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power surge

This week is a power surge week, in spite of the dreaming retro quality of Mercury….

We move from the Gate 20, Metamorphosis to the Gate 16, Enthusiasm, on Wednesday.  Over the past week we’ve been blasted with tons of power and energy.  This was intense, Life Force energy moving through us in unexpected and super-natural ways as evidences by the massive rains and flooding in Texas.

The purpose of the energy is to support us in transforming and changing.  This is the fire that burns away the dross in alchemy and can leave us feeling scattered and struggling for direction and clarity.  But, once the storm clears and we see the path before us, we emerge stronger, more focused and determined to create something new.  Something bigger and better.

The energy this week gives us an extra shot of enthusiasm to keep laying the building blocks of our creation.  It’s a theme that permeates us on many levels.

The Earth moves from the Gate 34, Power, to the Gate 9, Focus on Wednesday and all the distractions and fuzzy energy of last week dissipates and things seem clear.  Be careful with this energy, though.  It’s the energy for focus, but not necessarily for concentration so it’s easy to be obsessing in your head but avoiding taking right action.  Turn off the computer, social media and anything that might distract you and get to work!

Mercury continues on his retrograde journey, traveling this entire week in the Gate 16, Enthusiasm.  Thoughts and ideas that you may have thought we long buried and forgotten mysteriously may surface this week.  Be prepared for a flood of ideas and the sense that the time is FINALLY right to take action on them.  (But remember, only act on the ideas that show up correctly for you according to your strategy….

Venus starts the week in the Gate 53, Beginnings, and moves to the Gate 62, Details, on Wednesday.  We have the energy to get things started with the ability to find practical answers and solutions.  BUT, be mindful of not getting lost down a rabbit hole in the pursuit of details that are irrelevant to the big picture.  Do whatever is necessary to keep yourself focused on the task at hand…

Mars starts the week in the Gate 16, Enthusiasm (notice a theme here?), and we are feeling the urge to leap into things.

Remember, this Enthusiasm energy is powerful, compelling and contagious.  It can also be fool hardy if you’re not being deliberate and mindful.  Ride this dynamic wave with awareness and you’ll be sitting pretty next week….

The outer planets stay steady, but that doesn’t mean that life is business as usual.  In fact, the outer planets are showing us that “business as usual” is over.  We are in for sudden and dramatic change and as things shift and move around us, we are being taught that the answers we seek are not going to come from the exertion of our powerful minds or even our will, but from something bigger outside of ourselves.  We are holograms of the Universe, unique representative pieces of the Divine.  Contained within us are all the answers necessary to change the world and create a New Order with sustainable resources and peace for everyone.

But we can not unlock these answers with our minds.  The key to expressing the full potential of Who We Are and what we’re here to create lies within our hearts and is unlocked the nanosecond we are willing to surrender to receiving the inspiration and the answers necessary to transform the world….

Have a wonderful week!!




Hexagram 16 – Enthusiasm

The Gate of Enthusiasm

Affirmation:  I allow myself to create and experiment.  Experimentation and exploration are a natural part of my creative self and allows me to find the correct pattern for the expression of my talents and my soul’s journey.  It is in the relentless pursuit of this journey that I live my joy.

Writing Assignments:

1.  What dreams are beginning to come to fruition?  What is your experimentation teaching you?  What are you needing to tweak?

2.  What beliefs may be part of creating the manifestion of your experiments?  Are there any old beliefs that you need to release?

3.  Can you imagine the full enthusiastic expression of your unique gifts and talents?

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m afraid that I’m not fulfilling my life purpose and I’m wasting my life, I now choose to relax and know that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time to fulfill my destiny and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.