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Bird of Prey

All revved up with places to go…..

On Wednesday, we move into the Gate 6, Friction, in the Sun.  We are seeking impact.  This is a very powerful energy.  When used correctly, the Gate 6 moves us into intimate relationships and creates impact that have the power to unify people, create peace, harmony and sustainability so pay close attention to your relationships and connections this week.

But, this is the same energy that creates war and fighting.  And, with the Gate 36, Chaos, in the Earth, it’s easy to leap into chaos and emotional drama if you’re not waiting for the emotions to settle.

Decisions made during this energy, even impulsive ones, have the power to affect you for a lifetime.  Or can threaten your life in some way.  Be mindful, be aware, wait for the dust to settle, before leaping into any circumstance this week.  Be deliberate and don’t react.

But, here’s even more good news.  Good things will happen this week if you trust in timing.  AND, our intuition is turned on with the Gate 57, Intuition, activated in Mercury.

With our awarenesses and our intuition turned on, we know when the timing is right to strike and take leadership, with the Gate 7, Self in Interaction in Venus.

Mars is in the Gate 29, Commitment and our perseverance and determination and, of course, our commitment to taking the actions necessary to manifest the reality of our choosing pays off.  You’ve paid your dues and when that intuitive pulse hits you this week, pay attention and follow the clues.  The Gate 6, Friction, in the Sun ensures that you will have impact and your dreams will bear fruit.

Jupiter in the Gate 40, Aloneness will drive us to seek out others and forge strong and powerful partnerships.  Remember not to take the loneliness that can sometimes come with this energy personally.  It’s simply the force that helps you realize that you need other people to do what you need to do.

Saturn takes it’s last pass in the Gate 14, Abundance in Great Measure.  We’ve mostly completed this theme and we’re super clear about what is truly valuable in our lives.

On Sunday we see a major shift forward as Saturn returns to the Gate 34, Power, and our energy is amped up.  We had a nice visit with Saturn in the Gate 34 earlier this year.  It was intense, jacked a lot of people up and made it hard for some of us to settle down and relax.

Here is the kicker about the theme of “power” in the Human Design chart.  True power is activated when we surrender and realize that we can’t create it all with our own sheer will.  It’s easy when the Gate 34 transits to get super busy and try to make it all happen with your Life Force.  But force is not powerful.  Surrender is.  We have this energy until November 16.  Use it to remind yourself that you will full activate your life purpose, your energy, your LIFE when you allow Life to show you the next step.  Your biggest obligation is to surrender to the flow of Life and trust that you’ll be taken exactly where you need to go to experience the deepest love, joy and abundance.

And, make sure you pace yourself and get enough sleep and rest.  It’s okay to take a day off and important to remember to PLAY!

The other outer planets remain stable this week teaching us that surrendering is the greatest way to create sustainably in this world.  If you aren’t letting go, the Universe will help you let go in ways that will rock your world.  We are being initiated and prepared for something powerful and beautiful.

You are not in charge and that’s okay.  In fact, it’s way easier!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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