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Stop Looking For The Magic You Are It Concept

The Human Design Body Graph for the planet is all lit up with energy.  If you’re feeling zoomy, intense, crazy, wild, overwhelmed and on fire, this week’s transit report might help you get some clarity!

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 46, the Gate of the Love of the Body.  We hold this energy for most of the week until the end of Saturday.  (More on that next week!) Our focus this week is sensual and we may find that this is a great time to think about your physical health and wellness and manifesting your life purpose into concrete action.

This energy is all about the body being a vehicle for the soul.  It’s a great time to really check in with your physical self and see how your body is doing.  Is it time for some improvement?  Maybe your physical image needs a little love and attention?

The Earth is in the Gate 25, the Gate of the Love of Spirit.  The body is how we express Spirit.  As you enjoy your physical nature this week, it’s also a good time to check on the status of your spiritual relationship.  Do you feel connected with Source.  Are you being consistent and diligent with your spiritual Self?  If not, it’s a great week for a good spiritual tune-up.

With Mercury in the Gate 48, Depth, we want to go deep in our connection and with our communication.  But, with Mercury in retrograde, it’s easy to go deep into the past.  It’s a good time to clean up any old patterns and habits that are keeping you trapped.  Also a good time to make amends, forgive and move on.  But, be mindful of getting stuck in dark places where you’re ruminating, blaming and not taking responsibility for your own power.

The Gate 48 can sometimes trigger in us a feeling of inadequacy.  When we are looking at the deep, tangible, physical experience of being human this week, make sure that you’re not feeling inadequate about your physical body.  Take some time this week to truly appreciate the vehicle for your Soul…and the vehicle for the Souls of those you love.  These are really cool suits that we’re wearing!!

Venus is in the Gate 4, the Gate of the Answer.  I talk a lot about this gate because it’s such an interesting energy.  The Gate 4 is only about possibility and possible solutions.  The “answer” that we receive with Gate 4 energy is only a hypothesis.  Not Truth.  So, dance with the possibilities this week.  Engage in open, curious dialogues with each other and never assume, especially in your relationships that you know the answer…

Mars is in the Gate 29, Commitment, until Friday when it moves to the Gate 59, Penetration.  Both of these energies have sensual/sexual vibes so, along with all the other physical energies, enjoy them this week!!  AND, remember that the sexual aspect of these energies has the potential for long-term consequences.  Enter into your entanglements with awareness this week.  And know that the connections that we form this week have the possibility of impacting us for a while.  Be deliberate and conscious.

The outer planets hold steady, lighting up the chart with lots of Sacral energy and Will energy.   As I cautioned you last week, be mindful of your energy and pace yourself.  You’ll have a lot of energy to get things done but you’ll fare better over the long run if you pace yourself and allow yourself to rest consistently…not just when you fry your circuits!!!

The theme right now is to master the art of surrendering to something bigger than yourself.  Your True Power will be unleashed when you allow Spirit and Life to flow through you and you serve as an instrument for the Divine.  Ask the Universe or God or whatever you may call it, to place you where you can be of the greatest service to the Greater Good each and every day.  Raise your hands up and asked to be placed where Life needs you the most and you will be fulfilled in ways that you never even dreamed of.

It’s temping to try to power through things right now.  But the true power that is available to you comes when you surrender and let Life unfold.  It’s tricky, but so worth it!

Have a wonderful week!


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Hexagram 46 – Pushing Upward

The Gate of the Love of the Flesh 

Affirmation:  Physical reality is an expression of my consciousness.  I look to my reality to mirror my mindset and my beliefs back to me.  I am clear, conscious and awake.  I am aware that I can adjust my mindset to create any physical experience I choose.  I take guided actions that are in alignment with my beliefs and I celebrate this gift of being alive in a physical body!

Writing Assignment: 

1.  What is my reality telling me?  Are there messages I need to heed?

2.  What discourages me?  Do I push or do I allow?  What do I need to do to “allow” rather than “think” my way through something?

3.  Are my intentions and actions an accurate reflection of my True Hearts Desires?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s hard for me to love my body, I now choose to embrace my amazing physical form and honor it for all the good it brings me and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.