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Last night I was honored to be a part of Shefali Burn’s tele summit, Awaken to Happiness Now.  (You can catch the replay here if you like:  http://www.awakentohappinessnow.com)

We had a very important conversation about abundance and Human Design.  I woke up still thinking about it and I wanted to leave you with some thoughts to ponder over the weekend.

I’ve seen thousands and thousands of Human Design charts.  Each and every one of them is absolutely amazing.  Every chart contains the promise of untold riches in every area of life.  Seriously.  I can’t find the right words here to express how breathtakingly magnificent your destiny is.

It’s hard to see all these charts and then to witness the challenge that so many of us have to tap into potential of what we could be experiencing.

Truth is, our minds and the conditioning field get into the way.  Before we’re even born we’re imbued with waves of energy that teach us myths like, “The only way to make money is to work hard.  And if you want to make more money, you have to work harder.”  Or some variation on a theme that tells us that we can only have what we’ve earned and our value is determined by what we do.

Human Design shows us that we are valuable and worthy because we ARE.

You are valuable because you exist.

You are valuable because you were born.

You are valuable because you hold a precious place in the world and this world would not be what it is right now because of what your existence contributes.

There is a constant river of untold riches and infinite possibilities that is flowing towards you constantly.

All you have to do to tap into it is to be yourself and follow your Human Design strategy according to your Type.

I know that is pretty simplistic but I’ve seen it work thousands of time.

If I could have a tube of Cosmic Super Glue, I’d glue each and every one of you to your Authentic Selves so you wouldn’t come “unstuck”.  I want  you to see how absolutely, flippin’ powerful, amazing, brilliant, lovable, worthy, creative, intuitive, compassionate, mutative, adventurous, and irreplaceable you are.

Thank you for being YOU!


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