bigness that is me, and push it into one tiny little business. It’s so powerful. How did you talk to me a little bit about how you coach people to build from there multi-passionate perspective?

Yeah. Thanks. Well obviously, my belief is my experience in life is that I personally have to go through whatever and then you teach it. As far as me, in specific to your question, consulting people on how to grow their business, honestly, when I started paying for mentors, you $10,000, $12,000, $20,000 to get coached. They’re all saying the same thing, which is niche down, identify your target market niche down. I’m like, okay, I can follow instructions and I’ve paid for this, so I need to do it. I just kept feeling like, well, that didn’t work well, that doesn’t work well. I don’t know. And then, I may call it my time vendor. I don’t know. Well, I do know, I shouldn’t say, I don’t know, but it definitely can leave you feeling defeated.

I’m like this, isn’t working later, like, it’s this, this guarantee I can get you these results. Now I am well aware that no one can get me results. I have to, you know, it is my responsibility. When I say that, just know I didn’t buy anything on that guarantee, but I certainly am of the mindset. If somebody has done it before, like there is no original thing. I’m like, I know that I’m going to, I just need to find somebody that’s done it and then learn from them. I want to know from them. For me over the years, realizing like I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and I can’t put my finger on anything that has actually come to fruition from A to Z would that coaching or that program. And, but I’m successful. I hope that answered your question. And it is like what my own experience has brought me. I do think that’s my strength that I give people permission. Not like I gave you permission. My general existence allows people that permission to be like, it’s there. It doesn’t have to be one way to do this.

Absolutely. I completely agree with you. I think I won’t speak for you, but I will say I’ve been in business for myself, especially online long enough to have been in business online in the very beginning, when we went online and I’ve had the experience of being like one of three women at a marketing conference of hundreds of people. I don’t want to make this be like guys versus gals, but I have watched a very masculine approach to business building, being sort of set up as this is how you do it. And of course, in the process of trying to do it that way, I was always a full-time parent for many of the years that I built the business as a full-time single parent with full-time custody of four teenagers and then a fifth kid sort of trailing behind, and it didn’t matter how much I was niching down my business, no matter what was always a multi-passionate endeavor, I would teach tele classes at night.

I had a whiteboard at one point when my, I think my middle daughter was maybe eight or 10 at a whiteboard that I would keep up so that they could talk to me. I was teaching because otherwise they were like Pope. They would crawl under the desk and like, poke my thighs and then mouth things to me. And I’ll be like, I can’t talk to you right now. I’m teaching right now. And she would, she would write things on the board, like, can I have some ice cream? The reason why I’m sharing that is because I think that the way we’re hardwired many of us, and I’m not just going to say women, because I think our consciousness is sort of broadening and expanding. I think the world is really kind of calling us out to serve as maybe not necessarily multitaskers, but certainly people who are not just specialists who dive deep into a tiny little niche, but people who are more generalists who are able to start seeing the relationship between all these little parts you, you shared with me at the beginning that you do some health coaching and that in your mind, the challenges that you work on with your clients in the health coaching arena are very similar to the challenges that you work on in your business coaching practice.

And I completely agree with you. It’s like when you are not drilling down so deep into this tiny little hole of this is my client, and you’re starting to look at, Oh, here’s the big picture. You start to see that somebody who’s struggling with money or somebody who’s struggling with a relationship challenge or somebody who’s struggling with physical health and wellness or somebody who’s struggling with, what do I do to get my business started? Or how do I market and promote myself that at the heart of it is really just the same core theme

It’s self, right? Like, it’s absolutely thank you for pointing that out. I, um, my professional, whoa, I’m still a professional just because I’m not working at a company, for somebody else. Oh, well, we’re always working for somebody else. We’re working for our customers, but you know what I mean? I did the traditional thing. I go to school, get a college degree, climb the corporate ladder. And my degree, my profession was in corporate medicine as well as which married right along with just my personal interests and of being an athlete as well. I share that because at the end of the day, especially in America, I’m speaking from my experience, especially in America and from my parents and how their generation, that was what we all, that’s what they wanted us all to do. That was because, at that time, it wasn’t only maybe one of the six kids went to college or two of the six kids went to college.

So, all of them go to college and it’s about education and what do you know? That’s all fine and good. I was successful doing that, but it, but the further you get away from self, which can happen, the more you recognize, it feels like you’re hitting these brick walls or you’re hitting these glass ceilings. And it’s easy in my opinion to point, well, that’s my boss. Well, that’s that company. And in reality, my opinion is we’ll know, it’s how far we get away from who we truly are. And maybe we didn’t really even ever know. And so, as time takes because time heals. As we travel through this journey of life and you know, and I’ve seen people, especially having an 18-year career in healthcare and what are the change agents? What are the motivators? Well, I can tell you what’s not, and that would be death or that you’re just going to feel like crap all day, every day, doesn’t motivate a single person. And that was really my revelation. And then, what if we want to speak in human design terms, which I didn’t know when this happened to me, but there’s that changing events, whether it’s a Saturn return or you’re in a position, whatever we want to say that will force us to do something different. And what forced me was I in the picture of health, a professional athlete, and I’m in health care and people are coming to me for advice and care.

I became a patient and now I’m on the receiving end of how we’re delivering care. And immediately within a year I was gone. Like, I just appeared in my home. I’m like, well, this is not working. So it was, and, and, and not that I was that far away from myself because I always knew what was true for me. But if I’m speaking, honestly, knowing what’s true for me. And then what do I have to do every day to make money also being a single parent, I got divorced when he was one raised him by myself. There’s, there’s plenty of opportunity to stray. Even if you do know, who do know who your true, authentic self is. I think in getting healthy and wellness, that, that search to, to have those tangible, I want to lose five pounds and that search to have that tangible. Um, how can I support myself? Because I know what I’m doing right now, doesn’t make me feel good every day, or this is the same underlying energy.

Yeah, no, I completely agree with you. One of the things that I certainly have always said is that the more pain you have in your life, whether it’s physical pain, financial pain, relationship pain, the more pain somebody is experiencing, the more they’re living off their chart, if you will, from a human design perspective, the greater the expression that you are creating from in your life is misaligned with the truth of who you are. And I think, the work that you do to get people back as part of your coaching practice into harmony with themselves can impact everything from belly bloat, which is one of the things you talked about on the quantum climate show a couple of weeks ago, to having the mindset, to position yourself, to build a sustainable, multiple streams, to build sustainable, multiple streams of income, which is, you know, the other piece of work that you do. And there, there is a very deep relationship between those pieces.

Absolutely. Absolutely. It it just hit how fat am I, you know, I’m pretty, everything hits me like that, and if I could literally even, yeah, it’s like what you just said, they’re so intertwined because even your most sucks your most what we would view as successful monetarily people, there’s a large percentage of those people that don’t feel well, and imagine how productive they could be if they did feel well. I just think it’s just telling how far we stray from our true, authentic, you know, off the chart. Even though I’ve never felt unhappy or perplexed, I mean, that was, there was definitely that, okay, what’s my next step. What’s my next step, you know? Okay. I’ve done this corporate thing. Like, so where’s the top of the ladder?

I think that you obviously could be some time bender, but it’s, but I think that’s living off the chart. I think you’re searching and you don’t have clarity because you’re, you know, even like I’ve never been miserable, I’ve always been happy. I know everything works out in my favor always think, and I’m so glad I have that energy and whatever God instilled in me but obviously to have near death experience was living off the chart. Obviously, stress was taking its toll, even though I didn’t look like it. I agree with you. Yeah.

So, talk to me about your practice. What do you offer people and how can people connect with you?

People can connect. Okay. So, my website crashed before the quantum alignment shows right now, as they’re repairing that people can connect with me. I created an email human You can just connect with me. I created a freebie from the quantum alignment show that people are loving and if you want the journal questions that may help you identify where you have stuck energy or identify where you may be holding stress that you’re unaware of. And if you just email, I can send you that freebie.

On your website, which I think we note in the podcast, there is a place to book a session with me if you like, and I do human design readings, but I also do health consults. I can combine the two, just depending on what a person wants, um, or I do business consults. And it’s just basically you can book a time an hour, an hour and a half, and that’s the easiest way to get started to work together. And then we work and then I like to leave that I like to co-create with my customers because we don’t know what we don’t know. And we certainly don’t always know what we need. So, I really like to approach things with, you know, them telling me either what I want them to tell me what they think they’re looking for. And then, we reverse engineer that.

That’s beautiful. So yeah. So human or find Kelly’s information about how you can book a session with Kelly on our webpage. Go to Find the tab that says human design. There’s a dropdown menu that says, find a practitioner and you can go to that page and you’ll find Kelly’s information there. You can go ahead and skip a session straight from there too.

I always like to ask my interviewees, if you will, one question at the end, what is the greatest benefit that you got from understanding your human design
validation validation? Because I found myself literally telling my child and just everyone knows my child was graduating college this week. He’s not a baby or anything, but I was like, listen, I know the things coming out of my mouth sound insane, but crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. You cannot have any committed and I’m telling you, and I’m aware, this sounds crazy. And so, and the reason I share that with you is because things were like my sidekick channels, just everything just burst wide open. I do believe after seeing my human design chart now that it’s because I removed myself from an office and from other people’s energy and was for the first time in my entire life, able to spend eight hours a day in my house, by myself building a business, my phone would go off to school there. And I think that was healing for me. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that seven years ago when I was in it, but after learning human design and when I saw my chart, it was such a like, oh my God, yes, that is me. You know, an energy form. Learning human design, I felt completely validated. I shoved the chart in my son’s face and said, I told you. Crazy. This says everything I’ve been telling you. I love that. Awesome. No, you’re not crazy. You’re not crazy. I love that. That’s what you pick, because I think that’s, that’s the piece that I hear people talk about a lot that I think the most common thing people say is not just, I feel seen, which is huge, but that it’s okay for me to be how I am that I’m not crazy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom with everyone in the world.


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