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Hold on to your hats, everyone. Another radical rant from the crazy Human Design lady.

(Please, before you start reading this, know that I speak with the intention to inspire you and lift you up. If I fulfill my intention, please leave me a comment. If you struggle with this, post your thoughts…Let’s start a dialogue.)

For the last 29 years of my life, I have in some way shape or form been involved in the healing arts. I am a nurse by training, have studied hands on healing, energy healing, energy psychology and a lot more over the last 29 years.

There has always been something about healing work that bugged me. I was drawn to helping people, but the whole concept of healing never turned me on. I think that’s why I was drawn to midwifery, parent education, life coaching and eventually Human Design.

I liked helping people work with what was working and bring out the best. I could never see what was as “ broken”.

This is probably why, for the most part, I rejected traditional psychology and even western medicine.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes you do really need extra help. I personally wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for antibiotics.

But, play with this thought for a minute…

The average human body contains about 10 trillion cells.

Within each cell, there are hundreds, if not more, amazing physiological things happening at one time. Nutrients are flowing in and out. Waste is being ejected. The cell is fulfilling its job according to its genetic blueprint. It’s reproducing.

A lot goes on inside a cell.

On top of that, cells are flowing and connecting with other cells to make up bigger organs or fulfilling even grander functions.

Sit for a minute and think about the 10 trillion or more things happening in your body right now.

Pretty mind blowing, eh?

Now think about this.

While you are sitting here reading, pretty much all 10 trillion (or more) things taking place in your body ARE HAPPENING PERFECTLY.

And you don’t even realize when they don’t, because your body has fabulous emergency back-up systems that take care of the rare mistakes.

The current world average life span is about 66 years. Those of us in the Western world tend to live a little longer.

That’s about 24,090 days.

578,160 hours.

34,689,600 minutes.

And during each one of those minutes about 10 trillion things are happening perfectly.

That’s a lot of perfection to experience in one lifetime, don’t you think?

(And if I got the math wrong, please don’t email me. I have misplaced my calculator and I’m not so good at doing numbers in my head…)

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about how your thoughts, emotions and beliefs create your own reality.

Slowly but surely, there is a solid body of scientific data to verify this hypothesis.

I’m not going to get into that in this post, but if you’re curious I encourage you to read anything written by Gregg Braden or Dr. Bruce Lipton.

So, if your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create your own reality. And in your reality, during each of the approximate 34,689,600 minutes that you are alive, your thoughts create about 10 trillion perfect events inside your body (not to mention the perfect events that you experience OUTSIDE of your body), why are we so obsessed with healing?

(If you need evidence of this obsession, turn on the TV or open a magazine. Collectively, we must perceive ourselves as being quite ill and in need of serious weight loss.)

What exactly is broken?

I’m using the human body on purpose to help you rethink your paradigm by blowing your mind a bit.

Now let’s shift our focus to your life and your outer reality.

In the approximately 34,689,600 minutes that you spend in form and conscious on this planet, how many of those minutes are exquisitely perfect with everything functioning in Divine Order?

And yet, how much of your time do you spend focusing in what you may perceive to be out of order?

Now, here is the point where I’m going to get in trouble so just sit back and read with an open heart and mind…

How much of our time that we dedicate to “personal growth” do we spend finding, hunting for, analyzing and (hopefully) removing “blocks” and “limitations” and “healing” our beliefs.

Now, I’m just as guilty as the next guy but I have to share this big thought with you…

Over the last 60 years scientists studying quantum physics have repeatedly discovered that the behavior of an object being observed changes according to the expectation of the observer.

And the more we observe the object (in this case, subatomic particles), the more the behavior of the object changes.

In other words the more you focus on something with an expectation, the more likely it is that the object of your focus will behave exactly as you predict it will.

So, if you think your bank account balance is magically going to drain itself for reasons “beyond your control” and you watch and wait for your balance to go down, it probably will.

Or, if we expect to have a recession that will get bad this year and better next year (as was predicted in the news a few years ago), and you watch and wait, it will probably happen according “to plan”.

And, to complete my thought here, the more you go looking for a block or limit, the more likely it is that you’ll find one.

Even where there isn’t one.

Yes, I do believe that as we have been collectively shifting towards the creating a New Earth, that there was a time for healing and clearing “blocks”.

But remember, no matter what your circumstances, you put those “blocks” there, not so that you could have fun clearing them for 24 years, but so that you could help yourself create experiences to help you grow.

For example, if you have struggled with finances your whole life, you put those struggles there to help you deepen your intention about what you truly want.

Your struggles are your compass to creating a different reality for yourself.

You can choose to spend a lot of time searching for the limiting belief, or traumatic experience that created your “block”.

(And, yes, in the beginning of mastering the alchemy process, there is some merit to that activity. IN THE BEGINNING, removing blocks is about helping yourself remember your unlimited potential. But, at a certain point, our quest for “blocks” becomes a distraction from the creation process.)

If you cognitively understand that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. (Universal Law of Attraction)

And you know that where you put your energy and attention is where you get growth in your life. (The Law of Focused Success)

Then it seems that spending your time focused on healing only creates a focus on “broken-ness”. You can’t “heal” what isn’t broken.

If it’s all perfect, then what needs to heal?

We are now in a powerful creative time.

It’s time now is to focus on what do we want to create. There is nothing stopping us.

There is nothing stopping you.

Your focus will determine what you create.

I gently encourage you to think about how are you spending your time? Where is your focus? What are you thinking about and talking about with others? What kinds of classes and information are you absorbing?

Stop looking for blocks and you won’t have any. (Yes, I know this is a bold statement.)

Ask yourself instead some of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself:

What do I want to be experiencing in this situation?
What are my strengths?
Where am I perfect?
How can I respond to this situation in the most loving way possible?

Then focus on your responses.

(And yes, this is new and takes training and discipline. We kind of enjoy looking for blocks. It gives us something exciting to talk about…but think how much MORE fun it is to talk about what you’re creating…!!!)

I created the new Healing by Human Design program because I feel strongly that it’s time for our ideas about healing to shift and change.

What Human Design shows us is that we are NOT BROKEN. In fact, we are perfectly and magnificently designed.

But we sometimes don’t know how to truly see the magnificence, power, glory, joy, abundance, beauty and perfection of Who We Truly Are.

I just watched a beautiful video of a man who recently had his vision restored with a “bionic” eye. He was able to see his wife for the first time in 10 years.

Healing by Human Design is kind of like that bionic eye. When you understand Who You Truly Are and you can really see yourself, you stop looking at the places where you think you’re broken and start seeing all the places where you are powerful and perfect.

Of course, breaking old habits and conditioning takes some practice and sometimes you need to “jump start” a shift in perspective. Healing by Human Design speeds up the process by adding powerful, leading-edge energy psychology techniques (and more) to help you release old patterns live a life that is a reflection of the True You.

I’ve always said that YOU…fully expressing expressing Who You Truly Are…are the greatest gift you can give to the world.

Personally, I don’t care what you do to get yourself to that place of full expression and self-love. Thank God there are many, many modalities out there to help you.

Go study and learn what you resonate with. But DO make that commitment to yourself and the world to be Who You’re Created to Be.

And, if Human Design feels like the right path to help you, I hope you’ll join me:


P.S. What will it take for you to be fully engaged in your life with joy, to evolve from and leave your past behind, to consciously and consistently express and fulfill your authentic potential, to make your unique contribution to the world and fulfill your Destiny?