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We start this week with the Sun in the Gate 11, Ideas, and we’re filled with more ideas than what we know to do with.  Enjoy the inspiration but if the motivation doesn’t come with the inspiration, it’s not your idea to pursue.  Share your ideas with others, when asked, and be mindful of trying to force something to happen or come into form.  There is a deliciousness that comes with this energy that is all about seeking.  Not necessarily finding.  Let your mind wander, take good notes, be inspired and follow your Strategy.

The Earth is in Gate 12, Caution, and we are grounded in our connection with Super Consciousness.  Again, a great week to be inspired and to enjoy the Divine “plug in”, but not a week for spray and pray creative approaches.  Let what is right for you show up and enjoy the cerebral celestial fireworks in your head.

Wednesday, December 16, Mercury moves into the Gate 38, the Fighter, and we are either fighting or discovering what is worth fighting for.  We’ve been playing with this energy all year with a long-term transit in the Gate 38 playing out in the planet Pluto.  This energy has the potential for violence or the possibility of conversations that can either be violent or addressing the issue of violence.

There is certainly some tension in these energies and a gentle reminder to continue to focus on what we want and not the horror and the fear of what we don’t want.  Our careful and diligent focus continues to create in a powerful way right now so be mindful with your mental energy.

Venus moves to the Gate 1, The Creative, and we are pushing to stand out and make our contribution and to have our contributions recognized in our relationship.  Be mindful of your partner and their contributions.  A little bit of acknowledgment goes a long way this week.

Mars starts the week in the Gate 57, Intuition and moves to the Gate 32, Ambition on Friday.  It’s easy with this energy to have big ideas and thoughts, already mirrored for us in the Sun.  Pay attention to your grand ideas.  They are to be used to stimulate emotional excitement for the purpose of creating.  But not to be acted upon unless it’s showing up for you in the way that is right for you.

The outer planets are doing their big job anchoring the energies that create the template for our reality and what’s to come.  Be mindful of your mindset.  Don’t fall into the darkness.  Stay focused, no matter what may attempt to knock you off course.  Tend to your inner peace and harmony, take care of yourself and you will have impact and be a part of leading the world into something new and beautiful!

Have a wonderful week!!


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One of the things that is most reassuring and powerful about the archetype of humanity as demonstrated in the Human Design chart, is the fact that forward movement is always followed by phases of internal evaluation, quiet places for re-evaluation and the possibility for realignment.  The nature of our human energy is to move forward and then rest, regroup and move forward again.

We are often taught that success is measured by the end result.  When you understand human nature, success is not in the end result but in our process along the way.  Many of us are, by design, under pressure to complete, but the irony of that pressure is that there is never completion, only eternal evolution.

The 11th hexagram generates enormous quantities of ideas.  It is also the energy for history, philosophy and seeking for Truth.  If you understand the energy of the 11 you can have great fun with it.  The secret to enjoying the 11 is realizing that the purpose of humanity is to enjoy the experience.

Enjoy seeking because what you will find will only create more journeys and adventures.  Serve your ideas and allow them to benefit the Greater Good.  You don’t have to “manifest” every idea you have.  When we work with the 11, we have more ideas than we can ever bring forth into form in one lifetime.  Give your ideas to other and enjoy them take on a life of their own.

This week the 11 will inspire us to re-evaluate the “launching” of last week and any Truths spoken or revealed.  This is a time of Inner Truth, a time to evaluate what you’ve done and generate new ideas to make it even better.

Let go of your attachment to the outcome and really enjoy the process.  You will grow.  You will evolve.  You will expand.   And then you’ll do it again, even bigger!


I honor my inner creative process.  I am grateful for every lesson and adventure I have in life and I know that each story of my life experience adds beautiful, rich threads to the tapestry of my own Life Story and the Story of Humanity.  I relax and enjoy the quest for Truth in my life, knowing that the more I learn, the more I grow and that the learning and growing never stops.  I allow myself to savor every moment and serve as the creative vessel I am.  I relax, breathe, trust and let the ideas flow!

Writing Assignment:

  1. Evaluate your achievements and accomplishments of the last few weeks.  What ideas do you have to improve what you’ve done?  What did you learn?
  2. Keep a running list of ideas this week. You never know when you might find the right person to share them with or when you may hit upon the “million dollar idea” for your life!

***Remember, the 11 is the Gate of Ideas.  You don’t have to manifest all of them…or any of them.  If an idea is correct for you, it will show up in your life correctly, according to your personal Human Design strategy.

EFT Setup:  Even though I’ve got so many ideas, I now trust that I will know exactly what action to take and when to take it and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.