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There are three key steps to creating what you want in life.   In order to get what you want you have to:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Believe you can have it
  3. Take action to get it

Over the last few weeks I’ve shared a couple of articles with you about how knowing what you really want is crucial to creating a joyful, abundant life.  I also wrote about how our beliefs influence what we create and how your Human Design influences how you create.

This week I want to talk to you about the last crucial step (which can be the scariest of all the steps…), taking action.

This is the step that can inspire even the most reasonable person to start pounding on panic button.  Repeatedly.

We are trained to “do” something about our problems and challenges.  Whether you’re struggling financially, working out a relationship challenge or trying to figure out your life purpose, our first inclination is to leap into some kind of action mode.

I call this the spaghetti throwing phase of manifesting.  Let’s just throw out a bunch of things and see what sticks.

Usually, nothing really sticks and eventually you’re left cleaning up gooey spaghetti from off the ground and starting over (and over and over and over), feeling frustrated, bitter or disappointed.

If you know Human Design, you know that just going out and trying to make something happen is really only going to work for about 4% of us.  Ninety-six percent of people need to wait.

Why?  Wait for what?

Here is where I’m going to invite you to take a giant leap of faith with me, okay?

When you set an intention, pray, visualize, beg and beseech the Gods, etc, you are releasing an energy pulse into a very responsive Universe.  The nature of the Universe is to answer your prayer in the way that’s right for you.

As you know from Human Design, we all receive opportunities from the Universe in a way that is customized to our unique energy blueprint (our Human Design) and in alignment with our vibration.

Meaning, you’re going to get a response to your prayer and it’s going to come to you in accordance with your Human Design Strategy (usually something to respond to or an invitation).

And it’s going to show up in harmony with your vibration (Law of Attraction).

But what I see happen so often is that we get so panicked about “not doing” that we start leaping all over the place and when the answer to our prayer shows up, we’re already so far down a different path that the opportunity can’t find us.

It takes time for the Universe to line up all the parameters of your prayer, especially if you’ve been super specific (I now drive a six-cylinder, metallic red, Suburban with silver running boards, one of those really cool cameras for backing up, grey leather seats and a super sonic sound system with cruse control…blah, blah, blah)

Here’s the leap of faith part:

The Universe is infinitely abundant.

That’s big.


And, you are a piece of the Universe.  You are a holographic representation of all that is, in physical form.

Because the Universe is abundant and You are a part of the Universe, You are infinitely abundant.

But you have to stop jumping around in order to receive it.

And when you do take action is has to be the right action.  And sometimes the right action is to wait.  And practice gratitude while you wait.

And if you know you “should” be doing something, like writing a book, or making a website, or cleaning our your closet and you’re not doing it, then it’s a good opportunity to be still and ask yourself what do you really want.

And then wait some more.  And practice gratitude.

And make sure while you’re waiting that you do what you need to do to not feel frustrated and bitter.

And then wait some more…

And stay out of your head because you’ll create a reasonable life with your mind, but you’ll create an unbelievably fantastic life if you also harness the power of your emotions and  your intuition.

Go outside.  Take long walks.  Meditate.  Hang out with people who really “get” you and think you deserve all the amazing things you want.  Write.  Sing.  Dance.  Do what’s necessary to take care of your minimal financial needs if necessary but do it with the awareness that this is what you’re doing while you wait.

Get rid of your back up plans for the Universe and let Life unfold through you with it’s unseen loving force and see what shows up…

Stop pressing the panic button.

Please join me for a free webinar tomorrow, July 16, Abundance by Design – or How to Stop Pushing the Panic Button and Get What You Really Want Out of Life….

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