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The Rings of Saturn

The Rings of Saturn

Oooooh….this is SUCH an exciting time!!  We are preparing for a big outer planet shift in Saturn and this week is the final swing of energy that prepares us for the shift.

Since 2012, Saturn has been sitting in Scorpio via Scorpio Gates.  In Human Design, Scorpio energy is all about values, struggle, letting go of the past, making a powerful contribution to the world in a new unique way and learning how to garner to yourself, the resources necessary to make your mark on the world.

Since 2012 we’ve been going deep into learning how to be who we truly are, learning to love our authentic selves and discovering new ways to allow ourselves to be supported.  For many of us, our income, our work, our life purpose and discovering our authentic nature and contribution has been the focus.  It’s been a powerful time of reaching deep, releasing, clearing and getting ready for forward momentum.

Next week the celestial journey takes us one big step forward as Saturn now shifts to the Sagitarious Gates.  We are moving into a long cycle of discovery about power, focus, habits, integrity and new, big, bold ideas!  What fun!!

We start this week with the Sun in the Gate 11, Ideas, and we’re filled with more ideas than what we know to do with.  Enjoy the inspiration but if the motivation doesn’t come with the inspiration, it’s not your idea to pursue.  Share your ideas with others, when asked, and be mindful of trying to force something to happen or come into form.  There is a deliciousness that comes with this energy that is all about seeking.  Not necessarily finding.  Let your mind wander, take good notes, be inspired and follow your Strategy.

The Earth is in Gate 12, Caution, and we are grounded in our connection with Super Consciousness.  Again, a great week to be inspired and to enjoy the Divine “plug in”, but not a week for spray and pray creative approaches.  Let what is right for you show up and enjoy the cerebral celestial fireworks in your head.

Mercury is in the Gate 11, Ideas, moving into the Gate 10, Empowerment and Self-Love, on Tuesday.  Our communication has the possibility of lifting others up and inspiring them.  A great time to share those abundant ideas of yours with people who ask for your insight.  Be careful to not sink into blaming energies as this energy can also be DIS-empowerment in it’s low expression.

Venus moves from the Gate 58, Joy, to the Gate 38, Knowing What’s Worth Fighting For, on Thursday.  Its a very sweet time to relate and be together.  Our intention is to bring out the joy of our connections.  As we do this, we are discovering what is truly valuable and we are ready to take a stand for love and each other by the end of the week.  Be mindful of thinking as “we” instead of “I” and work for what works best for both of you.  The low expression of these energies can be joyless and in-fighting.

Mars is in the Gate 19, Intimacy all week.  With the Gate 10 in Mercury and the potential to fight in Venus,  we may be more sensitive than usual.  This can make it sweeter and easier for you to connect or, if feelings get hurt, you may pull back in defense.  Be sweet with each other.  The payoffs this week can be huge if you’re gentle.

The outer planets hold steady for one more week preparing us for Saturn’s big shift next week.  Beware, that Saturn will start us off with a surge in busy-ness and a thrust into expressing our power.  Get ready.  Eat your veggies, get some good sleep, take care of yourself and get ready for a super-charged New Year.

This is the final week to practice taking leaps of faith and discovering that the only thing you need to do be supported is to be yourself.

Have a wonderful week!