Thank you page for chart submission

Thank You


Thank you for filling out the form to get your Human Design Chart.


This chart process is currently not “automated.” A real person has to type in the chart data by hand into our Human Design software program, then print your chart as a PDF document, then attach it to the email and send it to you as an attachment.
This can take a few minutes per chart and sometimes we get a lot of requests in one day, so don’t panic if you don’t get the chart immediately.

We are currently experiencing an unusually large number of free chart requests. Please allow a couple of days or us to process your chart. Thank you so much for your patience!!

Please do not send a second request for your chart as that will only slow us down with duplicate requests. We promise we will get you a chart as fast as humanly possible..

If you would like to read more about Human Design you can go here www.understandinghumandesign.com/home