I haven’t written a good blog post in a while. I’ve been busy working on my new book (coming soon…!!) but the inspiration has been driving me crazy so I decided to take a break and write something a little different.When I worked for Human Design America almost 10 years ago, my boss, Mary Ann Winiger, used to always talk about “The Program”. She said those two little words, “The Program”, with such reverence. She would almost whisper them with awe.

Frankly, I didn’t know what the heck “The Program” was. I was new to living in Sedona and if you’ve ever lived in Sedona (or someplace like it), you know that there are a bunch of secret esoteric vocabulary words being tossed around by people all the time and I just wanted to look like I fit in.

So, Mary Ann would whisper, “The Program” and I would muster up that same awed expression and nod knowingly. “Yes,” I would agree, “The Program”….

It has taken me until recently to figure out exactly what Mary Ann meant by “The Program”. As is my usual experience with Human Design, I was walking along like a normal person, thinking normal thoughts at the grocery store, when out of the blue the revelation of what Mary Ann meant by “The Program” smacked me out of my somnambulistic shopping stupor and knocked me back into hyper-inspired awareness. (Why does this always happen at the grocery store or in the shower???)

Let me try to translate the epiphany that I had at the grocery store into plain English.

We are born to be abundant. It’s how we are hard-wired. The circuitry of our Being is programmed to move us towards experiences and opportunities that support us in creating the perfect abundance for us. This constant potential movement towards abundance is the Program.

It’s kind of like this. We are like high-speed trains. We are designed to travel through life quickly, smoothly and steady on-course for our destiny with little friction. The Program is the magnetic rail for the high-speed train.

(If you want to learn more about this, scroll down and read my blog post: Human Design and the Promise of Abundance.)

The cool part about the Program is that we always have the option to “jump the tracks”.

As we experience life, we are influenced by other people’s beliefs, energies and collective consciousness. From these influences, we form our own thoughts and beliefs that create our life experiences. Sometimes these thoughts, beliefs and energies take us off the “high road” of abundance and make us feel like we’re driving our high-speed train on a gravel road. (Uphill. Backwards. With a blind fold on.)

The more off the Program we live, the more pain we experience in our life.

When we stop living the truth of who we are, the role we are designed to live out in the Program, we experience pain in our life. That pain is simply our Higher Self giving us a warning signal that we’re operating off the Program.

The Human Design chart is like a story board for your life. Your chart shows the character, the role and the plot for your life. In the chart there is drama, conflict and themes to consciously evolve. The chart reveals your unique path to a successful abundant life.

Your Human Design is your interface with the Program. Knowing your Human Design helps you find your way back to your natural state of abundance and restores your place in the Program.

Today is the Fourth of July. In America this is a day when we celebrate freedom.

One of the things that make us a truly unique creation on this planet is our ability to deliberately choose to evolve. Theoretically, we all have the ability to consciously choose to evolve and create in the world.

Of course, even though this is truth in theory, it is not yet a conscious and awakened possibility for many people on the planet. Many of our Divine Siblings are struggling to experience freedom of choice, safety and abundance on every level.

The Program promises that we will continue to grow and evolve towards this level of conscious awareness and freedom. The Human Design chart shows us that in the energetic blueprint of humanity, democracy is a highly evolved form of government, suffering is not normal and we are all designed to experience abundance in every way.

To me, Independence Day is about celebrating the steps we’ve taken to move towards expressing the highest potential for humanity. If you look at the span of the history of mankind, we’ve come a long way!

But we still have a ways to go.

Many people in my practice are seeking their Life Purpose. Because I am blessed to attract some of the most compassionate, caring people in the world, my clients want to know what they can do to make a difference in the world and how they can best be of service.

My answer is always simple. Get with the Program.

The first step you must take to make the world a better place is to fulfill your destiny in the Program.

(My students are probably sick of this analogy. If you’ve heard it before…bear with me….)

Humanity is like a beautiful puzzle. To make a complete and beautiful puzzle you have to have all of the pieces and they have to be in their right place.

There is a very big dog, three mischievous cats and five children living in my house. A complete puzzle with all the pieces intact is a rare and amazing thing in my house.

Every puzzle I have ever owned has had pieces mutilated by a frustrated child who forced a wrong piece to fit in the wrong space. Pieces go missing and turn up years later long after to puzzle has been thrown out. Dogs eat pieces and cats do unmentionable things to cardboard.

If you lose a piece to the puzzle or the edges of the puzzle get frayed and torn, the beauty of the entire puzzle image will never completely come together.

We are each like one of those pieces. When we do not fulfill our role, force ourselves into spaces that don’t fit and aren’t right for us, get lost and try to be someone we are not, we affect the total face of the Human Puzzle.

For us to fulfill our destiny as a species, we need to each first fulfill our role in the Program.

(Of course, this is only the first step. But our power to influence and transform the world is strongest when we play our part in the Program.)

Think about this for a minute. What we see in the world is a reflection of our conditioning and our perception of ourselves. The world is a mirror of our consciousness.

(How many times have you read that you can’t truly love another until you love yourself first, right? Same principle.)

Human Design teaches us to love ourselves. That self love gives our lives direction.

When we love and accept ourselves, we learn to love and accept each other. Our lives take on a direction of sharing love and acceptance for others. What we want and allow for ourselves is what we want and allow for our Divine Siblings.

Today as we celebrate Independence Day, I invite you to think about your role in the Program. And to take a few minutes to say a prayer affirming we can soon live in a world that is beautifully aligned with the Program.

A world where all individuals are consciously free to choose, have equal power and voice. A world where all people are free, valued, safe, well-fed, cared for, educated, healthy and abundant in every way.

Remember that what we focus on is where we create growth in our lives and the world.

I am so grateful for the freedom to be able to consciously choose. I am so grateful for a Program that has lovingly given direction to my life and blessed me with unspeakable abundance.

I am so very, very grateful for all of you who have graced me with the honor of helping you see your perfect and magnificent place in the Program.

And I am so excited to witness and support the continual evolution of humanity.

Let freedom ring!

Happy Fourth of July!