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I hope your week is going well!

I’m a bit late this week.  I want to share a little bit about what I’ve been up to and then I have a couple of updates for you.

I’ve been traveling all over the last two weeks sharing information about Human Design, teaching my Business by Design Intensive Retreat and also learning about growing my own Human Design business.  I am very serious about continuing to share Human Design with the world.

I do a lot of work from my computer, in my little (very) bright green office with my cats and my dog to keep me company.  It’s kind of easy to lose touch with people when most of your contact involves you talking on the phone.

I know that Human Design is powerful.  But last week I got to sit in a room full of heart-based entrepreneurs who have been deeply transformed by Human Design and I got to see first-hand the impact that this information has on people’s lives.  And I was deeply moved and even more inspired to make Joyful Mission a business that serves as an invitation to anyone who wants to change his or her life.

I’m currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, about what truly creates success and what I’m learning from this book confirms what I’ve feel to the depth of my core for years:

We are all capable of excellence, success and fulfillment in every way.  In fact, we are designed to be excellent, successful and fulfilled in every way.  The only thing that keeps us from fulfilling our full potential is the limiting mechanics and paradigms that we’ve been imprinted with since we were born.

There are a lot of real life changes that we need to make collectively to support the actualization of our success.  For example, we need a radical overhaul of the education system.

It’s time for a some big shifts and change.   But, to see big changes in your personal reality, you don’t have to start a massive revolution on a global level.  (Personally, I believe that’s coming….but maybe not this year…)  You can start a revolution in your own life right now by deepening your relationship with your true self and you can begin by discovering more about your own Human Design.

On that note, let’s get started with updates, shall we?

1.  It’s interesting running a business while following my strategy. Like me, 94% of you are designed to wait, in some way, to conduct your life correctly.  I don’t have a business plan.  I don’t know what Joyful Mission will look like in 5 years.  I have some dreams, but I know enough to know that I will be placed to serve the Universe in whatever capacity is required of me and, as long as I follow my strategy, everything will be abundant.

I’m designed to work hard.  Monday was my 15th straight day of working. I got up at 3:50 am to catch a plane and fly home.  When I got home, my email inbox was full of emails from people who had technical challenges with my Human Design New Year Sale…(and lots of other things…).

And, when I got home, my husband was sick and my five-year-old had an ear infection.  My seventeen-year-old daughter, who is in the middle of college interviews and applications, needed me to help her….and, as much as I have been trained to take care of business first, I could not get my sacral to respond to going into the office and answering emails.

I needed to snuggle with my little kiddo, help my big kid and take care of my man.

It’s rare that my sacral doesn’t respond to working.  And, when I follow my sacral, things are usually balanced and harmonious.  (That doesn’t mean that my head isn’t freaking out in the meantime…)

We are not designed to martyr ourselves to our businesses and our life’s calling.  It’s so hard to bypass our deep conditioning that teaches us that the only way to make money is to work.  And if you want to make more money you have to work harder.

It takes courage to trust that when you follow your strategy, everything works out in your favor.  It certainly flies in the face of “reason”, but, in case you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t teach “reason”.

If you were trying to book a session, purchase a program or you had a question about the Human Design 25% of New Year’s Sale, I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Here are the answers to the most common questions you had.

1.  Yes, you can book a reading and the reading can be anything you like, including a Life Cycle Analysis.
2.  All classes are home study so you can learn at your own speed.
3.  If you have some weird adventure with a link not working, please remember that Mercury is in retrograde and if you send us an email, karen@joyfulmission.com, we’ll help you get it figured out.  We’re back in the office and eager to help you.
4.  Yes, you can have another chance to register….

In honor of the New Year, I’m giving you 25% off all Human Design products and services, professional level classes and Human Design readings and coaching with me.  If you’d like to discover how to make more money, deepen your relationships, have a deeper connection to your intuition and Source, create more health, discover your life purpose and find what you’re here to do with your life, please click on the link below.


May this be the year you make your dreams your reality.

I’m extending the sale until Sunday, February 1.  For those of you who tried to connect and didn’t hear back quickly, thank you soooo much for your patience!!

2.  Join me tomorrow evening with Shefali Burns on  Season 6 of Awaken To Happiness Now Global Summit!

Shefali is truly authentic and caring. She holds a warm, accepting and unconditional space for her guests and her community.

The theme for this season is “Change Your Story, Change Your Reality”.

Are you ready to change your story and create your new reality?

If your answer is yes, then I invite you to join me tomorrow evening on Awaken To Happiness Now.

Experience the powerful energy processes, activations, healing techniques, and tools & strategies that will shift your life and consciousness forever!

When you register, you will receive access to all of the calls and the Happiness Kit to start you on your journey to a more fulfilled and happy life and it’s yours absolutely FREE.

Register and get FREE Access to this amazing network of transformational leaders, teachers and thought provokers along with all of the wonderful BONUS gifts just by clicking the link below:

I look forward to having you join us on this amazing journey of joy and happiness.

See you there!


3.  Here is your weekly Human Design Evolution Report.  
Yes, it’s written, not videoed.  I just didn’t have it in me to put on makeup this week and I’m a Southern Lady and we don’t go out in public “without our faces on”.   Next week I commit to making a video for you….



Wednesday the Sun moves from the Gate 41, Fantasy, the first gate in the Human Design New Year to the Gate 19, Intimacy.  This is a powerful theme for the week and shows up in a couple of places.  We are seeking intimacy and connection.  We are also intuitive, sensitive and truly feeling each other.  Be gentle with yourself and your partner this week.  There is often a subtle line between intimacy and neediness and our desire for connection can push others away if we cling too much.


The Earth grounds us in the Gate 33, Privacy, and our secret desire is to hide away with our lover.  This is also the energy of healing and forgiving the past.  As we move into a heightened potential for intimacy, we must remember that old hurts and resentments will create distance between us.  It’s a beautiful week to engage in forgiveness and release all past hurts and traumas that may be keeping us from loving each other just a little bit more…


These nurturing energies are present to us for the next few weeks in many formats, paving the road to romance for much of February…


Mercury is also in the Gate 19, Intimacy, and we are talking about how we can get closer to each other.  Make time for important heart to heart connections today.  And keep your radar up.  If it feels like energy has shifted in your partnership, trust your insights.  We are more infinitesimally aware of tiny changes.  Enter into deep conversations with the intention to create more love.


Venus is in the Gate 55, abundance, showing us that we can be loved for who we are and that there is nothing we have to “do” to be loved.  This energy can be a bit provocative and confusing if we’re not careful.  Sometimes we poke people to see how much they love us.  The biggest challenge with this energy is remembering to ask the Universe to help you stay grounded in the purest expression of unconditional love as you seek a heart connection with the people around you.


Mars gives us a little challenge this week in the Gate 63, Doubt and Suspicion.  This is interesting energy given the high level of intuitive sensitivity that we are experiencing this week.  The Gate 63 is deeply logical and doubts everything reflexively.  It will be easy this week to doubt what you feel, each other and your own insights and awareness.  Take your time and really feel your way through every situation and trust your gut.  If your head gets in the way, try to get quiet and sense what is really going on.


We see a big shift in the outer planets this week.  Jupiter moves from the Gate 4, Answers to the Gate 7, Self in Interaction.  We are blessed in our positions of leadership and we are given opportunities to take the lead.  Don’t be surprised if you are given a chance to share your wisdom and knowledge over the next few months.  This is a projected energy, one that isn’t designed to be pushed with, so take your time and trust that you’ll be seen when the time is right.


The rest of the outer planets remain in their fixed position teaching us how to unlock our personal power, reminding us that surrendering to something greater than yourself is the key to harnessing the infinite power of the Universe, helping us remember that we are here to take care of each other and work towards peace and creating resources for all, showing us what is truly worth fighting for.  We discover the true depth of our power and knowledge when we surrender our need for control and we allow the resources and wisdom available to us to flow to us and through us.


Have a wonderful week!