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Ok.  Last week of intensity for a while and then we cruise until Thanksgiving….

I hope you enjoyed last week.  Some more turbulence for this week moving into November, a month that promises to be a powerful time to lay the foundation for the new year.

We start the week with the Gate 28, Struggle, in the Sun moving to the Gate 44, Energy. The Gate 28 is a grossly misunderstood energy.  We often equate struggle with suffering.  Please note that no where in the Human Design chart is the energy for suffering.  Humans made up the theme of suffering all by themselves.

Struggle is a crucial energy.  The Gate 28 is a mutative gate.  That means that, ultimately, the energy of the Gate 28 is designed to change or transform us.  When you think of evolution and mutation, all mutation is not adaptive.  Only the qualities that are valuable and useful actually stay in the gene pool.

When we struggle, we are working through the bugs and the kinks that help us create something truly valuable and important.  The struggle of the Gate 28 ensures that whatever we are working on is impactful, useful and, ultimately, worth fighting and struggling for.  Struggle prevents us from fighting with windmills in perpetuity.  When struggle shows up, embrace it.  It is helping you create something meaningful and gauge your energy accordingly.

The Earth starts the week in the Gate 27, Responsibility.  We are struggling to discover what we are responsible for and for the values that are worth transmitting.  At the end of the week we are taking stock on the value of our struggles and moving forward based on our justification of what works and why.

Be mindful with this energy that you aren’t rationalizing and accepting anything that is less than what you truly desire.  When this energy transits, it can make you tolerate things that shouldn’t be tolerated or justify things that you shouldn’t be allowing.  Remember your unique value and that you deserve nothing less than value that is a reflection of your magnificence.  This applies to this week and next week…

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 57, intuition,  and our intuition is high. We move to the Gate 32, Ambition, on Wednesday.  We are still intuitive but now we sense the right timing to start (or wait) on making our dreams happen.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 64, Confusion, moving to the Gate 47, Oppression on Tuesday.  These two energies are part of the same channel, the energy that initiates the right-brained thought process in the brain so we’re filled with ideas and inspiration but we don’t always know HOW things are going to come about.  The trick with the energy of Oppression is remembering that you are as free or imprisoned as you perceive yourself to be.

If you trap yourself in the prison of believing that you have to figure out the answer, you’ll drive yourself crazy.  If you trust in the perfect unfolding of Divine Order, you’ll know that the answer will be brought to you when the timing is right.  Don’t sweat it!  Just trust!

Mars is in the Gate 47, Oppression, all week so the above applies here too!

Jupiter is in the Gate 64 and we are rewarded by our big inspirations, but again, not to beat the drum incessantly here, but just wait.  The answers to HOW will show up.  Magically.  And have fun in the meantime!!!  (Let go of the steering wheel.  The Universe has got your back!)

The outer planets are still teaching us that we are most powerful when we trust in the Divine unfolding of life and that, if we force the cocoon to open before it’s ready, the butterfly will die.

Hang tight this week.  Things get a little easier for a few weeks after this cycle…

Have a great week!



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Hexagram 28 – Preponderance of the Great

The Gate of Struggle

Affirmation:  I am fully alive and I am constantly present to the energy and possibility of Life.

Writing Assignment:

1.  We often ask ourselves what can we pursue that is worth dying for.  This week, ask yourself what in your life is worth Living for?

EFT Setup:

Even though everything feels hard, I now trust that I am mastering what is truly important in my life.  I trust the lessons the Universe brings me and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.