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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Human Design Specialist and Intuitive, Jess Bubbico. Jess supports conscious leaders in stepping more deeply into their gifts and sharing their unique brilliance with the world.

She uses a combination of Human Design, Intuitive Development, & Embodiment practices to support you in more deeply aligning with your purpose & cultivating a reliable connection with your intuition to guide every aspect of your life.

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Everyone. I’m Karen Curry Parker, welcome to the understanding human design podcast. And I’m super excited here today to be with Jess [inaudible], who is a four, six manifester who works with blending human design, with supporting people in connecting to their intuitive awareness and use a certain understanding of how we connect with our authority, to our truth blended with our unique way of being intuitive, to help people make good empowerful choices in the world. Welcome to us. It’s so great to have you thank

You so much for having me today.

So I have a question for you. You may or may not know that I actually got my start in the world, so to speak kind of by accident, I wasn’t accident accident, but my I was living in Sedona, Arizona at the time of my marriage kind of fell apart. And I was left with my four kids in $400 and $1,200 worth of rent to get, I had to create rent money in like a span of 48 hours. And somebody offered me a job at a psychic center and I took it and it ended up being just an incredible experience. I worked there for several years as a psychic which is always kind of a funny start to my story, but I always tell people that it was a really good gateway to understanding human design authority. So I love that you’re sharing this information with people. So tell me a little bit about your background with your intuition and how you began your own story with exploring your intuition and using it professionally, which is, you know, kind of a, not so in the box thing to do.

Totally. Yeah. And I knew I heard that story somewhere before, and I it’s so funny because I went to Sedona on my own sort of intuitively guided journey over the past two years, I’ve been doing pretty much traveling for two and a half years before coronavirus started. And I’ve been to Sedona and I’m like, I think anybody could have like, th they could become extremely activated and very connected to your intuition and Sedona, because that is just such an incredibly potent and magical place to be. So so my journey with intuition actually started when I was about 15 or 16 years old. Actually it was probably before that, I actually had a lot of experiences with people who had crossed over people who had died coming to me throughout, just as I was a kid. There were just a lot of strange occurrences that happened.

I had a lot of, I lost a lot of people when I was younger. And when I was about 15 or 16 years old, actually an interesting story, my mom, myself and my grandmom all have the same birthday. We’re all born March 22nd. That’s wild. Yeah. And they’re from like a small mountain town in Italy where there’s definitely no I’m planning of making all of that come together happen. But they my grandmother, when I was about, I think it was 15 or 16, she was killed by a drunk driver when she was walking across the street. And I used to pray to her at night. And I could remember this one night I was laying on my stomach and I could feel someone sitting on my bed next to me rubbing my back. And I didn’t come from an overly spiritual family.

And I, I also didn’t come from a very religious family, but I I’m just thinking to myself, I am absolutely crazy. Like this is, this is crazy. And so I said, my mom had had some PTSD after the accident happened. And so she kept saying, you know, I want to have a dream about grandma. You know, I, I, I can’t dream about her. So I said in my sort of talking to my grandma said, you know, mom wants to have a dream about you. Can you go and visit her? And I walked downstairs to go to high school the next day to have breakfast. And my mom said, Jess, I had the craziest dream last night, I was looking through a key hole into your bedroom and I could see grandma’s sitting on your bed and just like, you’re not going to believe what happened.

But I was like, I think I was talking to her, praying to her. I don’t really know. And I, I could feel her sitting next to me. And so it just, it just kind of affirmed for me that I had, I was pretty sensitive to just naturally sensitive to the other side. And so I went about sort of following the rule book. You know, I went to college, I went to grad school. I became a speech therapist. I was heavy into brain science and concussions. And I started to have the spiritual awakening and about 2012, 2013. And I was, I just remember walking into my first day at work and I am a manifester. And I was like, I can’t be in this job every day. I was at a school every day for 40 hours a week, listening to somebody else. I don’t have the energy.

I like, I need to do something else. And so I went to a psychic and I said to the psychic, I think I can do what you do. Like, I don’t know why. I just, I feel like I can. And so I started training under her and that just sort of led me and guided me down this path of learning more about intuition. And it always bothered me because my family would be like, you have a gift and I’m like, mom, you’re more psychic than I am. Like, this is something that I really believe is innate to everyone. And the reason I love human design so much is because I think it gives a roadmap and language to sort of take intuition and ground it down and create this physical map for people to really start to demystify intuition from being sort of [inaudible] and into. I love how you talk about, like, it’s not really Ascension, it’s more of like this dissension and it’s, I think it helps people to really ground this ability that all of us have in different ways, because our intuition speaks to all of us so differently into our everyday experience. So I started out heavy and brain science really loved the path I was on, but also had this other side that was just super spiritual and, you know, bring the two together is sort of where the path has led me at this point.

That’s beautiful. You know, I, I especially love what you’re doing because I think it offers a lot of healing within the traditional human design community itself. RA actually used to teach that there is no such thing as intuition that any outside knowing beyond using your strategy is just conditioning. And I had this conversation with him about this probably maybe three or four years into my own studies in my own learning, withdrawn working with the company and sit on. And I worked with who was a human design, human sign America. And I was devastated to think I had been working as this psychic using what felt like my intuitive abilities to really, you know, I think genuinely help people. I, I felt like what came through and the mediumship information that came through was oftentimes extremely healing for people. And I think we had a lot of big healings that happen in our office and then to be told, Oh, well, that doesn’t really exist. You’re just making it up basically. For me was just devastated and it took me probably about, I would say 10 years to come back around and say, wait a minute, maybe that’s not right. And maybe there’s something more going on in the chart. So people always want to know, how am I psychic? Tell me, tell me how my intuition works. What’s your starting point when you’re looking at a chart and you’re talking to someone about helping them understand how their intuition works.

Yeah. That’s a great question. And it’s so interesting. You say that just to sort of touch on what you just spoke about because I’ve had similar situations and that has, for me sort of, it’s triggered a lot of my own, I think, trauma to come up from whether it’s past life trauma or, you know, whatever it may be, even from being sort of, you know, I called my best friend. If she’s listening to this, I called her. And I said to her, Alex, you’re never going to believe this, but I’m starting to work as an intuitive, like I’m starting to do mediumship. And we’re like, she’s like my sister. So she basically said to me, you were always weird, of course, like, come on, we all knew you were weird. Right. And it was amazing that she said that. And it also triggered that little bit of, you know, that, that same question where it’s like, is the, is this true?

You know, am I just it up, whatever it may be. And I truly believe that we are consciousness and body and form. And sometimes in con if we’re all consciousness embodied in form, you know, sometimes that consciousness is going to come through someone else, whether it’s them being able to receive a message for us or, you know, whatever it may be. So I could relate to what you’re saying about your experience with RA and a teacher of mine always said, you know, God works through people and we’re all people and we’re all consciousness. So sometimes the message just comes through someone else or something else. So great question about how do we start to tap into and tune into our intuition. So I always tell people to start with just beginning to notice synchronicities and coincidences for people to open up a note section on their phone, or get a little journal that you want to put into your purse or your pocket or whatever it may be to start taking notes for yourself and start to notice those little synchronicities or those strange little things that start to happen, where you thought of, you know, you thought of someone and they called you later that day.

You had an image in your mind of, you know, a puppy in a box kind of flash in your mind. And then you drove down the street and you saw one start to track because intuition, as I’m sure everybody knows from watching your intuition by design intuition speaks to us through different, in different ways. You know, there’s clairvoyance, which is clear seeing there’s clear cognizance, which is clear knowing clear audience, which is that clear here, Claire Senhance, which is that clear feeling. So start to notice and track what’s naturally happening for you. And if you set your intention and your thermostat to, I want to notice this, I’m going to start to notice this. You’ll start to notice it. So start to track it image in my mind, puppy in a box saw one later thought about Claire, Claire called me, you know, heard kind of a song pop into my head you know, signed, sealed, delivered on yours. And, you know, your boyfriend asked you to marry him, like whatever it is, you know, notice how things come through and track it. So you can start to rely on that sense a little bit more in your day to day life to guide you.

What do you think is somebody’s biggest challenge to really embracing their intuitive side?

Great question. I think it’s different for everyone. Some of the common things I’ve seen is skepticism. Sometimes conditioning from the past, if you have a family member or a friend or, you know, group that you were a part of that really had that similar experience that we were talking about of like this isn’t real and you can’t trust it or whatever it may be. You know, I’ve had a lot of people say, this is so crazy, but you know, I kind of get messages like this, but that’s not true. You know, that’s not a real thing. So I’d start to look at the stories that you have about intuition in general and your own ability to tune in and tap in intuitively, start to notice if you have any, any conditioning there. And then misunderstanding would be another one I would say, because a lot of people, I find think it’s your intuition is going to come through in a very clairvoyant way as a way that I see a lot of people thinking it happens, you know, it’s not always going to be like the sixth sense.

You know, I see dead people and you see them walking around. That might be the way that it happens for you, but often intuitions extremely subtle. It’s very, it can be very neutral. And it speaks to us a lot of people in very different ways, particularly people who are very clear cognizant who just know, and they don’t know how they know. They just know 10. I find tend to not trust it as much because there wasn’t an image or a sign or, you know, how do you know it’s kind of, what is it, the gate? I think the gate 57, I find most people with the gate 57 are like, I don’t know how I know. I just know. And they don’t often trust it. So I would say those are two major ones. Cool.

So you have a program coming up. You wanna tell us a little bit about it?

Yeah. So my program is called intuition for everyday living and it is a six week group journey. That’s all about this essentially is how is my intuition leading and guiding me in my everyday life. We’re going to talk about different practices to develop your connection with your intuition, so that you’re really able to hear it in a more here, you know, see it sense it, et cetera, and a more consistent way. We’re going to also be talking about some of these. I know I say blocks to intuition, but the things that allow, maybe lead us away from fully trusting ourselves. So it’s going to be six weeks of really understanding how intuition speaks to you and not only how it speaks to you, but how you can start to really use it to lead and guide you in your everyday life and start to move through and find more resilience when those moments of doubt, not trusting yourself or not wanting to move in the direction of your intuition, start to show up for you. So there’ll be a powerful group. I’m really excited. Perfect.

So how can people learn more about you just

Head over to just the and if you want to check out the program, it’s just the for everyday living. Perfect.

Perfect. So Jess, J E S S V intuitive, T T H E I N T U I T I V Thank you guys. I’m excited that you’re doing this work, you know, it’s it, I’ve been teaching human design for 21 years, which kind of blows mind, but I’m a little bit like, ah, I’m going to think I’m going to stop doing the math. But it is the last like three years have been so phenomenal in terms of bringing in students like you who have really been blending human design with the other parts of what they’re sharing with the world. And it’s been such a great revolution in this body of information. So I just really want to appreciate you for being a revolutionary for initiating us in your initiator capacity and for continuing this conversation and sharing people with sharing with people, how they can really cultivate a much more deep and rich relationship with their inner knowingness and that expression of consciousness and form that they are. So thank you. And thank you for, for sharing your wisdom with us today.

Thanks to you. And I appreciate that.


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