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Woo Hoo!


Mercury is finally direct and the hazy, feeling “stuck”energy is shifting as we start the week with the Gate 53, the Gate of New Beginnings in the Sun and the Gate 54, the Gate of Enlightenment in the Earth.

This is a fabulous week to get to work and get started doing all those things you’ve been thinking or trying to do for the for the past few weeks.  The dreamy initiation into the new quarter is over and we are ready to get back to the active work of creating.

Mercury continues his journey in the Gate 12, the Gate of Caution until Friday when he moves to the Gate 15, the Gate of the Love of Humanity.  We are still waiting for the right timing to share our passion and the inner workings of our emotions.  On Friday, we shift and we are, once again, concerned about expressing our love for our Divine Siblings.

Venus moves to the Gate 45, the Gate of the King/Queen on Tuesday.  We seek to be the Kings and Queens in our relationships.  Be mindful of being a benevolent ruler and not a diva.  You may also find that your partners play the role of King/Queen in your world and you may enjoy serving at the feet of your loved one for a few days.  (Also be mindful of other people playing the role of diva.  Don’t take it personally!)

We value leadership and with this transit, we have an added ability to assume a leadership role in the areas of life that are truly valuable to us.  On Saturday, Venus moves to the Gate 12, the Gate of Caution and we wait for the right timing to share our hearts fully….

Mars is in the Gate 32, the Gate of Ambition, all week.  With the Gate 54 in the Earth, we get the full energy of the Channel of Ambition.  This week our intuition about timing for initiation a new business idea is very reliable.  If you’ve been waiting, this week be ready for an energetic pulse that will let you know that the timing is right for you to share your new idea with the world.

Jupiter continues it’s transit in the Gate 56, the Gate of the Storyteller.  We continue to benefit from sharing our stories with others, from teaching what we know and, most importantly, from rewriting our own stories so that we give ourself permission to move into a new mythology for ourselves.  Remember, you are only as trapped or stuck as you believe yourself to be…

Saturn is in the Gate 1, the Creative Role Model so we continue our quest to discover our authentic, creative gift to give the world.  Uranus is in the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, so we are in the process of being awakened to the Truth of Who We Are and our authentic self.  Remember, don’t use your head to figure this out.  Let the answer reveal itself to you, otherwise you’ll drive yourself coo coo.

With Neptune continuing it’s long term transit in the Gate 37, we are in the middle of discovering how to create sustainable relationships, peace and resources on a global lever.  With the Gate 38, the Gate of the Fighter in Pluto, we are fighting for what’s worth fighting for.  We have the extra oomph and motivation to go the distance as we bring the things that are no longer necessary for our evolution to an end and prepare for an even bigger cycle of new beginnings.

Bottom line:  This is a week of feeling renewed and refreshed.  We are clear.  We are focused on forward movement.  Get to work!

Have a great week!