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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Quantum Human Design™ magazine! – August 2021

This is the final edition of our Quantum Human Design™ magazine before our annual Human Design Conference. All of the contributing writers in this edition will be speaking and sharing at our conference this year, either live or live-streaming (depending on COVID restrictions in their varying countries).

Every year for our conference we choose a theme that is relevant to what’s up on the planet. This year we chose the theme of “Creativity and Human Design”.

Traditionally, we define “creativity” as our ability to make art, music or write poetry, fiction, etc. I like to define creativity as the ability to create. That seems like a pretty broad definition that includes all of us. The Human Design charts shows that we are all creative in our own unique ways.

This conference will give you a perspective that will help you see where we’ve come from, the story we’re living into right now and the concrete steps we need to take to keep moving ourselves forward with intention and inspiration.

I hope to see you there!

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From my Heart to yours,