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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 1/3 Initiator (Manifestor) Dr. Nicolya Williams.

Dr. Nicolya is a Christian, 10x best selling author, mother and master life and success coach. She is also Certified in Neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and Hypnotherapy. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur Dr. Nicolya helps women bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. This is done through strategic, individualized and aligned goal setting.

As a coach Dr. Nicolya has helped women launch courses, become international best selling authors, overcome fear and get speaking engagements, 10x their productivity, heal trauma and pain, overcome addictions, and get their coaching businesses monetized.

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There has never been anyone like you before. There will never be anyone like you. Again, you are a once in a lifetime cosmic event. Join your host of the quantum human design podcast, best selling author and creator of quantum human design. Karen Curry Parker for powerful thoughts and insights to help you activate your unique life purpose and your energy blueprint with quantum human design.

Hi everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker. Welcome to the understanding human design podcast. I’m here today with Dr. Nicola Williams, and we’re going to be talking about human design. We’re going to be talking about deconditioning around tape and we’re going to be exploring Dr. Williams, his unique story around deconditioning around design. So let’s start first with you. Hadn’t experienced in the beginning of your human design journey. That is actually honestly like my worst nightmare. I just like, I cringe when I do a reading. Now

I’ve gotten, you know, over the years cause I did do a reading one time for someone that that was the wrong chart, but we fixed it pretty quickly. But when you

First got your reading, you were,

You got a different chart, right? Yes. And I actually went several months with that chart, like feeling lie, like trying to align my life with it for several months. And then I started a human design program and pulled up. I wanted to see something on my chart. I can’t remember what it was. And I was like, oh, this software must be weird. So I went to like another site to try to see if something was wrong with that software. And I went to like three sites including yours, which is how I found you. And every site told me the human design type that I really was, but not what I thought I was. And yes, it was a giant nightmare. I would just say the least, so. Okay. So what type, what, what was your first chart? What type of it? Wasn’t too far off?

The reason the reading got wrong was because they did a PM instead of am. So there weren’t so many things off, but I wasn’t manifesting generator the first time around him, actually a manifestor and interesting enough when I found out I was at Manny, Jenn, I actually related more to being a generator like that, to me, felt more aligned if that makes sense. So the manifestor side was like the initiator side. I’m like, oh my gosh, just I that’s not me. You know, it didn’t feel, yeah, it didn’t feel good. Well, okay. So I really want to break this down a little bit because it’s not a common experience, but, but something in this experience is kind of common. And I want to just look at it for just a minute. Cause people tend to relate to being generators. They want to be manifestors that’s like, oh, I wish I was a manifestor they relate more to being generators.

Right. And then when they find out that they’re not, and, and that’s not everyone, but there are a lot of people who are not, then they’re trying to figure out, well, how does this work then if I’m not a generator. So I find it fascinating that people that, that, that there’s a challenge. I think sometimes in making the leap to understanding that we’re all conditioned to be generators. Yes. Yes. So what was that like for you to really sit with? Oh, I’m not a generator. It may like question everything in my life. So my family and my friends, they would always talk about like, man, you have all this energy, man. You, you can do all these things. You always take action. And looking back, I initiated a lot of things, but they were, no, you take action on everything. You’re ready to go, go, go.

And so it made me question how much of it was conditioning? Like, because we live we’re 50% of our population is Manny Jens and generated like all over that. And so we live in this world where we’re conditioned to be generators. And so it was really hard for me to try to undo what I feel like I had spent years being conditioned to be. And even down to the point of like that top people find me, they talked about how, like I took action and they talked about how much like energy I had and they would even like, my mom would say, man, you got this like renewing this renewed sense of energy. And so when I found thought I was a nanny, Jen, I was like, yeah, that’s it like, it makes sense. So there was a lot of inner work in reflection I had to do to work through that, a highlight.

So, okay. So let’s I want to unpack this even more because I can’t tell you how, like I’m S I’m not, I mean, I’m sad. You had this experience of like, but at the same time, you know, this is, this is huge because the open sacral, and this is for manifestors for projectors and reflectors, right. You’re amplifying sacral energy. And in our culture, we really like get super happy about people who are like doing, doing, doing, doing, doing right. We even still, even for the generator types, there’s a certain amount of accolade around the hustle, right? The, the, if you’re an entrepreneur, let’s say couch, it in the terms of being an entrepreneur, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re like sleeping with your laptop under your bed and waking up every two hours to answer international customers, customer service emails, right. That that’s that’s like, that’s the grit part of your startup story.

And, and we like, we, like, we bowed that. Like, that’s how you should be. Right. That’s you earned it. And, and yet, first of all, generators can’t sustain that either. We don’t ever talk about that part either. It’s like, even as a generator, who’s responding, you still have built into your design and need for rest. And certainly for the manifestor and the projector on the reflector, there’s a different way of creating that comes from different degrees of aligning. I mean, I think the manifestor aligns more with that internal spark and that incense of inner timing, certainly the projector has more of that needing to wait for the right recognition and the right invitation. And of course the reflector has a very unique process. So how has it been for you to, I don’t know. I mean, have you taken a step back in terms of how you create or how has it changed for you?

So, yeah, that’s a great question. I actually, at the time, when I found out like throwing the towel with human design, I’m like, oh man, I don’t want to do this stuff anymore. I don’t want to learn about it anymore. And shout out to you. You gave me like a renewed sense of purpose with human design. Like I decided I wanted to like dig in a little bit deeper and this was a few months after. And so for me, what I started to do is I started to shift the way that I thought about how I was creating. So I think what I thought when I found out I was a manifesting generator, I thought I was responding to things, but what I’m, what I was really responding to was that internal nudge. Right. And that I was, and then I was initiating from there.

So when I reframed it and I flipped it, I was like, wow, I have been really in alignment with this. I have been really in alignment with this, but it felt, it felt more like for once it made sense. And so I started to create from that place, paying attention to those internal those internal messages, those intuitive downloads, and then responding and creating from there. And since then, I mean, I have, I have initiated so many things and more importantly, I have given myself permission to initiate the thing that feel aligned with me. I think a lot of times when I was leaning more into like the generator side, I felt like I had to like narrow down. You need to be good at like one thing. And like kind of focus on that. Whereas when I needed to the manifestor side, I was like, wow, I can initiate all these fun things that are coming up.

And so I gave myself that permission to do that. And so it was actually surprisingly been in the beginning. It was really hard, but lately it’s been so freeing to be able to do that. And for once I genuinely, as cliche as that sounds feel very much so in alignment with like, yeah, this feels good. This actually feels right. Well, I appreciate your story so much because you know, Ray used to teach that if the manifestor loses connection with their own inner power, that it can be, of course this was Ross speak. So there’s always a little bit of doom and gloom with it, but, you know, it’s like, it’s impossible. You’ll never get it back. Right. But he didn’t use to talk. He talked about how the manifestor type, really that journey back to becoming self-empowered and being sovereign over that internal nonverbal flow.

Right. It was just a very challenging piece. And I just so appreciate that you, you know, you have the courage to say, okay, I’m going to try this again. I don’t know if it’s going to be right or not, but I’m going to explore this and that you have are going through this recovery process, if you will, with your manifestor essence. Because I think one of the things that I think is so important is I think there’s a lot of mythology and traditional design, especially when we talk about type that sort of is dark and heavy and does kind of paint a hopeless picture. And also, I think sometimes gives people a little bit of an excuse for bad behavior or for justifying some kinds of behavior. And, you know, I think that seeing somebody like you, who really is deeply exploring how do I bring out the light of this archetype and do it in a way that’s really sovereign and empowered is essential.

And I just, I really appreciate your, your willingness and your courage to come out and talk about this story. Thank you. I think also to add to that, I think the store, it was all meant to happen the way it happened because now one, if I do readings, I’m super cognizant, like, did I check the time? Did I check the location? Like I have to not mess up a single reading because I’m so hyper aware of it. But the second thing is, I think a lot of times when I have people that come to me that are projectors and reflectors are manifesters and they are very much conditioned based on the generator world we live in, I can relate to that feeling of wanting to work through that deconditioning, but even at a deeper level. And so I feel like that has, my experience has really, really helped me.

Yeah, totally. Totally. All right. So you have two programs coming up in this in March of 2020 living aligned by design. Tell us a little bit about that. Yes. So living aligned by design is actually a free workshop where those that are new to human design can learn more about the basics, like their strategy, their authority, their tight their non cell theme, like things like that. They can learn kind of about the basics of human design. And then I give them some some assignments to do to start practicing living in alignment with it. So how do you look for signature moments, things like that. So it’s a really fun workshop to give you a good understanding of the basics to begin to align your life with with human design, which I love. I’ve been teaching my family all about it, you know, my children all about it.

So that’s that’s that workshop and I wanted to bring it in a way that felt like fun and exciting so that when you’re looking at the chart for the first time, you’re not like what in the world are all these shapes and colors and things, which you actually have this comprehensive picture of making sense of it. Oh, beautiful. And then your second program that you have coming up is called six figures from purpose. Tell us about that one. Yeah. So that’s super exciting. The six figures from purpose, it’s all about profiting from your passion and from your purpose. So basically there’s so many of us, I feel like there’s this societal programming we have where we are given this one size fits all approach to the world, have 2.5 kids get a white picket fence and a house and a dog and a spouse.

And so we followed this trajectory based on what societal norms are or our programming or experiences tell us we should or shouldn’t be. And so in this course, I really help people uncover their purpose and their passion. And then I help them to build from there. Like how do you go about building your life to relate to that? How do you go about building an impact related to that? And how do you go about increasing your income as it relates to that? So I’m really, really excited. That’s, that’s juicy and that’s powerful. And that, that’s the piece that if I could get everybody liberated from the whole, you know, check clock in clock out, go home model of creating. Awesome. So Nicola, how can people connect with you? Yes. Sure. So I have to add, try to make it easy. I’m Nicole you’re Williams across the board, so I’ll spell Nicolia and I C O L Y a Williams.

That’s simple, but Nicole, you Williams across the board. So you can find me on Facebook at Nikola Williams or Instagram and Nicolia Williams. And then I also did something really cool where I made a challenge with myself back in may of 2020. And it was on YouTube. I created a YouTube channel, Dr. Nicola Williams on YouTube. And I said that I was going to put a video up every day for the month of may. And I put a video up every day from the month of may, May 1st, 2020 to March 3rd, 2021. So I have loads and loads of like great information. So you can also check me out on YouTube as well. That’s awesome. That’s a big challenge when you probably had kids home in a pandemic and very manifestor of you. I love it. I love it. So again, you guys add Nicola Williams on Instagram and Facebook, Dr. Nicola Williams on YouTube. And you can go connect with her there, check out check out her Instagram page or bio’s there. You can DM her. You can sign up for living aligned by design and also six figures on purpose. Thank you. Thank you so much

For sharing your adventure with us online. Seriously, I’m honored to be here. I appreciate your story so much and I am so grateful that you’re out there showing us what a sovereign

Empowered manifestor looks like. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks for listening. If you want to learn more about your human design visit chart and get your personal energy blueprint. You can also join our human design community, where you can learn more about your human design, take unlimited human design classes and access experts who can help you learn more about living your life authentically and powerfully from our hearts to yours.