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It’s hard for me to find a good word to describe the energy of this week so I’ll just go with…”interesting”….

We start the week on a quiet note with the Gate 52, Keeping Still, in the Sun, moving to the Gate 39, Provocation, on Thursday.  The Gate 52, sometimes called the “couch potato” gate is all about being still and listening.  Every new cycle in Human Design starts with an inner process of realignment and recalibration.  Use the energy of the beginning of this week to be still and really check in with where you are, what you want and your trajectory.  You’ll get the opportunity to tweak your life path next week.

The Gate 39, Provocation, is a really interesting energy.  Provocation can sometimes be uncomfortable or delicious, depending on your perspective.  The purpose of this energy is to bring us closer to Spirit.  When we play with this energy, we are given the opportunity to clean out the muck, release what isn’t working and reconnect with Spirit as Source.

If you’re feeling like things are going the direction you intend, this energy will give you the impetus and the courage to get back to basics, get aligned with Source and practice faith.

BUT, this IS provocation after all.  And provocation has the potential to be intense and uncomfortable.  Expect people around you and circumstances to test you.  Remember that these tests are here to help you reconnect with Source.  Be a good student and learn your lesson well.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 58, Joy, moving to the Gate 38, the Fighter on Thursday.  Joy is an easy energy that helps us find the right expression of what we are creating.  When we shift to the energy of the Fighter, we move into action with the awareness that the things that are truly valuable in our lives are worth fighting for.  Pick your battles wisely.  Everyone will be in a testy mood.  Don’t fight if it isn’t worth your effort.

Ultimately, with Provocation and Fighting in the Sun and Earth, we have to be very conscious of how we are being in the world this week.  Both of there energies have the potential to create tension.  If it’s too much for you, get some body work, a good massage, swim, do yoga…make sure you find a way to physically blow off steam.

Mercury starts in the Gate 35, Power Skills, moving to the Gate 45, the King/Queen on Tuesday.  We are evaluating and sharing our experience in a natural way.  Take the lead in your reality as you shift and change this week.

Venus is in the Gate 4, The Answer.  The answers to your questions about your life have the potential to be answered this week, but don’t go crazy trying to think your way into finding the answer.  The answer will be revealed to you.  Go outside and play while you’re waiting!

Mars starts the in the Gate 15, Extremes and moves to the Gate 52, Keeping Still on Tuesday.  This energy creates in us a real counterpoint to the potential for action later in the week.  For you to get the most out of the week, make sure you spend some time in stillness and be clear before you head out into the world looking for a good fight!

The outer planets hold steady giving us the answers we need to create and allow the abundance and the resources necessary for us to fulfill our Life Purpose.  We are being initiated into an era of sustainable peace and resources.  For us to get there we need to surrender and allow the synchronistic and serendipitous nature of Life to show us the next step.  Sit back.  Relex and trust that everything is exactly as it should be.  And keep holding a vision for a world of sustainable peace.

Have a great week!