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There is this delicious interplay between the hexagrams as they transit around the mandala. We have quarterly cycles of creation and within these quarters there are mini cycles of creative energies. This gives us a sustainable and perpetual cycle of doing, retreating, integrating, rethinking, inspiration, dreaming, planning and then doing again.

Last week we played with the powerful energy of getting things started. Now that we have initiated our new creative cycle, this week brings us more “head” energy and we move back into a week of being inspired and discovering ways to transform our innovative ideas into practical solutions. (The Gates 62, the Gate of Practicality and the Gate 61, the Gate of Knowing the Unknowable in the Sun and the Earth respectively)

Mercury continues it’s transit in the Gate 15 (The Gate of the Love of Humanity) until Thursday when we shift into the Gate 52, The Gate of Concentration. We are still talking about and sharing our ideas about how to help our Divine Siblings. This energy will be flowing through us in many different planets over the next bit so don’t expect to see this these disappear. We care deeply and this caring will be the energy that transforms us all.

The Gate 52 in Mercury gives us the power to concentrate our communication in a clear and focused way. Our caring leads to conversations that can create change.

As Mercury transits out of the Gate 15, Venus leaves the Gate 12, the Gate of Caution and moves into the Gate 15 (also on Thursday). So we continue with valuing each other and loving our Divine Siblings with great compassion. The same is true in our relationships. But, be wary with the extreme nature of the Gate 15. You may find that there are extreme energies happening in your relationships or that some of us may feel inclined to take extreme measures to make a point.

Mars continues in the Gate 32. We are still dreaming big and experimenting with what evolving and growing will look and feel like. With all of this “head” energy rolling around in the Sun and the Earth this week, take some time to really daydream. It’s a powerful time to seed the energy around you.

Our long term transits are stable this week. The outer planets are supporting us in remembering the REAL story of who we really are, encouraging us to express ourselves authentically from our hearts and souls, helping us continue to define what is truly valuable and worth fighting for, bringing us to a place where we consciously creating harmony and sustainable peace and resources and learning to let go of what is not working any more.

We are building big things. Take heart and trust that even if things looks a bit out of whack right now, it’s just a cycle of readjustment.