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Something that I consider to be the most important response that we can have to this kind of violence.

(Don’t worry. This is not political!)

I’ve been watching my Social Media accounts and the desire to make a change, to create peace, to pray and to send love is so very moving. Truly, I believe that there is an ever-growing mass of loving consciousness emerging on this planet and it fills me with hope for the future.

I am a big fan of prayer, compassion, lighting candles, “holding space”, meditation, etc.

But let’s be really practical about what we really need to do to grow peace on this planet. Let’s talk about the “how” of the first steps of creating a world of sustainable resources and peace on Earth.

My Dad always says, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. Although he is totally not even remotely woo-woo, in this one statement, he is speaking to a powerful, advanced principle of quantum physics and just basic math.

The current expression of who you are being right now in this lifetime is just a fragment, a piece, of Universal Consciousness. You are truly a “chip off the Old Block”, a Child of God, an aspect of the Universe. Whatever feels right for you to call yourself.

You’re not just a PIECE of Universal Consciousness, because Universal Consciousness isn’t like a pie that you split up into finite pieces. You are a finite holographic expression of Universal Consciousness.

What does that mean?

That means that there is a part of you that is a finite being. The physical expression of who you are and even the world you live is has a definite beginning and an end. This expression of who you in this lifetime are is temporary.

But inside of you is also a chunk of infinity. Some people call it your soul, your Higher Self, your Christ Consciousness… It’s the part of you that is a piece of the Whole of the Universe. And it’s is a hologram or fractal, meaning that contained within this infinite piece of you is all of the information that is Universal Consciousness.

There is a piece of God inside of you that is perfectly blended with the human part of you.

And, because we have free will, strong human needs and crazy human brains on this planet, at any given point in time, you can consciously choose to express that piece of the Divine that is the real infinite You, inside of the finite human you.

Or not.

Here are some basic things to think about. We are vibrational beings. Scientists can actually measure all kinds of different vibrations that we emit. Your heartbeat emits a vibration. Actually, the entire Universe also vibrates and has a “pulse” that scientists can measure.

Vibrations modulate and influence each other.

(I have to go down a rabbit hole here for a minutes, so bear with me.)

I used to work as a psychic medium. I talked to dead people. People who are “crossed over” exist in a state of pure consciousness. They don’t have all the human stuff to mess them up any more.

In all the years that I spent talking to dead people that had three basic messages. I believe that these three messages are the most important messages that pure consciousness has for us and are a pretty good directive for how to live life on Earth.

These three messages are:

I’m sorry for anything I ever did to create pain. Please forgive me.
Don’t be sad. There is no end to life, just a change in form.
I love you.

When I worked as a medium, if I did several readings in a row, I would get high as a kite. The vibration from connecting with pure consciousness was so high, that it was hard for my dense physical form to handle it and stay grounded.

It made it hard to drive home from work, but my heart was so FULL with HUGE love!!!

It’s pretty logical to assume that if we are allowing our Divinity to express through us in as pure a way as possible, we see that our “natural” state is to be forgiving, loving and joyful.

The Human Design chart, which is an archetypical “map” of the possibility of the human experience, clearly shows us that the highest expression of being human involves forgiveness, love and joy.

(Okay. Out of the rabbit hole now.)

The amount of Pure Consciousness that you choose to express (meaning, the more love, forgiveness and joy you express), the higher your vibration and the closer you are to expressing the Divine Being inside of you.

Changing the world is simply a mathematical thing, a matter of influencing the vibrational frequency of global consciousness.

I would gently argue that the majority of people on the planet are not living in a strong state of love, forgiveness and joy. If they were, we wouldn’t be seeing the things we see everyday on the news channel.

To change the world, we have to shift an influential majority of people expressing love, forgiveness and joy. The more love, forgiveness and joy we express, the more peace we create.

It’s simple. The majority rules.

Now, what does that mean on a practical level?

The thoughts we think, the emotions we feel (especially the ones we hold on to and identify with), the words we speak, the actions we take create the template for the world we eventually inhabit.

And because we are holograms (which comes from Greek, “holos” meaning whole and “gamma” meaning message), what we do on a microcosmic personal level affects what we do on a cosmic level (and vice versa).

In other words, how you do anything INFLUENCES how to do everything. And how you do everything matters tremendously in your life, your personal world, to your neighborhood, to your community, to your country, to the world and to the Universe.

Ghandi said to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Because what you “be” is what becomes and it matters.

When you glare at your partner in hatred or frustration because you don’t feel loved or understood, when you react with vengeance, anger or even self-righteousness, when you speak words that hurt, judge, think thoughts that turn you away from love, forgiveness and joy, deny yourself what would make you joyful, say “yes” to things you want to say “no” to but you don’t, be emotionally dishonest, allow yourself or others to suffer, when you hold on to things that no longer serve you, you are impacting the world.

If you want to change the world, start first by being fully present and consciously aware of your own expression of the life force that flows through you.

And then, and only then, when you are correct and aligned with love, forgiveness and joy, take guided action.

Peace begins in your heart but sometimes that also means that we have to do things that are hard and powerful. Sometimes we have to stand up and say, “No. Not on my planet. We won’t allow this.”

We also MUST do the concrete physical work of making this world a more peaceful place. There are people who need food, water, protection, education and hope. There is trauma that needs to be healed and relieved so that the pain of what we’ve created stops with this generation.

If you’re horrified by what you’ve seen in the news these past days (as well you should) and you feel powerless to make a difference, realize that the power to change the world rests solidly in your heart.
We are each unique, beautiful, amazing and powerful creators. The most fantastic part about being alive right now is that more and more of us are waking up to the Truth of Who We Really Are. And the more aligned we are with love, forgiveness and joy, the greater to possibility for us to live in a world of sustainable resources and sustainable peace for all.

Personally, I think this is our inevitable destiny and I’m excited to be joining with all of you in creating in that direction.

Much, much love to you!