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This is a great week to think about what new habits you want to be choosing and creating as part of your routine.

We start the week with the Gate 35, Change, in the Sun.  The Gate 35 is not really so much about change as it is about making change that is really productive and useful.  There is a certain weariness with the Gate 35 that comes from experience.  The wisdom of the Gate 35 teaches us that change is important but changing just for the sake of change is exhausting.  A great time to make important shifts in your lifestyle and routine, but only those changes that are worth the effort and energy.

The Gate 5, Rhythm, is in the Earth all week and we have the energy to sustain patterns and habits.  If you’re wanting to create a new habit, you’ve got the support of the stars this week.  Marry that with a full moon and it’s a powerful week to set some strong and clear intentions around making shifts and changes in your habits and routines.

This energy also connects us deeply with animals, nature and natural flow.  Spend some time outside, connecting with nature and also let the world show you what needs to be shifted and grown in your life.  You don’t have to figure anything out.  Just follow what feels good and let the world talk to you…

Mercury continues it’s dang-blasted crazy backwards momentum giving us technological challenges but also the energy to do some deep inner work.  It’s a powerful time to tweak what’s not working and to think about what you want to carry forward with you when Mercury goes direct on June 11.  (Remember that the shadow of Mercury retrograde affects us for a while so don’t actually take any new action until June 27, to be on the safe side…)

Mercury spends most of the week in the Gate 16, Enthusiasm, moving to the Gate 20, Metamorphosis on Sunday.  Because this is a quiet time, be mindful of the sudden urgent to leap into something new.  Now is not the time.  Just wait, get clarity and trust in divine timing.  It will happen soon enough…

Venus is in the Gate 56, the Storyteller, and we are sharing our stories with each other.  Listen with compassion and love.  And only share your story when you’ve been asked.  It helps others hear you better…

Mars starts the week in the Gate 35, Change, and moves to the Gate 45, the Gate of the King/Queen, on Friday.  We are learning about experience and mastering feeling jaded or worn out from the learning curve of a rapidly evolving life.  On Friday, we muster our strength and regain the momentum that has felt kind of lackluster this week and we take the reigns of mastery into our hands and begin to lead our own charge forward.

The outer planets hold steady helping us to discover the true importance of surrendering to Spirit in order to create things bigger than we can imagine.  All month the deepest lesson we can learn is the power and importance of trusting our intuition and letting the right strategic process show up for us so that we can live a grounded but connected life.

Have a wonderful week!!