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A busy, busy week and another week with Sacral Energy for all my Open Sacral Friends….

We start the week with the gate 34, Power in the Sun and the gate 20, Charisma, in the Earth, defining the entire Channel from the Sacral to the Throat.  We are all experiencing the energy of being Manifesting Generators this week and we are busy, busy, busy.

And, for those of you who are normally undefined in the Sacral, you may find that you have energy to get more than usual done this week or that you are exhausted and overwhelmed.

Hang on!  It gets better on Saturday!

With this energy of Power and Charisma influencing us this week, it’s easy to get confused about what is true power and to mistakenly push where you would be better off waiting.  True power in the Human Design chart is generated, meaning opportunities come and you and you respond to power.  You don’t forcefully take it.  Or go crazy with it.

This is a good week to allow things to show up and respond to them.  As usual, as long as your intentions are clear and you tend to your vibration, the right thing will show up and you’ll move into opportunities that can support you in creating what you want.

AND, rest, pace yourself, wait for something to respond to or you’ll be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

On Saturday the energy shifts to the Gate 9, Focus, in the Sun and the Gate 16, Enthusiasm in the Earth and we have our heads down doing the work we need to get done.

Mercury starts the week in the Gate 9, Focus, moving to the Gate 5, Rhythm, on Saturday.  By the time Saturday rolls around we are looking at our routines and wanting things to settle back down and return to “normal”.  Next week we’ll have a chance to catch our breath and really get to work.

Venus starts the week in the Gate 57, Intuition, moving to the Gate 32, Ambition on Friday.  This is a great start for the energy of next week.  We are getting clear on what we really want, setting our sites, beginning to think about the next year and what we want to create, and we’re moving into a cycle of deep focus.  Pay attention to what excites you and really dive deep into how you want your world to look next year and beyond…

Mars sits solidly in the Gate 18, Correction, all week.  Correction is part of the Logical Circuit and it brings us the energy to correct patterns and habits in order to make them more perfect and joyful.  It’s also an energy that can feel like criticism.

So.  Here’s the deal.  For many of us this week, it’s a holiday.  You may be hanging out with your family, the people who know best how to help you make your life better.  And they might share those insights with you, even if you don’t ask for them…

Plan your response ahead of time.  Practice saying “thank you” and gently keep moving forward with your day.  And remember to only offer your “corrections” if you are asked.  It just works better that way.

The outer planets hold steady this week.  We are being encouraged by the celestial bodies to practice holding a creative and powerful mindset, to focus our thoughts in the direction in which we seek to create, to be prepared for unexpected answers to our prayers, to create the energetic template for a world of sustainable peace and resources, to fight for what is truly worth fighting for, to be strong and vital and, ultimately, to take our direction from Spirit.

Have a glorious week!!


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There is tremendous power in the 34th Hexagram.  In Human Design, this is an energy that comes off the Sacral, the most powerful motor in the body and the only motor that has sustainable energy.  The 34th Hexagram incorporates some of this power.

But there is an important irony in the 34th Hexagram.  It is powerful and BUSY.  And because of its capacity to “do”, it is easy with this energy to be very busy doing without being particularly powerful.  In addition, it can be very powerful without being effective.

The Sacral is powerful in response, meaning the energy of the Sacral is best used in response to things in the outer reality.  When the Sacral initiates action without a clear “sign” that there is movement in the correct direction, it only initiates frustration and even anger.

The strength and true power of the 34th Hexagram lies in waiting for what is correct and then responding to it.  This is the difference between power and force.  It’s also the only thing that will make the 34th Hexagram compelling, powerful and ultimately charismatic.

When we set our intentions and wait for the Universe to deliver what we need, we can move forth in a powerful direction in our lives with great deliberation and with all the energy necessary to bring our dreams into form.

Be prepared to be busy this week and be sure that your actions are in alignment with your intentions.  When you do this, you will be truly powerful.



I trust the Universe to deliver to me the perfect opportunities to fulfill my dreams and intentions.  I watch and wait for signs that clearly show me the next step.  I know that my true power is in co-creation with the Universe and I know that Divine Mind has the perfect path for me.


Writing Assignment:

1.        How are you leveraging your power and energy?  Are you doing things that are not bringing you closer to your dreams?  What things do you need to stop doing in order to create a space for what you truly want?

2.       What is your definition of power?  Do you feel powerful?  What can you do to be more powerful in your life?

3.       What do you need to do to deepen your trust in the Universe?  Are you showing up and doing your part in your life?


EFT Setup:  Even though I’m afraid to be powerful, I now choose to fully step into my power and allow the Universe to serve me while I serve it and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.