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We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 33, the Gate of Retreat, moving into the Gate 7, the Gate of Self in Interaction, on Wednesday.  We start the week seeking retreat.  The Gate 33 is a powerful energy that asks us to pull back and examine what has come before.

With the shift on Wednesday, we then integrate what we’ve learned and we move forward with leadership or in support of an idea that takes a leading role.  Our quiet beginning moves into forward momentum on Wednesday, so if you’ve been feeling like hanging out at home and doing nothing, be ready for some energy to zap you and move you forward mid-week.

The Earth is in the Gate 19, the Gate of Intimacy moving to the Gate 13, the Gate of the witness on Wednesday.  Again, we have a pairing of somewhat conflicting energies adding to the push-me-pull-you quality of this week’s energy.  The Gate 19 makes us all a bit more sensitive than usual.  We are more intuitive and sense changes.  We’re also needy and seeking intimacy.  All of the intensity of these feelings can be managed by going outside and being with nature.  Or hanging out with your favorite pet.

The Gate 13 brings with it more energy of retreat.  So, even though our Sun wants us to move forward, we are grounded by watching, integrating and continuing to process the past.  This is a good recipe for some very deliberate forward movement.  We are all a little bit cautious about blasting forward without evaluating what has come before.  But it might make you feel a little conflicted about leaving the house…

With the Gate 4, Answers, in Mercury, moving to the Gate 29, Perseverance, on Wednesday and to the Gate 59, Penetration on Sunday, even though you may want to stay in and hide, our relationships are calling us out.  We are in a deeply transformative cycle in all of our relationship arenas and we are going deeper (or getting out of) commitments.

The planets are asking us to get very honest with ourselves.  With five major planets in a retrograde pattern, no matter what the outer energy, there is a part of us that is drawn inward and we’re thinking and feeling our way through the hurts of the past, letting go of patterns and, in many cases, dealing with big shifts and changes that are bringing us closer to creating in alignment with our own personal Truth.

This is hard work.  And sometimes it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

But there is big stuff happening and we have to realize that the fulfillment of ourselves, our dreams and our intentions are emerging into form but before we can birth the new, there has to be a clean space in your heart to manifest what you truly want.

Surrender, surrender, surrender.

Life will deliver much greater than you anticipate when you let go.

Venus is in the Gate 29, Perseverence, and, again, we evaluating our commitments and how to correctly apply our energy.

Mars is in the Gate 56, the Gate of the Storyteller, and we’re telling ourselves a new story about who we are.  If you don’t like your current story, now is the perfect time to rewrite the old.

Jupiter is also in the Gate 29 and we benefit when we say “yes” to what Life brings us and we also master saying “no” to the things that don’t serve us.

Saturn continues in the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure, and we’re still thinking about and maybe even worrying about money.  Perhaps another great area in you life that needs a new story?

Uranus is in the Gate 51, Initiation,bringing us unexpected twists and turns to help us remember that we aren’t really in charge.  There is a bigger, more abundant plan in place and we do better when we follow the program instead of trying to outsmart the Universe.

Neptune is in the Gate 37, Harmony, and we focus on creating inner peace and harmony amidst all the chaos AND our spiritual focus is on creating a world of sustainable peace and resources for everyone.

Pluto is in the Gate 38, The Fighter, helping us remember what’s truly worth fighting for and remembering what’s valuable in life.  It’s not necessary to spend energy on something that has no pay off.

The nodes remain in the Gates, 46, the Love of the Body, and the Gate 25, the Love of Spirit and we are wondering how to take our direction from Spirit and apply it in our every day lives.

Have a great week!!












Hexagram 33 – Retreat

Affirmation:  I continue my journey inward, working with the cycles of creation and repose.  My focus now is on myself, my journey, my past and the evolution of my future.  I relax and trust that what is hidden will be revealed, truth will be demonstrated and my greatest power is in Divine Timing.  I trust.  I wait.  I know.  I grow.

Writing Assignment:

1.  If you have not seen the results in forward momentum in your life that you have intended for this year, what do you think is holding you back?  What story line are you living?  Write the story of your limitation or label.

2.  Re-write that story as if it weren’t true for you anymore.  What would change?  What would be different?  What would the end results be?

Hexagram 7 – Self in Interaction

The Gate of Influence

Affirmation:  I take leadership in my own life and know that I will be called out to share my influence with the world.  I am empowered and I trust the geometry of the Universe to take me to exactly where I need to go to impress my authentic expression on the face of the world.

Writing Assignment: 

1.  Where do you need to take action and leadership in your life?  What do you need to do to lead your dream?

2.  What kind of influence and recognition would you like to be experiencing in your life?  What has kept you from recognition in the past?  Is there anything you need to change to increase your light?

EFT Setup for this week:

Even though I feel confused and conflicted about what to do, I trust the Divine Flow and let the Universe show me the right thing to do in the right time and I deeply and completely love, trust and accept myself.