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Quantum Human Design is a new and transformed Human Design language that is more expansive, empowering, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding. It’s been deliberately engineered and upgraded the HD vocabulary to a powerful, positive, higher vibrational frequency of energy to help you fully activate your potential. In this week’s episode, we have Kim Gould who started Love Your Design way back in 2003.


  1. Feminine archetypes for activating feminine leadership. [01:20]
  2. Mind-blowing facts about asteroids. [03:27]
  3. Moving into a new cycle of leadership with a feminine perspective. [07:25]
  4. Mythology talks and finding those places where we’ve limited the story of who we are. [09:43]
  5. The evolution of our human design understanding. [18:44]


Kim Gould is a mentor and coach who help others access their own unique way to create meaningful change. The Human Design System is a consciousness tool that awakens us to where our own personal transformation meets universal evolution.

In 2005, when a whole lot of new planets were discovered, opening us to a new galactic consciousness, Emergent Human Design was born. She was feeling limited by her standard HD chart and went exploring for her ascendant. This discovery changed her life.

It launched her into an exploration of the Multidimensional Matrix (based on the work of Eleanor Haspel Portner), the minor planets and asteroids and Holographic Human Design. This was the first part of what she now calls Emergent Human Design.



Hi, everyone. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m Karen Curry Parker. I’m not sure if there’s a word big enough to describe the way that I feel about today’s interview. I want to say I’m excited, but I’m also honored and honestly, a little bit fan girlish about our guests today. Kim Gould specializes in taking human design beyond the rave chart. She’s not looking just at the regular chart that you get when you run your free chart, where we might run it. She’s been looking at asteroids, she’s been doing this since 2005, and she’s been using the information in the transits of the asteroids that gives us to give us a sort of a richer, deeper, more personal experience of human design. And I think really most importantly, and certainly most interestingly, she’s been adding feminine archetypes and the possibility of using this information to activate our feminine leadership through our understanding of human design out into the world. So, thank you so much for joining me today here, Kim.

Thank you, Karen. And can I say right back at you?

It’s pretty awesome. You and I have sort of been, I don’t know, like rotating celestial bodies for many years together. We design a journey around the same time and I have always watched you with awe, and just watched your interpretation of the celestial, whether it was just, you know, honestly, sometimes I look at it and I’m like, wow, I am really inadequate.

It was such a really depth of knowledge that I don’t have. And I think that’s kind of interesting because I certainly, I think never started off with any kind of understanding and astrology at all. I mean, what little I know. And I would say emphasis on little, I really love gleaned just probably from reading your stuff.

That’s really great. Well, you know, people think I’m an astrologer, but everything that I know about astrology, I learned through human design. I have no background in astrology. This was for me as someone who’s self-taught in human design, other than the original mentoring that I got, which was amazing and amazing foundation for me then to just launch out into my own area, which was just synchronous and had to be what it was. The astrology was the easiest entry point. It was the place with the most information. And so, that’s where I went.

Yes. Yeah. I think that’s a beautiful place to go. I think it’s a place that you have sort of crafted your own place of wisdom. Tell us a little bit about why do you use asteroids? What are asteroids and what asteroids are you using?

Yeah. Great. What are asteroids is a really interesting question. I mean, it wasn’t a question that I expected, but people ask me that all the time and basically, they’re weird bits of rock floating around in space. Everything that’s orbiting around our sun, we can put into the human design chart and things that aren’t even orbiting things that are fixed like black holes and fixed stars. I’m working on the stars at the moment to put them in as well. So, there’ll be on the chart side. I’m so excited for that. Anything that we can put into an astrology chart, we can map into the human design chart. Back in 2005, I thought, I wonder where my ascendancy is because I was reading something in astrology and they were saying, oh, you’re a sentence. I thought, well, I must be able to find it in my human design chart. Of course, I knew I could. I went and looked for it and it was the bridge gate, the one bridge gate between my two split areas. And I thought, whoa, that’s really interesting. That’s an interesting thing. I thought, what else could I go looking for? About that time, all those new planets, they were all being discovered. That was very exciting. Then, I just started playing with asteroids and that totally blew my mind with what the kind of information that I was able to elicit from looking at those. I was doing it all manually to start with, so that would take me like two hours to get at least two or three hours to get a chart ready because I was having to map it all manually. And then, Lisa built the website for me, where we can, you know, you can just click and it tells you, which is like a miracle, absolute miracle. So, I haven’t answered your question there. They’re basically orbiting around our sun, but they’re too small to qualify as a planet. Most of them sit between Mars and Jupiter. There are literally almost a million of them, but almost a 95% of those are tiny. We only work probably with maybe a hundred or so astrologists kind of pick and choose which of their favorites.

And so, which are your favorites?

Oh my goodness. That’s a good question. There’s one called Magdalena, which I started working with. I absolutely love her. She’s like the last feminine aspect of the divine. Wherever she sits in your chart and she sits on my Vesta, Vesta is another of my favorites, which is about for women, what we’re devoted to. And I think Vesta actually creates a kind of an intersection between what is sacred to me, what I need to really devote myself to. That automatically goes out into the common good. Vesta has such a strong energy around what is the common good that I’m devoted to in naturally within myself, for example, Cirrus, a lot of people know her. In fact, she’s actually a dwarf planet on the same, astronomically on the same level of importance as Pluto, and she should be in our human design chart, always. She represents, I mean, such a complex archetype, but you can look at her and just say, this is what I need to nurture myself, and this is, I always use her in purpose, her vesta. She also represents, this is what I love to do to help nourish and nurture other people. Really important in terms of leadership, both of those planets.

Let’s talk about leadership because one of the things that you really emphasize, and I think that’s one of the things you’re going to be speaking about, and kind of fits obviously fits into the theme of our women in human design conference. Why did you decide, oh, wait, we need to look at this and what does it give us, not only as women, but what does it give us a culture as we move into what I think is a new cycle of leadership that certainly is at least asking of us to move towards a more feminine perspective?

Yeah, I think that if we look at the anthropology, we’d go back to the matriarchy and women were definitely the drivers of that culture. If I can use that very patriarchal way of describing it, then we have this 2000 year of patriarchy. What I think we’re doing now is we’re really starting to resolve some of the polarities or dualities in our culture. And one of those dualities is where way out on the masculine edge of consciousness at the moment, and we need to bring it back. One of the conundrums in that is that women really only know how to exist within the patriarchy because we’ve been doing it for so long, but it’s still what I call our original feminine self still sits in ourselves. We have the memories there. It’s very difficult to actually get those filters off and find what it is to actually be this kind of original feminine archetype in the world that we’re meant to be. This is where, what I call feminine DNA comes into it because if we look at, for instance, Pandora is a great example that I often use as an archetype in it. So, each of us have Pandora, somewhere in our human design chart. Pandora, when I first started researching her, if you look at the asteroids in for astrology, what you’ll see, and a lot of people do these astrologers, they’re just, it’s just cookie. They see it somewhere on someone else’s website. And then they say, oh, this is what it’s about. Curiosity. This is a place where you’re too curious because of course Pandora was like, I wonder what will happen if I take the lid off the jar.

But when I actually looked into, and look, when I say looked into it, I read about it on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is amazing. Um, shout out to Wikipedia. What it said was that the Pandora was actually written about by HESI ARD in ancient Greece, and in the mythology, she was created as a punishment to man to be his tormentor because we all know women are can’t live with them, can’t live without them. And so, this is a patriarchal archetype of a woman who’s just really pesky, and we all know that. You can dig Vanessa, she was Pandora, all gifted. She was the goddess of the gifts that living on earth gives us, which is a much better interpretation.

I love this. I especially love this because I think last year, my 11-year-old, we were homeschooling, we worked on Greek mythology and she literally about a month into the curriculum, says I’m done, I’m literally done. I can’t listen to these horrific stories in these horrific archetypes anymore. We had to go on an exploration to see, okay, if we could reinterpret these. And I think that’s a lot of what you’ve done in these reinterpretations. With my daughter, I worked with her to say, okay, well, how can we find a different way to language this, how can we look at this from a different lens? The whole chart itself, no matter what you’re looking at, offers the spectrum right of here is here, and what are you going to do to get your expression consciously, moving in that direction in which you intend. But when you add this piece to it and you start to give all of us the language and the perspective around breaking free, if you will, from the patriarchy or braking, finding those places where we’ve limited the story of who we are, because we’ve been living it under a definition that only meets parts of our needs and parts of the true story of who we really are. So, yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s more than limited. I call it a filter and it’s like, we don’t actually even realize that we’re limited. We don’t actually even realize that it’s there because been living through that filter for so long, we think it’s part of who we are. To look at Pandora and say, okay, this is a place where I feel ashamed of my gifts. Is this a place where I put a lid on my gifts? Because I think they’re pesky. They’re annoying. To actually do that kind of recovery work within your human design is just astounding. It’s so precise.

I think in conjunction with changing the perspective and changing the vocabulary, I think we even need to change the arc of the story and the way we tell story, because when we look at masculine storytelling or patriarchal storytelling, even the whole Joseph Campbell thing, it’s like, it’s a very masculine model, right? You start off, you get this tension and it builds up climax and boom, reach this level of, wow, I got this now. I’m going to make this more personal in terms of my life span and my journey as a woman, which is a part of the feminine story. My life story is about this. It’s a spiral and each time I go around, there’s the same darn challenge that I have to master from a different way and then a different way, and then a different way. We don’t incorporate that even into the basics of storytelling. We think story has beginning, middle and done. And if we add these other pieces that you’re adding, and we look at it from a cyclical dynamic, rather than an arc, I think it gives us an opportunity also to consciously sort of dig in and see life as an evolutionary process and not just, oh, just get this stuff done, then I’m going to be fine.

I think that the cycling energy, if we take that as the matriarchal energy and that linear, push on, push your head, use my word, that kind of energy, that linear energy from the patriarchy. We bring those two, if you like geometric forms together, we get a spiral. That’s how I see it. I think that in bringing those two ways of being together, we get growth and evolution and movement, but we get it in a very healthy way, not the way we have it now. Ae We get to go slow enough to see the whole picture. We get to acknowledge our own experiences within that, which are obliterated if we’re just like, right, got to get to there, nothing else matters.

Awesome. So, you’re going to be speaking at the international human design conference, and you’re going to be talking about feminine DNA and the beautiful, unique body of work that you bring to us. Do you have one last thing you want us to know?

This is kind of also my thing. When you put asteroids into your human design, you kind of lose touch with type strategy or authority. It kind of starts to fade away because the structure of your chart starts to shift. The mechanics of the chart, start to shift and change. They get softer, gentler, and more fluid. So, that’s another part of adding all of these extra, additional layers, not just the asteroids, but all the other layers into the work. That’s kind of where I’m sitting really now is playing with. My most popular article on my website is about that, but just to start to say, okay, let’s just loosen up a bit on that guys.

I love that. I really love that. I have not had the courage to come out and say that in that way. And yet, part of what I keep seeing is that everybody has the need to follow divine timing, and that sort of regulates the entire way in which you interact with the world. I’m still exploring, how do I introduce this idea?

There’s so many issues with type strategy authority, and so many people come to me and say, I come to you because I cannot do this. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s probably just my not self, they always say to me. It’s not your not self. It’s a really complex thing that needs to be picked apart very gently. With a lot of understanding, it’s not that type strategy and authorities evil, it needs to be banned. It’s too simple.

I like that. I love the beginning of a dialogue that liberates people from what I think, especially the types that are defined as projectors. They get handed a sort of just sit down, shut up, and we’ll see what shows up. There’s a certain amount of hurt that comes from diagnosis if you will.

It’s the rigidity of it. I get so many people come to me and say, I know human design is really important and I really want to learn it, but I cannot get in through this filter. I don’t know how to get into it. If you manifest is in a way, a lot of them have projector aspects in other areas of their design. That’s really liberating for them to realize that there’s parts of them that need to be recognized and get an invitation in some way. So, we start to look at all of that much more complex way, a much more mature way of looking at the charts.

I think our understanding of the system, because it’s a system that, at least, I believe is an expression of where we are in our consciousness. Our understanding of the system is going to evolve. What we knew in 2000 or 1999 and how we’re interpreting it now changes because are already different. It’s shifted a lot.

I agree. I mean, ideas that I thought were really like, whoa, out there and now I see it, you know, not because I said it, but other people have come to the same conclusions.

Well, I look forward to hearing you at the international conference and if you guys are interested in learning more about the conference, please visit

You’re going to learn all about Kim’s work. Kim, what is your website? So people can go read all those amazing things you’ve written and it’s Go there. When you have enough time to go take a nap between blog posts, because your mind is going to be so blown. You’re going to have to go take a nap to integrate on the parasympathetic side and then go back and read some more because there’s going to be a tremendous amount of healing and awakening that you’ll find there. Thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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