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***This is a rather long post.  For your convenience, I’ve recorded an audio version 

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Recently I asked you all for some input for my new upcoming podcast.  Your

answers surprised me and really made me sit back and reassess how I can

be of the greatest service to you.


What your answers revealed to me is that many of you are struggling with money and relationships.

Human Design can be enormously powerful in helping you master

some new skills in both of those areas of your life.


Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some information about money and

relationships (and, of course, Human Design) that I think will give you some new

insights in making both of those areas of your life a source of support, nurturing

and freedom.


One of the problems with the way we teach personal growth, spiritual evolution

and high performance living is most teachers start with the assumption that

everybody is the same and that there is one way of creating success in life.

I’ve been a life coach for 25 years.  I’ve been helping people for all of my adult life.

There is no one size fits all approach to creating success.  Period.  The end.

There are more than 7 billion paths to success.  I want to help you discover your

unique path to getting all the support and love you deserve.


Over the past 10 years in the coaching/metaphysical world, we’ve been talking

about “manifesting” and creating what you want in life.  If you’re like most of

my clients, you’ve probably read all kinds of books about affirmations, dream

boards, money rituals.  You’ve probably attended workshops and trainings

led by very successful people who have given you simple, step-by-step formulas

for creating a great life….


And, even though you did everything “right”, you still didn’t get the results you

hoped for.


I get it.


Money has been one of my personal challenges in my life.  I’ve been bankrupt,

over $80,000 in debt, lost my house to foreclosure…in one of my most

humiliating moments, I chased the repo man down the street, in my nightgown,

in the middle of the night with my newborn baby in my arms, trying to get my

baby’s carseat out of my car because I couldn’t afford another one…


Learning how to create the life I really want took many, many years of struggle

and trial and error.


I’m not a millionaire.  I don’t live in a mansion or drive an expensive car.

(I have a volkswagon station wagon…and my husband and I share one car.)


But I have the life that I love.  The life that’s perfect for me.


It took me a long time to create this life.  I think one of the reasons it took

me so long was that I really didn’t understand who I was and how I was being

influenced by the energy of the people around me.


For most of my adult life I had a picture of success that was given to me by

my family, my community and even my spiritual teachers.  And, while this

was a pretty standard definition of success and it had a certain appeal,

in the end, what I learned is that my definition of success and what I

want in my life is unique to me and if I wasn’t trying to create what was right f

or me, it just didn’t happen.


When I got clear about what I truly wanted for my life, things began to get better.

What if there was a formula for getting the most out of life that was customized

to your unique energetic needs and helped you figure out what you need to

do to create what you truly want?


The answer to this question doesn’t lie in finding some kind of magic “manifesting”

formula.  The most important part of creating what you want is knowing what

you truly want.


If you’re trying to create something in your life that you don’t really, really want,

you won’t manifest it.


You won’t manifest it because the nature of life and being human is such that

we are designed to have exactly what we want.  When we try to create in a

different direction from that truth, we unconsciously stop ourselves.

In other words, sometimes you don’t get what you want because it’s not

what you truly want.


But, knowing what you truly want is a pretty tricky challenge.


Part of why knowing what you want is so challenging is that most of us don’t

really know who we are and, if you want to know what you really want, you’ve

got to know who you really are.


Human Design shows you the mechanics of how your energy operates.

It shows you how you use energy and how other’s people’s energy influences you.

When you look at a Human Design chart you will see that there are colored

elements on the chart and white elements on the chart.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.40.11 PM



Anything that is colored in on your chart is consistent energy that you

experience all the time.  This energy is, in essence, who you truly are.

Anything that is white on the chart is inconsistent energy.  The white areas

of the chart are where you take energy and information in from others and

the world around you.  And…here’s the kicker…you don’t just experience

other people’s energy, you actually take that energy in and you experience

it in an amplified way.


Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say that you have an undefined (open)

Head and Ajna Center, which most of you do.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.42.17 PM


When you have an open Head and Ajna, you take in other people’s thoughts

and inspirations.  The purpose of that openness is for you to be wise about

inspiration, thoughts and beliefs.  The highest expression of your Human Design

is to be able to interpret ideas and inspirations in an unlimited way and to see

thoughts and believes from many different angles.


When you have an open Head and Ajna, you are always experiencing other

people’s minds.  And, if you’re like most of us who have been trained to

“use our heads” to make up our minds, you may be constantly trying to make

decisions in your life based on other people’s thoughts and inspirations…not your own.

If you have an Open Head and Ajna and you’re trying to figure out what you

want, you have to understand that you’re never going to get at the answer

by thinking it through.  What you want is always going to change and vary

depending on where you are and who you are with. Holding onto a fixed

thought or inspiration is going to be pretty difficult.


Your thoughts and beliefs, and consequently your desires, always have the

possibility of being imprinted on you by other people’s energy.

For example, let’s say you have an open Head and Ajna and you wake up

with a craving for a breakfast burrito.  So, you get up, get dressed, go to your

favorite restaurant with then intention of ordering your burrito.


As the hostess guides you to your seat in the restaurant, you are suddenly hit

with the idea that you would rather have a spinach omelet.  So you order one

and eat it.  When you’re done, you are immediately filled with regret because,

now that you’ve eaten the omelet, the craving for a burrito has returned and

you’re confused about why you just didn’t order one in the first place.


When you have an open Head/Ajna it’s easy to be influenced by the inspirations

of others.  Most likely, while you were in the restaurant, you were overcome by the

energy of the thoughts and desires of another person and you temporarily forgot

what you truly wanted.  Once the other persons energy left your energy field, you

returned to your own thoughts and desires.


This scenario will repeat itself in all areas of your life until you understand your

unique way of getting clear about your true desires.


In order for you to get clear about what you truly want, you’re going to have to

understand your Human Design.  Knowing your unique Human Design helps

you know what inspirations and desires are true for you and how to be aware

of which desires are yours and how to tease those out from other energetic influences.

I’ve watched a lot of people try to manifest what they think they “should” want

and what they think they need to make what they really want happen.  I’ve watched

a lot of people struggle to manifest what they’ve been told they need to have to

be successful in life with little results.


Creation really isn’t such a convoluted process.  It’s pretty simple.  In order to

get what you want, you’ve got to know what you truly want.


Of course, there is more to the process but this is a vital first step.