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Positive outlook and recovery concept as a person or businessman riding a red hot air balloon lifting the dangerous dark stormy skies to reveal a bright warm blue sky as a mindset symbol of managing economic or emotional perception.


The week begins with the Sun and the Earth in the Gates 64, Confusion and 63, Suspicion, both initiation energies for the Sensing and Logical Circuits.  The bottom line is be ready to be inspired.  And it’s unlikely that you’ll get the details…yet…they’re coming….

Stay inspired.  Ask questions but don’t get too lost in trying to figure things out.  The answers to your inspiration are coming but you’ve got to be patient as we are in a crazy mix-master cycle of energy that has the potential to test you and drive you mad if you’re using your head too much.

Just breathe and be patient.

On Thursday the Sun moves into the Gate 47, Oppression.  Oppression is one of my FAVORITE hexagrams because it is so clearly black or white.  Not a lot of grey here.  Basically the Gate 47 teaches us that we must wait for epiphany and, when we do, the “how” of your inspiration will reveal itself.

BUT, if you get too stuck in trying to figure out how you’re going to manifest your inspiration into reality, you can potentially get stuck in your own dark and negative mindset.

Keeping a positive and open mindset is the name of the game this week.  When you stay open to the possibilities of serendipity, miracles and unexpected fulfillment, you will liberate your mind and your experience.  If you fall into “stinkin’ thinkin'” you will trap yourself in your own mind and shut yourself off from seeing possibilities that are out there waiting for you.

The Earth moves to the Gate 22 and we are grounded in discovering our own power and beauty.  This is definitely a week for an inner tune up.  What is the state of your mindset?  How much do you trust Source.  How willing are you to trust in Grace…?

Mercury is in the Gate 48, Depth, and we want to go deep with our communication.  This is an energy that supports you doing your “homework” but be mindful on letting a fear of inadequacy keep you from expressing yourself.  Sometimes “done” is better than “perfect”.  You can always tweak things later if they’re not right.

Venus is in the Gate 7, Leadership, and we are in a cycle of creating deep mutual support and nurturing for each other.  This is a great week to check in with your loved ones and ask them what they need and want to feel loved and supported.  Engage with curiosity and the intent to help others.

Mars is in the Gate 4, the Gate of the Answer, and we think we know what others want and need.  Remember that the energy from the Gate 4 is all about possibility and not necessarily truth.  It’s designed to give us an investigative inquiry.  Answers come from doing not thinking.  Make no assumptions and remember to ask before you share what you think….  You might not know as much as you hope.

We have a shift in the outer planets this week with Jupiter moving into the Gate 40, Loneliness.  This is one of those energies that is totally counter-intuitive to how it feels.  The Gate 40 can create in us the experience of being or feeling alone.  But the purpose of the Gate 40 is for the loneliness experienced with this energy pushes us into seeking out others.  You may feel lonely with this transit but it’s going to force you out to connect and create community.  This new community will open up your world to an entirely new set of blessings.  This is a powerful tribal energy that will force you to get out of your social rut and break new grounds.  Don’t take the loneliness personally.  It’s not about you.  It’s about you getting out and connecting with the world!

With the Gate 37 transiting in Neptune, this completes the entire Channel of the Bargain.  The Channel of the bargain gives us energy to create agreements concerning resources and sustainability.  It can be an incredible peaceful energy that unifies people in a common direction creating sustainable resources for everyone.  Or the opposite.  When bargains and deals get broken, this can be an energy that provokes a violent emotional response.

Collectively, this is an important time for us to all consider what we need to do to create more for ourselves and others.  It’s a time to engineer new bargains and agreements and to make sure that we enter into our bargains and deals with clarity and ensure that all of the parameters have been discussed and detailed before you sign anything!!

This is a very important time to be mindful of the details of your deals and contracts.  Don’t commit to anything until you read it over carefully.

Uranus remains in the Gate 51, shocking and initiating us and reminding us to stay connected to Source/God/the Universe…whatever you want to call it….

Neptune is in the Gate 37 until next week when it goes retrograde for a bit…and we get another opportunity to learn about the power of faith.

Pluto is in the Gate 38 and we continue to discover what is really worth fighting for and what is truly valuable in life.

The nodes remain in the gate 46, the Love of the Body, and the Gate 25, the Love of Spirit respectively.  Everything we do right now is about being Spirit in form.  Make sure you are staying connected with Source and taking your direction from the Infinite.  You are a magnificent piece of a Bigger Plan than you may realize.

Have a wonderful week!



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