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We’ve got a really nice week ahead of us with a big shift in the outer planets on Sunday….

The week the Sun sits in the Gate 45, the Gate of the King/Queen, and we are poised to teach, share and take leadership with our dreams.  This is a regal energy that affords us more recognition and attention for our wisdom and generosity.  This week be prepared to be noticed for what you give and share with the world.

The Earth sits in the Gate 26, Integrity.  This is a very important energy that gives us the opportunity to stand strongly in our Truth (or not).  This week speak your truth and be mindful of being in integrity with yourself.  This is a powerful energy that supports you being authentic without compromise.  Also, trust your gut this week.  If your B.S. detectors start going off, listen carefully.  You’ll know when someone is out of alignment with their integrity.  Don’t be fooled!

Mercury continues it’s retrograde cycle until June 11 (Just a few more days…YAY!!)

and we’ll all start to feel a lot less foggy and a lot more grounded.  The Gate 20, Metamorphosis, transits here all week and we finish up this cycle with a retrospective on the past expressions of our talents, opportunities taken and not, and we end with new awarenesses of what we need to do to unify ourselves with others in a way that is powerful, compelling and charismatic.

Venus is in the Gate 31, Democracy, meeting the Gate 7, Self in Interaction in Jupiter and defining the entire Channel of Leadership energy here.  Again, the theme of taking leadership plays out this week.  It’s time to position yourself to be seen and recognized for what you have to share with the world.

Mars is in the Gate 45, the Gate of the Queen/King, and, again, we take leadership in relationships and with expressing ourselves and our voice.  (Catch the theme this week…?)

The outer planets stay stable until Sunday when Saturn retrogrades until mid-September.  We’ll get to revisit the lessons that Saturn has brought us all year again, later this fall.  This is the final push to really discover the true power of surrender and the possibility of leveraging the forces of the Universe when you let go.

On Sunday, Saturn returns to the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure, and we are dealing with money energy and the challenges of redefining power and money from our expanded awareness and perspective.  This time around with Saturn in the Gate 14, we have learned to surrender our intentions around money and to let the Universe bring forth our support.  We’ve discovered that our sheer effort and will don’t create what we want in a sustainable way and we’re willing to deepen our trust in infinite support and know that we are designed to be supported because of who we are, not because of what we do.  We have a beautiful window here to really shift our perspectives on money, the physical world, abundance and faith.

This is also a powerful energy to support our rethinking of financial institutions and to continue to build and utilize values-based businesses.

Have a wonderful week!