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We transit this entire week in the Gate 13, The Listener.  We are open, sharing, spilling our secrets and revealing the Truth this week.  We are also filled with the potential for deep silence and divine listening, if we choose.  People will talk this week and you may learn more than you ever wanted to know about your friends and family.  Listen carefully.  Beware of over sharing and be compassionate.  Make sure you spend some time in personal silence so you can hear the whispering of the Divine in your heart and awaken to new awarenesses that will support your own evolution.

The Earth is in the Gate 7, The Self in Interaction and we seek to take leadership from what we learn.  Be careful when this energy is at play.  The leadership in this Gate is all about democracy and being recognized as the leader.  If we push and act without an invitation our intentions will get murky and confused and we won’t be able to assume our position of leadership correctly.  Wait to be recognized as the leader and the possibilities this week for you to change the world around you will be high.

Mercury is in the Gate 41, Fantasy.  We will either enter into deep conversations about what we want to create in the world or we’ll entertaining fantasies about each other and our secrets.  This energy is dynamically creative but, given the transits of the Sun this week, can be powerfully destructive, if we’re not careful.  Be creative but be in integrity.  Be mindful of idle gossip and fantasy driven conversations about others.

Venus is in the Gate 37, Harmony,  and all we seek is peace until she transits to to the Gate 63, Doubt and Suspicion on Friday.  Again, deal with only the Truth this week and stay out of your head.  You may hear things that are juicy and messy.  Trust your gut and check your data before you leap to conclusions.

Mars starts the week in the Gate 63, Doubt and Suspicion, moving to the Gate 22, Grace, on Tuesday and we are given the opportunity to manage all the depth and vulnerability of the week with Grace and charm.  This has the potential to be a deeply emotional week so flow with the energy and take your time before leaping into things.  We need clarity this week.

The outer planets do their big dance with stability and consistency this week.  We are discovering out true power, learning to surrender to something bigger than ourselves so that we can discover the depth of wisdom and knowledge necessary to create sustainable resources and peace on the planet and acting on only the things that are truly valuable and vital to the evolution of humanity and the creation of a world that is unconditionally loving.

How can it can any better than this!??

Have a wonderful week!