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Recently I asked you all to share with me your biggest challenges in your life.  Thank you all so much for your responses.

I was surprised to see that one of the biggest challenges listed was the struggle to maintain a consistent and reliable flow of money.  Many of you reported that avoiding “boom and bust” cycles in your finances was a huge life challenge.

I totally understand!!

For many years my financial flow felt like the ocean tide during a super-moon!  It was so bad that I would totally freak out if I got extra money because I knew that as soon as I felt comfortable or safe, something would happen…like the car would break down or an unexpected bill would come due or I’d lose a major client…((sigh))

Learning how to create a consistent flow of money and maintaining it is not really that hard.  But, it’s a skill we don’t really spend a lot of time addressing.  We learn a lot about manifesting, but not about sustaining.

Today I’d like to give you a couple of quick tips to help you shift your consciousness in the direction of sustaining your financial flow so you can get out of any “boom and bust” cycles you may be experiencing in your finances…or even other areas of your life.

Let’s talk about what is behind creating the boom and bust cycles in your finances.  But before we do that, we have to establish one primary concept that I invite you to embrace or at least experiment with for a few weeks…


[Tweet “The Universe is infinitely abundant and it is our nature to be/have/experience abundance. @KarenCurry”]

If we use the Human Design chart as a blueprint for what is possible for all humans, we see that we are designed to be abundant and to receive the greatest amount of support and resources when we are expressing our authentic selves.

In other words, you will receive the greatest amount of money, love, health, wealth of every kind when you are living a life that is a true expression of Who You Really Are.

No compromise.  No masks.  No guilt, obligations or anything else that may make you feel that it’s not okay to be yourself.

Just be yourself and you will be supported.

You might be surprised to learn there are some very common reasons why you may be losing money or stop manifesting money as soon as you make it.

Believe it or not, goal-setting is one of the biggest causes of boom and bust financial cycles.

We are beautifully trained to set goals, work hard and then achieve them.  The problem with goal setting is that once we achieve our goals, we tend to go back to our baseline of what is acceptable, habitual and “normal” for us.  Once we reach our goal, we consider it “done” and we forget to keep creating in an ever-evolving, expansive direction and we get sloppy with our consciousness.

As soon as we get sloppy with our consciousness or stop deliberately creating, our default conditioning kicks in and we tend to slide back to our previous baseline of wealth.

Goals create limits.  They put caps on our capacity.  What if you could create beyond your goal?  What if you could keep creating beyond your default conditioning?  What if you could consistently increase your income?

You can.  But you have to set a different kind of goal – an open-ended goal that will, invariably, push you to create beyond what your mind knows how to create and forces you, ultimately, to learn how to take big and bigger leaps of faith.  It’s in that space of reaching out beyond what the mind knows to do, that we bust through our old patterns and create breakthroughs.

The second problem with goal-setting is that it sets us up to see “manifesting” as this “thing” we do, separate from our every day life and work.  We work on “manifesting” our goal and often forget that this “manifesting” thing is constant and perpetual, like breathing or thinking.  We are in a constant state of “manifesting”.  You are always creating.

The real challenge to creating or generating a sustainable flow of money is to stay in the constant conscious flow of your creative powers.  The experience of your life is created minute by minute by YOU!   When you only focus that incredible creative power of yours in one direction, towards one specific goal, you miss a whole lot of creative minutes that you could be using to to “hang ten” in the infinite abundant flow that’s available to you.

If you want to break the ebb and flow cycle of your finances, you have to set infinite kinds of goals and allow for greater “wiggle room” in your ability to expand beyond your goal.

Here are a couple of examples of more expansive, less limiting goals:

  • I make double or more money each and every year of my life.
  • My income and my lifestyle significantly increase and improve each and every year of my life.

In addition to changing the way you set goals, you have to also learn to be constantly aware and conscious of your daily creative powers.

You are soooo frickin’ powerful but you may not have been trained to access your power correctly.

First of all (and this is soooooooooooo important that if you choose only one thing to integrate from this post, this is what I want you to take away…) STOP USING YOUR MIND TO MANIFEST.

I know.  For years we’ve been trained to master our minds, control our mindsets, visualize, create dream boards, imagine, yada, yada, yada.

There is absolutely a reason to do these things but mental manifesting serves one purpose and one purpose only.

Mental manifesting is designed to stimulate an emotional response.  It’s your emotional response that is your most creative power and helps you align with what you want in your life.

Let’s talk about the mind and Human Design for a minute.  The “mind” is located in the Head and the Ajna Centers.  The mind is designed to be inspired by possibilities and to process information.  There are no motors in the mind.  It’s just a processing center.

Here’s the part that I find interesting and kind of curious.  The processing that happens in the mind is designed to function through questioning.  The mind is never certain.  It questions.  It asks questions like, “How can I make this happen?” or “How can this be true?” or “What would happen if…?”  Those questions are not ours to answer.  The Universe brings us the response and our “action mechanisms”, the energy to verify, validate and discover, are all located below the Throat Center where the energy for doing and creating are located in the chart.


So, let’s get really practical with this.  When we use our minds to “manifest”, the natural response of the mind is to feel confused, curious or doubtful.

The truth is, for 7/8th of us, our minds are designed to change all the time.  For 1/8 of us, our minds can get so stuck that we have a hard time expanding and opening up to bigger and newer things.

And when we visualize or use the mind to create, two things happen.  First of all, (and this is a real mind bender, so roll with me here…) because there isn’t actually an difference between the inner and outer reality, (Our minds are not separate from reality.  They are part of your reality.) when you create something in your mind and fully live it as a mental movie (visualizing), the Universe considers it complete and done.  So perpetual visualization, creates boredom, not because you’re done with the visualizing part, but because it’s done.  Finished.  Created in Consciousness and it doesn’t often manifest in form because it’s already manifested in consciousness.

Secondly, when we use our minds as opposed to Universal Mind, the outcome is somewhat limited.  Trust me, the Consciousness that created our Galaxy and the Grand Canyon, is waaaaaaay better at coordinating the details of manifesting your dream life than your human mind.

The trick is in learning how to let go and get into the sustainable flow of abundance that is hanging out waiting for you to jump into it with ease…

The “trick” is actually easy.

Use your mind and the mental images you’re already generating to stimulate an emotional response and then use your creative powers to maintain that emotional state.

The Emotional Solar Plexus is a motor.  It vibrates and has waves.  The more you stimulate your emotions, the more you influence the vibration the Emotional Solar Plexus emits.  That emotional vibration is actually the “vibe” that drives the Law of Attraction.  Your emotional vibration sends a call out to the Universal Creative Forces and all the things that are in alignment with your emotions.

And, just for grins, let’s look at what energies are located in the Emotional Solar Plexus.  Remember that the Head and Ajna are the location of confusion, curiosity and doubt.  The Emotional Solar Plexus is the location of creativity, language, poetry, music, passion, experiences, new experiences, social contracts, sustainable resources, sex, reproduction, our connection to the natural world, God and abundance and desire.

The Emotional Solar Plexus is where the juicy stuff that makes being Human so delicious and fun is located.


It seems like a much better place to create, don’t you think?

This is a lot of information to get you started.  I’m going to sum it up with three simple messages:

  1. Stop setting strong, concrete goals.  Use open-ended goals and stay open to the possibility that things can turn out waaay better than you imagine.
  2. Stop using your mind to create.
  3. Stimulate your emotions and maintain the “feeling” of what you’re intending.  Let the Universe fill in the details.

Ok.  I’ve taken you to the edge of a major breakthrough.  Now you have to get started doing the work and then take a big leap….

If you’d like more support for your leap and you’re ready to go deep, please join me for my Live Wealth by Design Intensive Retreat in Sedona, Arizona.  If you can’t attend live you can still attend via LiveStream.  All participants will receive personalized support to help you create a master plan so you can get out of the ebb and flow cycle of your finances and (finally!) create a sustainable stream of money.

The work we do here will change your life forever.

I guarantee it.



P.S.  Life is like a bicycle.  You have to keep pedaling to keep moving forward.  If you’re having boom and bust financial cycles it’s because you’re not pedaling effectively and it’s hurting your momentum.

Do you remember how exhilarating and fun it was to ride your bike when you were a kid?  It can be that fun and easy to create money….You can do this! Â