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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, 2/4 Time Bender, Kristen Toscano.

Kristen Toscano worked as a physical therapist and health coach over two decades before realizing that the thing she most loved to help her patients with were the stressors that were leading them to burnout.

After her own journey with burnout and learning about Human Design, she came to understand that there was a lot more going on than the physical symptoms. She now uses all her experience to help clients get unstuck by learning to trust themselves and their decisions while releasing the “shoulds” in their lives so they can replace them with more play and fun.

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There has never been anyone like you before. There will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. And today I am excited to be having what I think is going to be a really fun conversation with humans, quantum human science specialists, Kristen Toscano. So welcome, Christina. I’m excited to have you here.

Thanks. I’m really excited to be here. Cool.

So, so you and I had a conversation and I just want to sort of set the stage now, before we get rolling, we might cry. We might cry and it’s okay because we know if we cry on this podcast is because our hearts are open and we are, we’re talking about truth with a capital T as I say to my 12 year old. So you have a passion for bringing play into human design, which I love because when we talk about human design, I don’t know if it’s because it’s originally a European topic or if it’s just got so much, you know, so much around it, that’s really mental. I think sometimes when we talk about human design, we take it. So darn seriously, that we forget that it’s really fun to be who you are. There’s a playful exploration. So talk to me a little bit about why you decided to land on the idea of playing and experiencing your design versus learning about it and being able to recite the parts of your chart back.

Yeah. So it’s funny cause I have the defined vagina. So I do hold a lot of the human design information. It comes really easily for me, but I found for myself the magic really happened when I got out of my head, got into my body and started to go out and explore with it. And I, it helped me reconnect to all of my Leo energy, which is all about fun. And so that’s what I really love sharing with my clients.

I love that too. Leo’s on a podcast talking about play and fun. Right. Okay. So, all right. I, and I totally agree with you, you know, I, I have a really hard time sometimes with the system when people take it very, you know, take it so seriously that they forget that there’s joy here is in the chart, joys and mastery that there’s play here. There’s creativity, there’s imagination. You know, when we, half of the chart has emotional definition and that emotional definition brings with it creativity and the potential for light-heartedness. So I love that you’re, you’re bringing us back to, so I have to go back to what made us cry. And so I will, I’m not trying to like expose you here, but you just shared with me at the beginning of our conversation that your grandmother just turned 91. She turns 90 today, 90, 90. Wow. All right. Awesome.

Yeah. And, and what I shared was she was diagnosed with a heart condition when she was 35. And at that point she was told that no one with this diagnosis had made it to 40 at that point. And so she was put on beta blockers and all these medications that were experimental. She had an, I think her first angiogram in like the early 1960s. Wow. yeah. And, and so to be celebrating 90 is, is amazing. Yeah.

So what do you think, what do you think helped your grandmother defy those odds?

Gosh, she’s incredibly strong. I think her connection with my grandfather initially, like they they just had a beautiful love story. And the part that makes me cry is that we lost him 23 years ago. And while she’s lived such a full life, and she’s always been very active and loved being with family when we lost him, it’s she almost a whole lost part of herself. And really there’s been periods of time over these last 20 years. And I noticed it with my great-grandmother her mother as well, who lost her husband, I think in his forties that they kind of lost some of that connection to themselves and what really lit them up. And that’s part of my passion of making sure women understand what really brings them joy and lights them up so that when these things happen or we face these challenges that we still have some part of ourselves to move forward with.

I, you know, and I, I think that is so profound, especially, and I don’t, you know, I don’t want to only focus on human design through the lens of women, but you know, when I look at our, our community, you know, 80 to 83% of the people in our community are women and there is sort of, and this doesn’t mean this doesn’t count. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen to men, but it happens, I think a little bit differently. You know, I find that the bulk of my clients are sort of between the ages of 48 to 65. And the it’s a very powerful time because kind of when you merge into that, you know, fifth age, early fifties, it’s like your body’s gone through all these changes, your definition of who you are, because your body has changed changes. You’re no longer a young woman, so to speak, which has a very different level of value in our culture, right?

Your children. If you’ve had children who are starting to leave the nest, you’re sort of sitting with, okay, I’ve done everything I should do. Now. I want to do what I want to do. And of course, that’s nicely sandwiched between Kyron at the end of the forties and, and Saturn at the end of fifties, both, you know, two energies in a life cycle perspective that are really pushing on you and asking you, are you, are you sure you want to be authentic? Are you sure you want to live who you are? Are you, are you gonna leave your legacy? You know, you’re coming up on the do or die point. And you know, that whole giant evolution that happens at that point, I think really oftentimes forces women to have to confront what have I given up? How much of myself have I lost in my nurturing, in my relationships, in my obligations.

And if I am now really without some of the limitations that I had in my youth, really able to define myself in my body, the way my body works, the way I want to define for myself, my beauty in the context of my own unique role that is separate from mother, wife, partner, whatever that might be. You know, it’s a really powerful exploration, and it’s an exploration that I think my God, if we’re not doing this in a playful way, it’s, it could be depressing if you’re not careful. And certainly, you know, when we’re doing that and pushing against societal norms at the same time, it’s, it’s so powerful. You know, I, I always go back to, I did, and this one will make me cry if I don’t manage myself well here. You know, I did a reading one time for a woman who was 76 years old. And at the end of our reading, she said to me, I feel seen, she says, I literally feel like I’ve been seen for the first time in my life. And I’m thinking you’re 76 years old. Shouldn’t have to wait till we’re 76 to be seen or to define for the world who we are. And so I really, I hats off to you for doing this powerful, powerful work. So talk to me for just a minute about how do you encourage people to play with their human design?

Yeah, so I love working in small groups. I think it’s really neat to see the support that comes from having a powerful group of women support each other, kind of a lot of them exploring kind of the same themes in the group that I have going right now. All three women have the same profile. They’re all open sake girls and they’re all born in the same year. So it’s been, yeah, it’s just funny how divine, you know, this grouping is. But we go through kind of each layer of the, and kind of start with a basic understanding and then I give them home play and they go out into the world, explore whatever it is that we’re talking about that week. And then we come back together and we have these really amazing deep conversations. Just like you said, where, where these women feel seen and started to feel validated and all of the things that they were feeling, but didn’t really have words for.

And, and I think just having that community support is really helpful as well. And like you said, I like to not take it so seriously that like, this really is just an experiment, go out and explore and see what shows up. And I think part of that comes from, I felt so many, I spent so many years living in the sheds, you know, staying in clinical healthcare even beyond when it was fun for me. And last year, when everything shut down, I kind of took a step back from functional health coaching. And my nieces moved in with us because no one knew what was going on at that time. My brother and sister, my sister, and brother-in-law were still working. So my nieces who were eight and 10 at the time, moved in with us and that brought so much play and fun back into my life. And so that really helped cement, like, yeah, let’s just make everything a game and, and see what shows up and not take everything so seriously.

I love that. I love that. That’s beautiful. That’s, that’s really beautiful. And I, you know, it goes so much into not just obviously the joy of being who you are, but it actually supports us in tapping into deeper levels of creativity and expansion. So what a beautiful combination of play. I love that home play home play and human design. So what a great idea. So, so you work with small groups, small groups of women. And I just want to let people know if they are feeling compelled to do some home play and to really look at the more expansive creative nature of their human design and look at it through the lens of creativity and exploration and play to, to check out what you’re building with your, with your business. So your website is Kristin And I’m going to spell that because it’s a little bit different than how it sounds. So Kristian is K R I S T E N, Toscano, T O S C a N And of course, as always, you guys check up above and the show notes so that you have a written copy of the link to Kristen’s website and your program is called life by your design. Do you have any last minute thoughts you want to share with us, Kristen?

Yeah, I guess the last thing I’ll say is I always, I was always one of those people that say I’m not creative. And I just want to thank you for really expanding kind of what I think of as creativity and helping me bring that to my clients as well.

I love that. I battle that all the time. And so let’s, let’s end with a gentle reminder that if you are breathing, you are creative, you are creating a life right now through your consciousness and your entire world is the canvas upon which you are painting. So you are creative and give Kristin a shout out, go find her website, Kristin, check out a life by your design program and explore how you can play with your human design. So thank you for joining me today, Kristin. I really appreciate it. And keep playing.

Thanks Karen. I really appreciate being here and yes, let’s play some more. Absolutely, absolutely.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our quantum human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.