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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Quantum Human Design™ magazine! – July 2021

You are a vehicle for the evolution of consciousness. Consciousness and all of life is growing through you, your human story and your life.

The more we live true to our design, the more we experience and understand our infinite potential. Living your design is like interfacing with infinity through a clear glass window that has no smudges, dings and dents. We can see infinite possibility as it radiates through us. There is nothing in our way that keeps us from seeing all the possibilities, increasing our trust and faith in Source.

The more we live true to our Human Design, the more receptive we become to Life’s Intelligence rolling through us, expressing out into the world through our individual lives. The more we align with this Intelligence, the easier it is to tap into the full support that helps us become who we were born to be, infinite potentials in an ever-expanding cosmic plan that constantly seek to evolve towards the highness fulfillment of Love on the material plane.

Enjoy reading this month’s edition below!

From my Heart to yours,