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I hope you did some serious daydreaming and thinking last week because it’s time to spring back into action this week….

We start the week with the Gate 56, the Gate of Storytelling, in the Sun and the gate 60, the Gate of Mutation, in the Earth. We shift to the Gate 31, the Gate of Democratic Leadership in the Sun and the Gate 41, the Gate of Fantasy in the Earth on Friday.

This is a powerful week to really look at stories you may have been telling yourself about your life. What defines you? What experiences have shaped you? Have the conclusions you’ve come to as a result of your experience added to your life or are they keeping you stuck?

This is the week to rewrite your old stories if they haven’t been serving you. It’s also a week to share your story with others and inspire them to join you as you take leadership in the fulfillment of your vision. With the Gate 31 in the Sun on Friday, we position ourselves to resume action and give direction to others who want to support our progress.

We are also entering another vital six day cycle on Friday of mental creating. You can rewrite your life story any way you like. Take the opportunity to redefine your life and again, dig in for some serious creative daydreaming!!!

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 39, the Gate of Provocation, so beware dodgy conversations and remember that we are simply being triggered to help us remember our true source of abundance. Don’t take it personally.

On Thursday Mercury shifts to the Gate 53 and we are ready to restart our relationships from a more abundant perspective.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 15, the Gate of the Love of Humanity, and shifts to the Gate 52 on Tuesday. This week we shift our focus from outside of ourselves to our inner awareness and we stand in stillness holding a space for compassionate action and resolutions.

Mars is in the Gate 50 so our relationships are driven by a desire for shared value and a need for love. Be prepared to nurture and connect with each other in meaningful ways. Or to fight for love…

Jupiter makes a shift this week. Jupiter has been in the Gate 56, the Gate of Story telling for several weeks. On Friday Jupiter shifts to the Gate 31, the Gate of Democratic Leadership. Because this is an outer planet with a lot of collective energy this means we begin to seek serious democratic solutions to our global challenges. Given the strife and loud conflict we’ve seen over the past few weeks, this energy promises to support us in creative egalitarian and peaceful solutions to our fights. Let us pray and align with peace.

The rest of the outer planets hold their positions supporting us in discovering our unique life purpose, giving us the impetus to create sustainable solutions to global issues.

We are entering a cycle that supports us fully in creating a new era of Sustainable Peace.

Have a great week!