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Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about what YOU can do to make this world an even better place. I shared with you that the world needs two important things:
  1. Quantum Creativity
  2. Sustainability
(If you missed these posts, you can read them here:   Creativity, Sustainability and What the (You) and the World needs Now Today, in my final installment, I want to talk about the energy for sustainable resources in the Human Design chart.  (By the way, we ALL have ALL of the energies in the chart.  It doesn’t matter if you have it “open” or “defined”.  The stuff that’s colored or white in in the chart only tells you whether you experience that particular energy consistently or in a variety of ways.  The information I am sharing is about the blueprint of the human potential and applies to all of us.) The energy for sustainable resources is contained in the following flow of energy in the chart: These energies are strictly about material resources.  (ALL humans are more energetically sustainable when they are living a life that is the full expression of their Authentic Self.) The major nexus in the chart for sustainable resources is the Will Center.  This is the energy Center that is responsible for manifesting on the material plan.  The Will Center contains the energy for money, material goods and the will to allocate and manage resources so that they will endure and be sustainable. It is the home of “will power” and we can push and force with our will to create.  The interesting thing about Will energy is that most of us don’t have consistent access to will power.  In addition, and probably ironically, the most most powerful way to tap into “will” is to surrender.  It’s in the Will Center that we learn to “die” to the ego and serve something greater than our individual selves. It’s also where we have to let go of our personal will and allow (surrender) to the flow of abundance, to trust that it will appear in sufficient ways and to master the will to wait for right timing and alignment. The right timing and alignment of the Will not only happens when we surrender and let go, it also happens only when we are well rested.  The Will Center “knows” when you don’t have the energy to do what you need to do to create something so your creative process tends to “stall out” sometimes leaving you feeling betrayed by God or deeply frustrated and exhausted. It is that state of exhaustion and burnout, that often forces us to surrender so that the right thing can unfold in our lives.  Sometimes we have to defeat our own will to allow the flow of abundance to finally reach us. We are hardwired for action AND rest.  In fact, scientists have shown that the nature of, not only us, but of the Universe is to expand (push) and then contract (rest).  Movement and repose is how abundance flows. It’s not a faucet that is constantly turned on requiring of us to tend to it with power and energy.  It’s a cyclical energy that has built into it cycles of rest and restoration so that we can take care of ourselves without being depleted and exhausted.  To be fully abundant, you have to take consistent cycles of deep rest and stay energized by letting go. Secondly, the Will Center is the seat of self-worth in the chart.  Most of us have to learn the true value of who we are individually.  We can not allow “enough” for ourselves when we do not think we are worthy of “enough”.  If you don’t value yourself, you will push away resources that are intended for you to sustain yourself…so that you can, in turn, sustain others. Unhealthy Will energy often manifests in two destructive ways, martyrdom or hoarding.  When we don’t believe in our own value, we give everything away in an attempt to prove our worth.  This endless giving leaves us depleted and without our own resources eventually taking us out of the True flow of abundance. We can also do the opposite and hoard resources because we’re afraid we’re not worthy of receiving more and we shut down the flow of abundance not only to ourselves but to others.  Obviously, both strategies aren’t sustainable. Of course, it’s also hard to believe in “enough” when you question whether you are “enough”. The third thing that the Will Center tells us about sustainability is that we can not be sustainable when we act alone.  We are designed to be part of community and we need community to support and sustain us.  It also means that to be sustainable we have to rely on others, ask for help and also be available for others in the same way. This is a fierce and vital connection that we share.  We can not be abundant if we are not ALL abundant. The Will Center also shows us that sustainability comes from integrity, not only moralistic integrity but “structural” integrity, meaning that if we are to endure the challenges and ebbs and flows of life we have to be in alignment with our authentic self and also do the Right Thing.  Lack of integrity might result in short-term gain but, in the end, it is not sustainable.  Not only that, under the current celestial influences, lack of moralistic integrity is causing old systems that deal with managing and allocating resources to disintegrate, making room for something better. Last, but not least, the Will Center shows us that we are designed to “manage” the material plain and material goods.  It’s not enough to visualize an Abundant New World.  Of course, imagining is a vital first step, but we have to do the work of the world.  In the third dimension, we get things done by action.  We must hand out water and food, provide shelter, protect the innocent, create schools and allocate the resources we have so that we all can have what we need to survive and thrive. In the name of helping you tap into your sustainability and have the energy to make this world an even better place AND to help the survivors of Hurricane Harvey, I’m creating a brand new Introduction to Human Design program for you that will explain the parts of the charts, their esoteric origins, help you deepen your understanding of your Human Design Type and explain your profile and the nine Centers. In addition to giving you 13 online video trainings and exercises to help you understand your Human Design chart, I’m also hosting an all-day Human Design chart “read-a-thon”.  During this live online event that you can attend from the comfort of your home, I will spend the day sharing new information with you and look at your Human Design charts and give you mini-readings that will deepen your connection to your Life and Soul Purpose.  I’ll also answer any Human Design question that you have about anything in your chart. This is your chance to learn more about yourself, your Life Path, your Human Design and how you can fully activate your potential. The cost?  It’s up to you.  I’m offering this program on a donation basis.  The suggested donation is $147 but you may pay whatever feels right in your heart. In addition, all profits from this event will be donated direction to the Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  This is a fund that has been created by the City of Houston and all proceeds go to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for your generosity.  Thank you for your desire to make the world a better place.  Thank you for being YOU!  The world is what it is today because you’re in it and I’m grateful to share the planet with you! For more information and to register, click here: https://kcurry.lpages.co/quantum-alignment-harvey/ From my Heart to Yours, Karen P.S.  A couple of you have asked how much of your donation goes to the City of Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  I am donating my services and paying my staff out of my own pockets so 100% of your contribution goes directly to the Relief Fund. P.P.S.  So far we’ve raised over $3600 for Hurricane Harvey Relief.  Registration closes on Wednesday this week.